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  1. I got mine when I was 17 (1978) - membership # was 81,000 by then.
  2. Here are scans from the two eBay auctions (both sold by a Chicago dealer). (Yes, the Amazers were from Minneapolis - their Bangar 45 is great.)
  3. The releases on this gospel Thomas label look like Chicago pressings to me.
  4. I'm adding J J Daniels on Philwood to that list above. No one got any of these for sale/trade?
  5. Sir John "Pretty Lady"/"Want My Money" on Sir John. Anyone with a copy for sale? Thanks...
  6. I'm looking for a good clean copy of this (not the Age version) - cash waiting... Thanks!
  7. (Hope this is the right section?) I'm looking to buy a Loricraft or VPI RCM in excellent condition. If anyone has one for sale - or knows someone who does - please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Same artist, different 45 - seems less common than "Nose Full Of White".
  9. Hi - I'm looking for a copy of this 45. PMs please, cash waiting. Thanks...
  10. No - it's Lee Baker Jr - aka Lonnie Brooks. He worked with Billy Emerson quite a lot during the 1960s.
  11. Sir John Pretty Lady/I Want My Money on Sir John - anyone got a copy for sale? Thanks!
  12. Evangelist Rosa Shaw on Rae-Cox Mary De Loach on Arctic Rev Billy H Grady on Acts Combs Family on Dove Spiritual Harmonizers (from Florida) on any label (NOT One-Way or SH - that's another group) Victory Five on Knowles Anyone got copies for sale? Cash waiting - PMs please. Lists also welcome. Thanks...
  13. Anyone got a spare one? What does it usually go for?
  14. Anyone got a spare one? What does it usually go for?
  15. Anyone got a spare one? What does it usually go for?

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