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Slightly bigger batch to shift this time, some nice items here from the back of the box. All priced to sell.

Prices as shown, plus £1.50 1st Class Recorded postage for the UK, anywhere else at cost.

Honest gradings as usual.

Still got a lot of previously listed stuff still available:-

Crying bitter tears b/w Walk alone - The Steelers - Glow Star stock copy - VG+ @ £15

Say you b/w All for someone - The Monitors - VIP stock copy - VG @ £5

Try me b/w Come on sock it to me - Syl Johnson - Twilight stock copy - VG @ £5

Waitin' on the right guy b/w I got to move - Four Bars - Falew stock copy - VG+ @ £15

You ain't ready b/w I've got just the thing - Lou Courtney - Riverside stock copy - VG+ @ £5

Workin' at the go-go b/w The fat man - Butch Baker - St. Lawrence stock copy w/address at TOP of the label - VG @ £5

Or if you're looking to fill your purchase box with previously advertised item like a £5 cheapie, I'll pay the extra postage, no probs. Let's make a deal!!!

Here we go then!

The Undisputed Truth "Save my love for a rainy day" b/w "Since I've lost you" Gordy stock - ticks and pops here and there, but this is the "crossover" version of the tune that reminds me very much of later Invictus/Hot Wax sides. Condition = VG, Price = FREE to the first person to buy something from this listing and I wont even charge extra postage.

Bobby Newton "Don't fight the feeling" b/w "Alone and lonely nights" Lorraine stock - probably not that well known. Typical "little label" soul from Reading, PA of all places. Jerky R & B styled rhythm, might hit the spot for some. No probs reaching VG+ status in the condition stakes, but will it find a home at £5?

Joan Moody "Music to my ears" b/w "Lend a helpin' heart" 20th Century demo - not heard this? Can't think why, it has all the ingredients and hallmarks of dyed-in-the-wool grade A Northern Soul and that's what it's all about innit? Infectious tune, clip clop beat, girlie chorus and a "Sylvia" NY production that obviously had what it took to make it to a major label. Looks nice and tidy, VG easy with a little bit of ring wear and a price that is designed to tempt the lover of the semi-obscure, that'll be £10 then and I think that this IS the bargain of the listing.

Joe Simon "The girl's alright with me" b/w "Nine pound steel" Sound Stage 7 stock - picked up a spare of this after hearing someone else's tip on this site. This has all the makings of a monster, but, and it's a big but (?), it's Joe Simon and it's not on a tiny obscure label, so it gets overlooked. Ah-hah, BIG MISTAKE, this just needs some brave soul to plug this away a bit and its class will out. I have a mad theory that this was recorded either in Detroit or using Motor City based musicians, just listen to that burping sax, Mike Terry??? Braver souls and on-the-edge-living DJ's need this at a miserly £5. Oh, and it's a VG.

Mandrill "My kind of girl (my girl)" b/w stereo/mono Arista demo - hi-hat heaven for "better end disco" aficionado's. Shame it's a double sided demo because Mandrill (a type of monkey I believe) were a class act that we just don't see or hear these days. OK, it's not "Never die" or "Too late", but it's good nonetheless. Hey, if Ace Spectrum can get there, why not this? A £5 cheapie. Condition = VG with just an annoying bit of paper wear around the centre hole (oo-er!).

Joey Dee "Put your heart in it" b/w "You can't sit down" Jubilee demo - Casino Classic (coming from someone who only went there once and didn't like it), one of the Peppermint Twist mans regular forays into stomper territory and sounds like he knew where he was going! The flip says it all really, on a big system, this sounds just top notch. £10. Romps home as a VG by the way.

Dee & Joe "Who is it gonna be" b/w "I found a love" Jubilee stock - no, not the first issue on Big Six, but it's what's in the grooves that counts, right? Northern excellence that bucks and thrashes in all the right places. £10 secures your rights to this little beauty and when you hear it again, you'll go "oh, that one!", trust me, you will. Definate VG but only 'cause the label has that pesky wear on it that black Jubilee labels always seem to get. Not bad you understand, just there.

Tee Fletcher "Happy loving you" b/w "Pardon me while I cry" Shurfine stock - the first of a couple of T's - used to be common (bit like me!) but not that easy to spot running wild these days so cleverer people than me say. Would make a nice pair with the one below and a nice start to your Tee Fletcher collection (while you dream of owning his "other" Tragar 45). Condition wise, this is nice, just a few vinyl "bubbles" that look a bugger but don't actually mean anything. All I ask is that you give this some hammer when you get it and pay me the princely sum of £30 ovno before that.

Tee Fletcher "Would you do it for me" b/w "Down in the country" Tragar stock - not the rarest on the label by a long chalk, but a beaut nonetheless. Other crazy people would rave about this being MINT, but I don't do that stuff. Easy peasy VG+ though and needs some TLC and a big sound system to bring it to life. Big book say £40 but speak with fork tongue, paleface here say gimme £15 and it belong to you!

Mill Evans "I've got to have your love" b/w "Things won't be the same" Constellation stock - the flagship label of 60's Chicago soul for me. Has been a stalwart of the scene for as long as I can remember and it's power hasn't diminished one iota. Odd tiny mark on the label, but nothing that would displease its new owner. I'll call it VG to be safe. Toddlin' town magic for £10

The Four Larks "Another chance" b/w "Rain" Tower demo - OK, calm down, calm down, it's not "Groovin' at the go-go", but IMHO this is a better track. Early Philly Harthon production, so that a pedigree not to be messed with. Label and vinyl have hardly a mark on them worthy of a mention, smallish WOL on the flip side, but plays like a dream. It's therefore a reasonable VG. G'wan, have a punt at £15.

The Four Sonics "Where are you" b/w "Blue velvet" Triple B - Detroit perfection? Dunno, must be pretty close. Lorraine Chandler at the helm, so there's your guarantee of quality. Styrene press, sounds good, looks good, little bit of ring wear at one point, microscopic edge chip that I'm mentioning for honesty, definitely does not go anywhere near the run in. Steady VG or even VG+, I'm asking £15.

Once again, it's PayPal only please.

DO PM me if interested. I can and will send scans or MP3's so that you can hear/see what you could be buying - absolutely NO OBLIGATION. I have found that when considering a purchase, it sometimes helps to have a look at the goods first.

Oh and another thing while I'm on. I'm more than happy to HOLD items for genuine punters who just don't have the cash right now or even drop the price if you think I'm being a bit daft with the numbers. You never know, I can only say no.

Cheers, Steve

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