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    stereolab, red wine. zero 7 , belle and sebastian,
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    Sandy Golden .Your love Is Everything.

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  1. Kerry F

    Kerry F

  2. Kerry F

    Dave Wooley.. Rip

    Such sad news, Dave was a lovely bloke. RIP Dave , Kerry & Jay x
  3. Kerry F

    News: Terry Callier - Rip

    My all time favourite male singer. RIP x
  4. Kerry F

    Julia Kitchener's 40th

    It was a great night, always good to catch up with old friends we don't see too much of these days . See you all at your 50th 's Kerry .
  5. Kerry F

    Old Cover Ups - Info Required

    2nd one's Jackie Day- I can't wait- Paula
  6. Kerry F

    45 Wanted

    There's one on Ebay M- , £50.
  7. cheers mark pm'd you.
  8. Thanks , the more people see it the better .
  9. If anyone who knows Neil has heard from him in the last 2 weeks can you please reply , also if anyone has Kim's from Rushden (??) phone number can you pm , very important. Thanks. Kerry
  10. Kerry F

    We Got Soul Second Anniversary

    Will be along Friday Jack , i want to hear all about your sleepness nights . Kerry
  11. Kerry F

    Wellingborough Embankment - Final Night

    Really going to miss this night, missed very few since it started and can honestly say enjoyed everyone. As has been said before Len has always stuck to his beliefs about the stuff he wanted people to hear and it has been great having a local do like that. You should be very proud Len Kerry and Jay
  12. Kerry F

    Deon Jackson

  13. Kerry F

    Monday Tunes - Capitol Label

    No Advice - marian love - capitol 14711 refosoul
  14. Kerry F

    [Rs] marian love - no advice

    Title: marian love - no advice Artist: marian love Track: no advice Label: capitol Record information:
  15. Kerry F

    Monday Tunes - Capitol Label

    The right to cry - marian love - capitol 14710 refosoul


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