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Across The Board Sales/prices Reduced

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PM if interested. Pay by cheque.

Wilson Williams- Groovy Feeling/Take me the Way I am (ABC) - 35

(Two great sides on hard to find 45)

Total Eclipse- You Took A Heart That Was Torn to Pieces (Right On) - 10

The Brothers feat George Young- Are You Ready For This (RCA)- 15

Robert Thomas- Crazy About Your Love- (Hawk)- 10

Soul Ambassadors- Ive got the feeling (Sound Stage 7)- 10

Lee Charles- Wrong Number (Brunswick)- 10

Jackie Wilson- You left the fire burnig (Brunswick)- 10

(Pounding 7ts dancer. His best tune IMO.)

Softtones- Im Gonna Prove It (AVCO) - 10

Robinson Family Plan- You Poured Sugar on Me (ODE) - 8

Stephanie Mills- Two Hearts (20th Century UK)- 8

(This record should be huge- A modern masterpiece)

Soul Survivors- Expressway to your Heart (Crimson)- 10

Bridge- Baby Dont Hold Your Love Back (UK Atlantic) 10

(Epic 8ts dancer-Doesnt get much better in this genre)

Kim Tolliver- I dont Know What Foot to Dance On (castro) 20

(Cleethorpes Pier monster)

The Supremes- Hes All I Got/Love is like an itching (Tamla Motown UK) 20

Don Covay- Its better to have and dont need (Mercury UK)- 5

(Monster Oldie. Quality for so cheap)

LTG Exchange- Keep on Trying- (Wand)- 5

Gwen Mcrae- Move Me Baby (President)- 5

Gene Chandler- Ill Make the living... (Chi Sound) 5

Alphonse Bouzon- I dont want to lose this feeling (Highrise) 5

Artie White- A Love Like yours is hard to find (Altee) 5


Lionel Hampton & the inner circle- Them Changes (Brunswick DEMO) 10

Willie Gauff and the Love Brothers- Communicate not Hate (Eureka) 10

Mel and Tim- We've got the groove to Move You (Bamboo) 10

Brenda George- Everybody dont know about my good thing (Ronn) 5

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