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    soul,reggae,lambrettas,muay thai,running, the wife and kids!!!
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  1. Didn't realise that they'd redone primavera...thought he meant the old small frame125..I looked a few years ago for small frames. .prices well above what I expected..been out the scooter loop for a few years although I do still have 2..you basically get what you pay for..avoid Chinese..hand gear change doesn't take much getting used too..but I suppose autos have there advantages..that being said buy what you like..custom how you like and enjoy
  2. Vespa px probably best option..decent quality..plenty of spares about..be lucky to get small frame/primavera I would have thought for your budget...deffo be tight with lambretta for 2500....depends if you want the look.. I hear the piaggio typhoons are decent..not sure of price or if still around ...best bet look for local scooter club...and like said before best helmet you can afford and jacket...ride safe have fun
  3. Remember my first pair..about 79/80... Black ...first thing was to get some polish ...having an ex serviceman as a dad was great for learning how to get them looking proper shiny..then get that toe crease in..could never stand a pair that hadn't been polished(unless work boots)..local punks round here generally wore them scruffy...then was the choice of lace colour...happy days and great footwear
  4. Billy for me..but Jerrys is a mighty fine version
  5. Great programme..shame more people don't know of his importance in promoting West Indian music in this country..had fair few 7" over the years stamped with..I got it at ram jam rodigans..very humble man too..great to see Peckings get some exposure too..
  6. Both superb sounds in their own right..but artistics just edges it for me..so so underrated group
  7. Good luck mal..stay safe & keep posting progress
  8. Liverpool 3-1 for me..hoping they play as well as they have this season..not a fan by any stretch of the other team either..hopefully be a good attacking game to watch for the neutral.hope the ref has a good game without too much drama/bias.

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