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  1. This Is my partners copy, obviously we dont need two,,so put one for sale , i saw it this morning and was gob smacked. was expecting nowhere near this. Am i likely to encounter problems with these new ultra keen bidders?
  2. So hard to choose just one,,,,,, but ,,,,, Hand it Over,,, is the one for me
  3. HI there

     Fickle got one spare il be in the blue posts 10.15 tonight  ... call me on 07807205565 


                       regards   carl

  4. carlos63


  5. Something for everyone , just how a top all nighter should be. Was my first visit ,certainly wont be my last. Thanks to all the DJs for their endeavours
  6. IS it true that KEB DARGE is making a return to the oddfellows for this event??
  7. Cheers Ady , Looking forward to Vol 2 already. Still a buzz hearing new tunes (to me any way!!!) that sound so good
  8. Many thanks Geoff and Ady for youre prompt replies and info . came across a clip of it being played at the kings hall,, whos likely to have been playing it Mick H or Andy ?
  9. Afternoon all. Has anyone got any information on the availability of this track? Have done a few searches and only comes up with Pied Piper Players instrumental version released on the recent cd compilation. regards carlos
  10. Always loved the faster "Detroit Prophets " Suspicion boot myself , but as mines on soul beat records -guess it doesnt count !!!! So after much deliberation ,gone with The Temptations - Get Ready
  11. Thanks to all ,for making it such a great ,great nite. Can anyone tell me the last record that keb played of his set???

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