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  1. Patti Austin - Music To Your Heart (US-ABC Demo) in 'Near Mint' condition in Original Sleeve. £80.00 Plus £7.50 Postage in UK only,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested.
  2. Leroy Taylor - Oh Linda ( US Brunswick Demo) in Original Sleeve. The Record is in 'vg+' condition. £160 plus £7.50 Postage,Payment By Paypal,pm if interested.
  3. Donald Lee Richardson - You Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand/I've Learned My Lesson (US-Soulville) *Two Great Sides* The Record is in 'Ex' condition. £150.00 Plus £7.50 Post in UK,pm if interested SOLD
  4. Patti Austin - Music To My Heart (US - ABC Demo) in 'Ex' Condition in Original Sleeve 45-11104 £100.00 Brenda Holloway - When I'm Gone (Canadian Tamla Motown) T-54111 (Initials written on both labels) in 'vg+' condition £55.00 Postage £7.50 in UK only,pm for overseas postage cost,payment by paypal,pm if interested
  5. J.J. Barnes - Real Humdinger/I Ain't Gonna Do It (US-Ric-Tic Demo) RT-110 The Record has two crosses on A Side label (from US Radio Station) The Record is in 'Near Mint' condition (see photos) played twice by myself in last 5 years. £75,00 Plus £7.50 Postage, Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
  6. 1. Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin - From The Teacher To The Preacher (US-Brunswick Demo) in 'vg+' condition £18 2. The Artistics - You Left Me/Lonely Old World (US-Brunswick Demo) in 'vg+' condition £18 3. Tyrone Davis - One Way Ticket (US-Dakar Demo) in 'Ex' condition £16 4. Barbara Acklin - Just Ain't No Love (US-Brunswick) in 'vg+' condition ,in picture sleeve £18 5. The Fantastic Johnny C - Don't Depend On Me /Waitin' For The Rain (Phil-La-Of Soul) in 'vg' condition £18 6. Major Lance - Hey Little Girl /Crying In The Rain (US-Okeh Demo) in 'vg+' condition £12 7. Major Lance - Um,Um,Um,Um,Um,Um (US-Okeh Demo) in 'Ex' condition £12 8. WalterJackson - Touching In The Dark (US Kelli-Arts-Records) in 'Near Mint' condition £18 9. The Drifters - Let The Music Play/On Broadway (Australian London-American Atlantic) in 'vg+' condition £10 10. Ike & Tina Turner - Crazy Bout' You Baby (UK-UA) In 'Ex' condition £18 Postage is £2.50 for up to four discs in UK,Overseas pm for cost,payment by Paypal,pm if interested.
  7. James Carr - A Losing Game (US-Goldwax) in 'vg+' condition. £35.00 Postage £2.50,payment by paypal,pm if interested
  8. 1. Billy Butler - I'll Bet You (US-Brunswick Demo) in 'Ex' condition £40.00 (See Photo) SOLD 2. Luv Co. - Things Are Not The Same (US-Spring Demo) in 'Ex' condition £20.00 (See Photo) SOLD 3. Ricardo Ray - Nitty Gritty (UK-Roulette) in 'vg' condition £15.00 (See Photo) 4. Robert John - If You Don't Want My Love (UK-CBS) in 'Ex' condition £12.00 (See Photo) 5. Bobby Patterson - What A Wonderful Night For Love (US-Jetstar) in 'Ex' condition £20.00 (See Photo) 6. Mighty Pope - If You Want A Love Affair (Canadian RCA Demo) in 'Ex' condition **Now Reduced** £90.00 Plus £7.50 postage in UK (See Photo) SOLD 7. Mel and Tim -Backfield in Motion (US-Bamboo Demo) in 'Ex' condition £12.00 (See Photo) 8. Jackie Wilson - What'cha Gonna Do About Love (US-Brunswick) in 'vg+' condition £8.50 9. Bobby Womack - Harry Hippie (US-UA) In 'vg+' condition £8.50 10. Al Kent Orchestra - Ooh Pretty Lady (US-Ric-Tic) in 'ex' condition £12.50 11. Al Kent - You've Got To Pay The Price/Where Do I Go From Here (US-Ric-Tic) in 'vg+' condition £9.50 Postage £2.50 per record in UK unless stated,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
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  9. The Mighty Pope - If You Want A Love Affair (Canadian RCA Demo) in 'Ex'condition... A Great cover version of the modern soul biggie from Jesse James... £100.00 PLUS £7.50 Postage in UK,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
  10. Ronnie Walker - You've Got To Try Harder (US-Event Demo) in 'ex' condition £25.00 Postage £2.50,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
  11. The Fantastic Puzzles - Come Back Pt 1 (Portuguese Pye) in 'vg+' condition,in picture sleeve,sleeve has a tear on reverse side. £65.00 SOLD Postage £7.50,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested.
  12. Eugene Record -Overdose Of Joy (US-WB Demo) The Record is in 'Ex' condition £150.00 Same Song on both sides.... only played a few times,twice by myself whilst i've owned it ... Postage £7.50 in UK only,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested...
  13. The Remarkables (Frank Wilson) - Is The Feeling Still There (US-Audio Arts ) in 'ex' condition £20.00 *SOLD* The Dells - Thinking About You *Mispressing/labels reversed* (US-Cadet) in 'vg+' condition £25.00 *SOLD* Lester Young - Barefootin' Time (US-Barry Demo) in 'ex' condition £20.00 *SOLD* Ben E King - Teeny Weeny Little Bit (US-Atco Demo) in 'Ex' condition £20.00 *SOLD* Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers - Queen Of The Go-Go (US Tower) has minor warp,plays ok on my Technics 1200. in 'ex' condition £25.00 Jackie Ross - New Lover/Jerk And Twine (US-Chess Demo) in 'vg+' condition £15.00 Postage £2.50 per record in UK only,Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
  14. 1. Four Below Zero-My Baby's Got E.S.P. (US-Roulette) in 'near mint' condition in original sleeve £100.00 plus £7.50 Postage in UK. SOLD 2. Larry Saunders - On The Real Side (UK- London) in 'ex' conditon £75.00 plus £7.50 Postage in UK. Payment by Paypal,pm if interested
  15. 1.The Dells - Thinkin' About You (US Cadet) in 'vg+'condition has mispressed labels A Plays B and B plays A . Plays Great £40.00 2. Lester Young - Barefootin' Time (Rarer Short Title) -(US Barry Demo) in 'ex' condition £30.00 3. Rex Garvin - Queen Of The Go-Go (US Tower Demo) in 'ex' condition Sticker on other side label,minor storage warp N.A,P. £50.00 4. The Sapphires -Who Do You Love (Canadian Reo) in 'ex' condition £20.00 5. Wayne Fontana - Come On Home (US-M.G.M. Demo) in 'ex' condition (a great Jackie Edwards Cover) £20.00 6. Percy Sledge - Baby Help Me (US-Atlantic) in 'ex' condition £15.00 7. Bird Rollins - Love Man From Carolina (UK-Mojo) in 'ex' condition £12.00 8. Jackie Ross - New Lover/Jerk And Twine (US-Chess Demo) in 'ex' condition £10.00 9. The Mighty Pope - If You Want A Love Affair (Canadian RCA Demo) in 'Near Mint' condition £95.00 plus £7.50 Postage in UK. Postage £2.50 per record unless stated above,payment by paypal,pm if interested.

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