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    Music, football, family, life.
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  1. PM sent
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  2. Cheers for the info guys. Appreciated.
  3. Got it! "Love you babe" by Paulette. Saludos
  4. Forget the file title, I know that's wrong. Sounds like Eartha Kitt to these jaded ears? Geraldine Jones & the Floorshakers - That's All I Need.mp3
  5. PM'd you mate
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  6. bozaboy

    Soul@the exservicemens

    Cheers pal. Will have a trawl through FB to see if I can find him
  7. Anyone got decent copy of the Hank Marr 45 for sale? Stock or demo. PM me with condition and price. Cheers. Steve
  8. Yet another fantastic night at the Right Track. Slightly smaller crowd, but what was lacking in quantity was more than made up for in quality. Definitely up for it and acutely knowledgeable as well, made DJing an absolute doddle. Thanks for the kind words and for dancing/listening. Thanks again to the Bright brothers for the opportunity to spin some tunes, top lads who have the club running perfectly. Great sound, great crowd and cheap ale too, a perfect northern night. My playlist: From the Motor City to Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent: Let's have a love-in - Wingate's Love In Strings - Ric-Tic Sweet darlin' - Jimmey "Soul" Clark - Soulhawk Think of me - The Adlibs - Karen The way you been acting lately - Al Kent - Ric-Tic Quick change artist - Soul Twins - Karen Somebody somewhere needs you - Darrell Banks - Revilot All because of you - The Dramatics - Sport Baby boy - Juanita Williams - Golden World Going to a happening - Tommy Neal - Vocalion If you ever walk out of my life - Dena Barnes - Inferno As long as you love me I'll stay - Ronnie & Robyn - Sidra My dear beloved - Jack Montgomery - Scepter Good rockin' - Jr Walker All Stars - Harvey Everything's gonna be alright - P P Arnold - Immediate Blowing up my mind - The Exciters - RCA Blowing my mind to pieces - Bob Relf - Trans American Try a little harder - The Fi-Dels - Jayboy Little queenie - Bill Black's Combo - Hi Omar Khayyam - The Rubaiyats - Sansu It's better to have and don't need - Don Covay - Mercury Show me - Joe Tex - Atlantic I can't get enough of your love - Johnny Sayles - St.Lawrence Wanting you - April Stevens - MGM What's it gonna be - Dusty Springfield - Philips Shing-a-ling - The Cooperettes - Brunswick What would I do - The Tymes - MGM Hide nor hair - Earl Grant - Decca Goosepimples - Shirley J Scott - Stephanye In orbit - Joy Lovejoy - Chess I want to tell you (about my girl) - Obrey Wilson - Epic (For my long suffering missus) Phew! crackers everyone.
  9. Cheers for the opportunity to spin a few at this fantastic venue. Looking forward to playing some Detroit items in honour of the film and the book followed by a wodge of sadly underplayed classics from the Torch era - hopefully will be a blast. Look forward to seeing you there.
  10. A long shot I know, but have you still got the Hank Matt 45? Steve
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  11. bozaboy

    Soul@the exservicemens

    Anyone know Gary Evans handle on here? Hoping he's got a copy of his Okey history for sale. Cheers. Steve
  12. Will someone play Anna King's Mama's got a bag of her own?
  13. Looking forward to spinning a few Andy
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  14. Keith Minshull's record shop above the toy shop in Burslem and Ant Dobson playing Mickey Lee Lane at the Normacott youth club did it for me. The rest is just a haze!
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