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  1. ShorterSoul


    I think a lot of copies play with a repetitive hiss due to a pressing fault Dave. My copy plays fine though
  3. The Fascinators On Burn

    It's one you tube Ady... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGdj1tUa3Yw
  4. Originals Literally Just Arrived

    pm sent
  5. Shades Of Soul - Every Issue

    Bought most of these when first published, missed a few so great to be able to catch upon the missing issues. Would be great to see the original Blackbeat fanzines again
  6. I was fortunate to pick up all 3 releases from a dealer in the states for $20 a piece.
  7. Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    7 day listing, only 3 bidders. One bidder with 17 bids all on the same day, looks like they were trying to outbid the other high bidder who won it..
  8. Platters - Back To Detroit - Choice Of Singles?

    Can't get used to sharing you is awesome, shares the same backing as Lonely One - Tempos / Steptones
  9. Which Came First?

    From the Funky16Corners website:- "Written by Frank Wilson (the man that brought you ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’), ‘Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You’ was also recorded by Darrell Banks (Revilot 1966). The backing track from the Ike and Tina version wa...
  10. John Manship Auction Results 15-4-2015

    I thought that Bobby Angelle would have gone for a lot more, particularly following it's recent use in a cereal commercial.. not sure the shredded wheat sales pitch did much for the auction price I suppose the fact that it's recently been reissued on a Ken...
  11. John Manship Auction Results 1-4-2015

    Wasn't aware of that Baz, thank goodness I have a nice minty white demo and not the blue issue then
  12. Mamie Galore , St Lawrence

    Thanks, I thought as much ?
  13. John Manship Auction Results 1-4-2015

    Blimey £413 for the Embraceables, I know it's a quality choon but I would have thought maybe £200-250 tops, used to be around £75-100 but most copies turned up always seem to be vg or trashed
  14. Mamie Galore , St Lawrence

    So what about Johnny Sayles on St Lawrence. I've got a copy with no address at the bottom and I always thought the original's should have Distributed by Chess at the bottom?? It seems strange that they would bootleg this and make everything on the label ident...
  15. First Northern Soul Cd

    Here's a couple of scans of the early goldmine cd's

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