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  1. I dont think he ever did a bad session be sadly missed on the scene r.i.p. Keith
  2. until

    Avin it again tonight large
  3. soultin


  4. I think we all new this day was coming with bobbys ill health, Absolutely gutted, he still performed like a true professional while he was ill.We were lucky to see him in kings hall Blackburn in June 2011 managed to get him to autograph his autobiography for me which he did with pleasure. Thank you bobby R.I.P. Mart & shaz X
  5. Gotta be one of everyones favorite records,a man with a wonderful voice R.I.P. Mell brit x All these great singers passing on so sad ...mart,shaz
  6. Very interesting read,he wrote and produced some great records r.i.p. frank...../ martin
  7. so happy was gutted last yr when thought it was all over,cant wait bet its gonna be busy,if u aint been its worth a look
  8. Great soulful voice,My dad had alzheimers its a cruel world r.i.p..x
  9. please cant someone try to organise an event sometime this year at prestatyn, we are so going to miss this event in march ....
  10. Decided last min to go to Broughton Wings, and we were not disappointed .....We drove up from Bristol!! It was a full house, gr8 to meet up with old friends. All dj's played gr8 sets!! If not been to Broughton, then well worth a trip Martin & Shaz
  11. Not been to Broughton in long time......so lookin forward to it!! What time does it finish?
  12. Hi Does anyone know anymore news about Pontins? Is it on in March!! I am gutted been goin for so long can't believe its not happin in Oct. Martin
  13. Hiya......just got back from hols.....have u still got room for sale??? Martin
  14. Totally agree with u both!!! We travelled up from Bristol just for the Sat Nite & love the Tower & buzz at this venue. Could not move was sooo packed and could hardly get on the dancefloor! at one point walked onto the floor and looked round to see if my wife was behind me & eventually she appeared lookin upset.....some d..k head pushed her with his Knee!!! (he did it on purpose) She never told me who it was knowin i would not be too pleased!! We love the scene & never in all the yrs had any probs.....u know who u r? Apart from this we loved the event!! look forward to nx yr.

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