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Recording From Metal Stampers

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I picked up a pair of metal stampers for a 7" 45 - does anyone know a place to get a record pressed off them? I don't want to press any more than two or three copies, just for personal listening.

I guess if I could just get the 2 songs transferred from the stampers then I could simply take the transfers to VinylCarvers or get an acetate cut. But who can dub from metalwork?

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot...

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You can't dub from the metalwork if you have final stampers (which are negative) as opposed to positive plates (which you can dub from) so you'll need to ask a pressing plant to set the stampers up and press a few copies - i.e. test pressings.

Most plants are likely to be too busy to interupt production for such a small order but it's worth a try. You'll need to pay a set-up charge to make it worth their time.

Contact me if you need numbers for pressing plants.

Best regards,



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