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  1. The Dungeon club in Nottingham late 1965 can't remember the first record but remember the atmosphere walking down the stone stairs to the basement, that is why allnighters have always been my preference to soul nights different music and different people. Sam Moore
  2. Yes Julian like you say you might be getting mixed up the one who has died is in the picture Chalky has put up, definitely known as Batman in the sixties, if I am correct came from loughborough area and a real character I knew him from around 67-70. Sam Moore
  3. Hi Julian I will check it out but I was told still in Australia, I am a member of the Dungeon group which had nighters in Nottingham in the mid sixties and it was announced on there and some of the lads were in touch with him.if you bump into me we will have a chat about him got one or two stories to tell. Regards Sam
  4. Yes he lived in Australia, I remember him as Batman his nickname, we knew each other from niters in the sixties .Sam Moore
  5. Sad news indeed as soon as you put the date up Mick I will make sure I have the day free to travel up for the funeral. Sam Moore
  6. I hope you get it back Kitch and I wonder if it about time to have a camera set up behind the decks to catch the scumbags. Sam Moore
  7. Thanks and glad you enjoyed Saturday night, spoil me rotten, I,ve been at work all day. See you soon. Sam.
  8. Here I go and this will upset a lot of people but 1 easy solution, get prisoners and people who have been on benefits for years earning their keep, we would soon see a difference. Sam Moore
  9. Rest in peace my friend, we go back many years and had many good times mainly at nighters like Blackburn, Winsford,Keele etc. always a true gentleman and soul man. Thoughts go out to Shirley and family. Sam Moore and Jeanette x
  10. Hi Steve just replied mate
  11. Looking forward to this, making sure my records are up to it as some haven,t been played for years. Hoping to get a good number of people who actually went to the Dungeon 1964-1968 so bring it on. Sam Moore
  12. Please text me on 07436815828 about the wrong man.
  13. Hi I am interested in the Cody Black please phone me on 07436815828 to sort payment etcetera. Sam Moore
  14. See you there mate.Sam
  15. Getting ready for tonight,I intend playing quite a few from the dungeon and beachcomber venues that ran regular allnighters in the sixties,who knows if the people are dancing to them the whole set might be from that era. Sam

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