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    soul,reggae,lambrettas,muay thai,running, the wife and kids!!!
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    little richie-just another heartache

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  1. Sad but been coming for some time...fifa/uefa had too much control for too long.....feathering their own interests..corrupt as..sad to see clubs involved hope it goes pear shaped for them all..especially as some were clubs involved in the creation of champions league format for their own benefit.I believe some of the big clubs were chosen on global fanbase..cannot be based on success..
  2. I change every year..previous insurers always put price up..I do hardly any miles..ain't getting younger..most dont even ask when I cancel..last years wanted £40 more this year..check martin lewis website defo best to look 6-8 weeks before..takes hardly any time to sort..most contact each other so no need to send no claims proof
  3. Happy belated birthday Robb.. love reading your input..keep it coming
  4. Bobby james for me...jimmy burns..brand new faces then mystics
  5. The Neptunes.. ...girl that's an awful thing to say has Latin flavour to my cloth ears
  6. Billy for me..but Jerrys is a mighty fine version
  7. Both superb sounds in their own right..but artistics just edges it for me..so so underrated group
  8. John miles ..one minute every hour..or maybe della reese..clock that's got no hands..

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