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Reduced Prices! Mark Res Set Sales / Lps & 12"s / May 30th

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Hi again everybody,

PM me or email me directly on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk if interested in anything here - any questions/queries welcome too. Postage is extra - paypal preferred. Everything strictly graded - M- means very likely unplayed. If there's something else listed here that you need to get a soundfile for (b side, longer clip etc) just get in touch and I'll sort it for you - ok? !!All soundclips taken from advertised records!! If ya think I'm way too high on anything, don't be afraid to make me a sensible offer - I'm a reasonable man....I hope! Mainly 70s/80s stuff with some great lesser-knowns too - all nice and cheap too, as usual...


1) Lenard Lidell 'Keep It Secret' / 'When You've Fallen Out Of Love' (Jara) (M-) USA-1980s HELD

( Rare Modern Soul dancer - first-ever copy for me - best lyric EVER - "When you used me and treated me like a fool, you thought I was your tool" - that creased me up...unplayed copy people )


2) The Whatnauts 'All I Need' / 'This Is It' + 1 (Pic Hit) (M-/M-) USA-1984 *£10* (Reduced from £20)

( 3 track EP from the the mid-80s that seems to have eluded a lot of Modern Soul collectors........? )

3) Jimmy Scott 'Love Language' / 'Be Careful' (Earwax) (M-) USA-1980s *£10* (Reduced from £20)

( Nice copy of this excellent Detroit Modern Soul track - used to get spins on the early Modern scene back in the day, right Glyn? Fine midtempo... )


4) Greg Perry 'It Takes Heart' (Alfa) (M-) USA-1982 *£10* (Reduced from £20)

( Like Marmite, it's a love/hate thing but it can't be denied that this is a wicked Modern Soul 12" - God, I used to love this record so much when I first started going to niters way back in the early-80s and this was getting spins as a new release!! Choon...!! Completely clean copy... )


5) Drizabone 'Pressure' (4th & Broadway) (Ex+/M-) UK-1994 *£15* (Reduced from £25)

( Still doing the business on UK dancefloors on the Modern Soul scene - seen go for as much as £50 on this 12" issue and as high as £90 for a 7"...wow!!! Factory-fresh copy... )


6) Clifton Dyson 'Body In Motion' / 'You Gotta Keep Dancin' (Motown) (M-) USA-1980 *£5* (Reduced from £10)

( Hard Motown 12" - gotta be rare? Monster Modern Soul stuff - lovely...! 2 good sides from this Soul Legend... )


7) LTG Exchange 'LTG Exchange' (Fania / Wand) (Ex+/Ex+) USA-1974 *£20* (Reduced from £30)

( Cool LP - rarer than most people think - when did you last see it for sale? Promo copy too - apart from the better known stuff like 'Waterbed' and 'Corazon', there's also several splendid other tracks here - one in particular caught my ear, a fantastic 70s Soul dancer called 'Keep On Tryin' which I've included as a soundclip here for ya - enjoy it - I did....no 7" release for this track.... )


8) Chapter 8 'Chapter 8' (Ariola) (M-/M-) USA-1979 *£20* (Reduced from £30)

( Definitely the rarer of their 2 LPs - and the better in my humble opinion - great Soul / Boogie sound with 'Ready For Your Love' , 'Let's Get Together' , 'We Need Love' etc etc - Anita Baker on lead vocals - check the soundclip - my first copy in ages and ages... )


9) Don Julian and the Larks 'Soul Kaleidoscope' (Money) (M-/M-) USA-1960s *£40* (Reduced from £50)

( Rare One!! Wow - beautiful looking LP - pure 60s artwork and the music is wonderful too - mainly a covers set but done so well - 'Message From A Black Man' , 'Check Out Your Mind' , 'Who's Making Love' , 'On The Street Where You Live' etc etc - killer Soul LP.....my first-ever copy.. )


That's all folks...thx...MRez

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Little early evening bump for all of you Friday night LP and 12" shoppers out there in Soulsville.... :ohmy:


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Prices reduced everybody - most stuff still available - thanx - Mark Rez

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