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  1. until
    The Scarborough Spa Northern Soul weekender , 3 rooms tickets £30 further details to be added www.scarboroughsoul.com
  2. until

    Bozaboy quoted What a great weekend. Stayed in the main room for most of the time, but did have a recce around the other rooms at various times - all well attended and great range of sounds being spun, of course. Just the one complaint; despite assurances in the very helpful and lavish brochure, there were Saturday night only entries being clearly and open sold. We stood in the queue waiting to get in on Saturday at about 7:30 and got chatting to two women who told us they "had been told they could get in for twenty quid". Shortly after, saw these same two ladies being fitted with wristbands, presumably after handing over the requisite monies. It's all well and good claiming that the venue is "never oversold" and "kept at two-thirds capacity for fire/safety reasons", but then to openly flout this position seems strange if not a little disingenuous. Luckily, the total evening experience wasn't spoiled by an uncontrolled influx of "tourists", but some clarity around the official position on this wouldn't be amiss. Firstly to put the record straight we dont sell one night passes we actually resell tickets for people who can no longer attend due to various reasons " hence the price tag of 20quid " and its not for sat night its for sat sunday with very few being available hence people are told to be in the q early doors for them this deters the general pisshead trouble causer it makes it too expensive . furthermore just to put ya mind at rest our door security . turn away undesirables what you actually see are people who have reserved weekend tickets and pay on arrival , we actually have people buying weekend tickets who only attend sunday we dont have to claim anything either because the building is licenced for 3500 we allow no more than 2400 in so please in future get your facts correct as we welcome constructive remarks and facts regards
  3. until

    only a few tickets left for this packer ... www.bridsoul.com updates on facebook bridlington spa weekender
  4. Indeed I am and you too ... It could indeed be a big mystery Rob
  5. Pete I reckon he is assuming 70 80ts and also ignoring sam play too
  6. Bloody hell Ian ... Only a few year ago it could be any number of tracks .. But was it judy freeman Hold on
  7. until
    Bridlington Spa Northern Rare Modern Soul Weekender .. #10 .. £30 No gimmicks just 6 rooms .100% Soul held in a premier venue .. Details to follow www.bridsoul.com
  8. until

    go to the bridlington weekender group on Facebook ... Plenty of accommodation being put up there https://www.facebook.com/groups/407911362586970/1010445872333513/?notif_t=like
  9. Dance floor eticate or not if somebody did that to moi they would have got a serious arsekicking... but hey ho welcome to ns in 2015 its the hip new thing so full of feckwits
  10. Cracking day ... Beyond all expectations .. Thanks to all
  11. You can't make this sh@t up ... No doubt sadly there will not be a lack of volunteers
  12. Merry Christmas to all the mod team and members of the source wicksy

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