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Bournemouth Belvedere Hotel 4 April 09

With the Wareham Massive brought back together behind the decks, keeping the floor active throughout the evening with the music cool and varied. This intimate venue provided yet another perfect night. Excellent evening with good company, quality soul and friendly people as always. Thanks for your support.

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Guest seanoc

Bit late posting this over a week since the event, but just to say thanks to Steve and Charmain for hosting/promoting, and to Dick, Martin & Kev (& Steve of course) for the great sounds. What an excellent night.

I hope to make it to Dave's do at the Uni next w/e and look forward to seeing you there. But in case I don't, I'll say "au revoir" for the time being as Jimmy's new baby brother is due on 7th May... so dancing will be confined to the living room for the next few months, I reckon!



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