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    i m from stoke on trent and have been a soul fan for over forty years

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    Stoke on Trent
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  1. Gloria and Towanda Barnes are the same singer though the lp version is a different recording/mix from the single on A & M I think the A & M is an original perhaps someone who knows for sure could tell us
  2. I bought this album in the seventies just to get you don t mean it before I realised there was a single djs probably only want the single and the re issue will effect the price e.g. I would buy the cheaper format now as it's the music i m interested in not what label it's on
  3. An impossible task too many great tracks to choose from
  4. Always hated Condition Red Seven Day Lover one of the greatest records ever played on the scene a SOUL record not just a northern soul record no what I mean
  5. Actually it was Dexy s Midnight Runners singing Jackie Wilson Said and according to Kevin Rowland it was nt a cock up it was his idea to use the Jocky Wilson video for a laugh
  6. Too many to choose from really but here goes my favourites r Otis Redding David Ruffin Levi Stubbs J J Barnes Jackie Wilson Edwin Starr Also in my opinion Levi Stubbs ' vocal performance on the acapella version of Ask The Lonely is the best of all time truly awesome
  7. I have an orginal copy of the Masqueraders Do You Love Me Baby VG condition does anyone know how much it might be worth  thanks

  8. I ve always liked Los Canarios and Keanya Collins but the rest are mostly dire particularly What Love Brings Kenny Bernard sounds out of tune was nt it reissued on Pye Disco Demand with Glad All Over - Leon Young Strings on the flip side heard that at the Torch which just shows every venue played awful pop records at times
  9. Just seen a copy of stop and you will becom aware priced at £500 on Rare Northern Soul .com  would nt. give  5p for it the kind of record that gives Northern Soul a bad name

  10. One for sale on discogs for a grand and that s the asking price not the result of an auction also see Try My Love went for £800 surely the average collector can t afford these prices unless there selling records from their collections to raise the. Cash
  11. Apologies dave if people think I m u I should ve used a pseudonym When I post in future I ll make it clear it's the DM from Stoke on Trent Unless u r. Also from Stoke lol
  12. Northern soul definitely a scene not a genre all different styles of soul played over the years and let s face it some awful pop records Gary Lewis Hawaii five-0 Joe 90 , etc

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