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  1. vnicepce


  2. vnicepce

    Insp. George Gently Does Ns

    WHAT!-(thanks for the info, since it makes me feel quite good, as I had the presence of mind to buy it a few years ago). The TV Programme: Very good to hear all tose tracks, but: As someone's already pointed out, Frank Wilson's DILYIID was a cover up; was it even known about then? The Swimming Pool Scene: 'Lets get it on' was not recorded then, was it? The dancing: where was the sense of rhythm? I wish I'd known about ..
  3. vnicepce

    Over Rated Records

    I always recall a conversation I had with a former '60s Mod; he commented that many of the records that started Northern Soul were thought to be, at the time, 'crap' (his words). I don't particularly like Frank Wilson's version of 'Do I love you'. It's rarity has become a fetish, far exceeding, IMHO, the artistic merits of the recording. We all have different tastes, and since many of the tracks that make up Northern Soul were reject..
  4. vnicepce

    News: Sad News Bob Babbitt Has Passed Away.

    Sad news; I heard it whilst listening to Andy Peebles, by chance (he did play the Funk Brothers-Nowhere to run). I'm surprised othe soul/music sites haven't relayed this, sad, news....
  5. As a post 'Post Wigan' fan of NS, I also enjoyed this write-up; interested to see PM's Top Ten; great choices,; (I've even got one of those.!) One thing that did rather upset me was the mention of punch-ups; I thought the idea was to appreciate the wonderful music-Hi ho! Despite that, great little piece of nostalgia; thankyou Paul Mason!
  6. vnicepce

    News: Percy Williams Appeal

    Thanks to everybody that contributed to this appeal; bearing in mind the economic times we're enduring this generosity shows what ordinary people can do, to support their own. Also, and of equal importance, this event shows how awful things can be, in the richest country in the world, if you are poor, or without work. America is an awful country, where the homeless sleep in tents, and people die for want of medical care, because..
  7. vnicepce

    News: Gil Scott-Heron RIP

    By coincidence, I was listening to my vast number of NS Compliation CDs; one of the last tracks I listened to was 'The Bottle'; sad news, but at least we've got something to remember him by.....
  8. There I was, just looking through the Marvin Gaye Records on EBAY, and I came across this: ..erm....Am I missing something, like the Name, and the Picture.....for a start (DOH)
  9. vnicepce

    Quality 70 T's & 80T's Tunes Less Than £10

    This track sounds remarkable, to my ear, as it was produced in 1977 (sounds earlier); the others were good as well, but I think this is my favourite....
  10. 'One block from heaven'; it is on an MFP LP titled 'My Guy'; I get the feeeling that this was issued sometime in the 70s or early 80s; but correct me if I am.....
  11. vnicepce

    Isley Bros Lp

    Yes, it's funny what some 'wowser' record floggers will try and pull; they make me laugh! I found this LP in a Charity Shop, in Mint Cond., as well as the 'Twist and Shout'(?) LP. Then, in the Junk Shop next door, a reasonable copy, of the 'Brothers Isley' LP.
  12. vnicepce

    Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat

    .....and back in December, at the Kent Soul Club, I requested 'The Champ'; strange how things turn out, eh? Willie Mitchell left behind a wonderful library of music; as I always say, about the passing of an artist, he will be remembered, and live on, through it.
  13. How about a sound sample for those of us who haven't been to this hallowed venue?
  14. Thanks for putting up the track, Pete, as with the other posters, I liked that; was a bit funky, especially in some circles, I'd guess, but, still, a nice track, and dancer...
  15. vnicepce

    Lucky Escape At Customs

    This is all happening because the Post Office have recently started taking notice of the Customs Declaration Forms on packages sent here from outside the EU. The Post Office brought in, guess what?; a 'Customs Handling Charge' . Prior to that, I recall getting LPs, CDs, etc from Dusty Groove America, etc, and the P.O. taking no notice of the amount, on the declaration. I got charged last year , and if you use the search phrase "Custo..