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  1. Northern and Motown Classic Soul Night

    Looking forward to spinning a few Andy
  2. How you got into northern soul

    Keith Minshull's record shop above the toy shop in Burslem and Ant Dobson playing Mickey Lee Lane at the Normacott youth club did it for me. The rest is just a haze!
  3. Hasland Working Men's Club Northern Soul Night

    Back in the UK late Thursday night, so hopefully catch up with you on the Friday 😀
  4. Hasland Working Men's Club Northern Soul Night

    Enjoyed your early doors set Sav, even with the "technical difficulties". Great club and now on our monthly calendar for a visit.

    Pm'd you re Dobie, mate.
  6. Genuine reason for sale (I'm going into hospital on the Friday for some minor surgery but wont be fit enough for travel for at least a week - grrrr). Only asking face value (including booking fee) plus a couple of quid for signed for postage (unless you ...

    Aup Pete, gonna get there as early as we can. Can you hang onto a couple of Brid tickets for us plz? Cash payment on the night and we'll be in our usual seats just behind the paying-in desk Steve & Jane
  8. Soul Shack

    The usual banging night of real soul (I refuse to use the phrase "Northern" as I think it has started to hold less currency than it used to), never a moment when I wasn't thinking "great to hear this" or "haven't heard this in ages" - it's that sort of club people. I go here when I've tired of the usual round of Top500 events and I need a boost - the ultimate combination of chin-stroking and floor-filling. NB. Tezza, my comments re:the glasses were more along the lines of yours are the height of geek-chic whereas mine make me look like a poor man's Sven-Goran Erikson
  9. The Soul Shack

    JV! ledge or what??? (I believe that's how young people speak)
  10. The Soul Shack

    Soul Shack: the fruity, crisp, distinctive Merlot to other venues Lambrini
  11. "Something New to do " 10th Anniversary


    What a great weekend. Stayed in the main room for most of the time, but did have a recce around the other rooms at various times - all well attended and great range of sounds being spun, of course. Just the one complaint; despite assurances in the very helpful and lavish brochure, there were Saturday night only entries being clearly and open sold. We stood in the queue waiting to get in on Saturday at about 7:30 and got chatting to two women who told us they "had been told they could get in for twenty quid". Shortly after, saw these same two ladies being fitted with wristbands, presumably after handing over the requisite monies. It's all well and good claiming that the venue is "never oversold" and "kept at two-thirds capacity for fire/safety reasons", but then to openly flout this position seems strange if not a little disingenuous. Luckily, the total evening experience wasn't spoiled by an uncontrolled influx of "tourists", but some clarity around the official position on this wouldn't be amiss.
  12. The Blackpool International Soul Festival


    Highlight of the weekend? Sauntering down Church Street at about 1AM chatting to Mickey Stevenson about his time with Venture Records!!! OMFG!! Yes, it was that kind of weekend, one that will live with me until my dying breath.
  13. bozaboy

  14. Right Track Soul Club - Chesterfield

    Well worth a visit on a Friday night. Cheap ale, car parking, decent dance floor, a broad selection of tunes from a knowledgeable dj roster, minimum interference from locals/tourists/handbaggers and you have a good Friday night out. Keep it up lads.

    Cheers mate.