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1960's London Mod / Soul Clubs


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2 hours ago, Roburt said:

A short lived "in" club owned by the boxer, Billy Walker ...



Hi Roburt

Billy Walker made a few popcorn records his self  besides opening all the baked potatoe fast food outlets he opened one in Wigan circa 1965 66

It was a great time for soul artists and in my opinion  was the real Golden Age of Soul most of the artists listed live in London found their way up north to the Working class cities of the midlands North East and North West to leave the path for the start and beginning of NS it was a magic time with magic music and magic Artists, some of them loved it over here that much they never went home and made the UK their base those who did return home kept on coming back  they were all in their Prime then, I’d love to have a time machine go back and  see them again just like I seen a lot of them the first time that would be Soul Heaven



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Guest Shufflin

Clyde McPhatter live, *just look at the list of artists*, wow what a time that must have been

I wonder what some of the songs they performed were, thank you for posting

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there was only 1 the scene club in ham  yard and it gets very few mentions ..georgie fame and blue flames was the biggest down there but he never mentions it ,,always the flamingo .but it wasnt a MOD hangout like the scene club ..

guy stevens was DJ

zoot money and a host of stars inc the who and bo diddley played there ..and the beatles allegedly but i never saw em there

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A few more trailblazers ... I guess the duo of Chuck Jackson & Carla Thomas were a fake line-up as I'm sure they would never have toured together. The Impressions on the same bill were really the Topics. The FAMOUS Birdcage Club was down in Portsmouth (maybe this one took its name from the Portsmouth venue).






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thanks for that ..guy stevens used to sell R&B imports on Thursday might at the scene club ..god knows where he got such huge amounts of 45s at the time ..lots of sun records and labels from the south ,he was importing in bulk ..we never did find out who sandra was.. a peroxide blond woman

who stood in when guy nipped out for a fag and a pee .his booth was stacked with piles of 45s and racks of LPs on the walls.. i never did go much during the week as funds were limited for a young MOD bloke on a small salary to get in to all these clubs .a night at the scene used to take half my wages at the time ..

the scene had the best sound system of any soho club of the time ..all the rest were rubbish and cheap and that includes the flamingo and whiskey a gogo



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other clubs were


the kingston jazz cellar

the osterley jazz club

boathouse kew

hammersmith palais ..which had an amazing selection of stars over the years inc the Beatles and the rolling stones but was nigh on impossible to get

in when they were ..i cruised in there 1 night midweek and the 3 degrees were on stage and it was normal prices ..they kinda blew ya socks off when live ..

El Partido lewisham was a hangout for MODs and jamaicans ..2 floors of live r&B ,blues ,ska and reggae .open all night and very noisy

St Marys hall putney was a rockers club that  featured the likes of cliff and the shadows ,marty wilde ,and other rockers of that period ..trouble was when the MODs arrived on the scene there was always fights between the 2 factions on a friday night

10 shilllings to get in but we stopped going due to the fights and went to the scene club instead



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Doris Troy - What cha gonna do about it?

Temptations - Why you wanna make me blue? 

Maxine Brown - Oh no! Not my baby! 

The Larks - The Jerk

Marvin Gaye - How sweet it is to be loved by you

The Miracles - I gotta dance to keep from crying

Ray Barretto - El Watusi

Betty Everett - Getting mighty crowded

Justine Hines - Rub up push up

Oscar Brown Jr. - The Work Song

 Mary Wells - What's easy for two

Roland Alphonso - Pheonix City

Four Tops - Baby I need your loving

Dixie Cups - Gee baby gee

Miracles - That’s what love is made of

Velveletes - He was really saying something

Donnie Elbert - You can push it or pull it

Derek Martin – Daddy Rollin Stone

Wilbert Harrison - Let’s work together

James Ray - If you gotta make a fool of somebody

Temptations - The girl’s alright with me

Tony Clark – Ain’t love good ain’t love proud

Major Lance - Um um um um um

Temptations - The way you do the things you do

Sugar Pie deSanto - I don’t wanna fuss

Baby Washington – That’s how heartaches are made

Gene Chandler - Nothing can stop me

Temptations - My girl

Supremes - Come see about me

Donnie Elbert - Little piece of leather

Folkes Brothers – Carolina

Anglos - Incense

James Brown - Night train

Ike and Tina Turner - I can’t believe what you say

Beach Boys – Help me Rhonda

Chubby Checker – Everything’s wrong

Contours - First I look at the purse

Chubby Checker - At the discotheque

Ad-Libs - The boy from New York City

Beach Boys – Don’t worry baby

Jimmy Reed - Shame shame shame

Deon Jackson - Love makes the world go round

The High Keys - Que sera, sera

Willie Mabon - Got to have some

Ike and Tina Turner - I think it’s gonna work out fine

Inez and Charlie Foxx - La dee da I love you

Vibrations - My girl sloopy

Last Chance Saloon.jpg

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oops forgot the last chance ..we piled in there on a sunday morning when the scene club closed


notice the grand piano with grafitti in the scene club on which eric burdon used to jump up and down on //phew rare photos in the scene club as few had a handy camera at the time to take photos unlike now

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16 minutes ago, sceneman said:

oops forgot the last chance ..we piled in there on a sunday morning when the scene club closed


notice the grand piano with grafitti in the scene club on which eric burdon used to jump up and down on //phew rare photos in the scene club as few had a handy camera at the time to take photos unlike now

Please do tell us more about The Scene Club. Very few is written about it. Even pics are hard to come by. 

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On 14/02/2019 at 17:54, dimples said:

Please do tell us more about The Scene Club. Very few is written about it. Even pics are hard to come by. 

heres a video i made before the area of ham yard was redeveloped with a hotel there now

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJtTUf25ULA  some good comments by old members of the club ..i used to see members of the R stones dancing on the floor during the week !! when they were not working somewhere !

i believe the actual club area is inside a nearby hotel where theres a cocktail bar on the site

also see paul andersons book named ''mods a new religion'' for all the stuff about the scene club and the times

scene club was killed off by police drug raids

and i forgot the Pontiac club in putney where i did a DJ spell at the time


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when cops raided the scene club ,on numerous occasion, they used to come charging down the stairs blowing on police whistles like the keystone cops and the lights suddenly went on and the music stopped ,pretty hilarious looking back on it as the pill pushers were outside in ham yard or at the coffee anne .the mods allnight  coffee bar or the freight train coffee bar ..never seen any pics of the freight train the mods hangout where you could score some blues ..20 for a quid in a brown paper envelope


there was some very young girls down there at the time of 15 and 16 ..their parents must have been worried where they were

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Another fondly-remembered hang-out was the ‘Coffee Ann’ that catered almost exclusively for the music club-goers. Situated down some steep steps in the basement of a warehouse in Whitcombe Street, it was known for staying open into the early hours of the morning but was rarely, if ever, open during the day. ‘Les Enfants Terrible’ at 93 Dean Street was another expresso café venue that featured live music and was mainly frequented by many French students.



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Ad-Lib Club

Only know this because the resident band there cut a 45 

  • 7 Leicester Place, W1, once the home of the Ad Lib club


    March 27, 1965. When the lift door opened onto the Ad Lib club on the top floor of 7 Leicester Place, W1, another door opened onto a whole new world of possibilities for pop music. John Lennon and George Harrison were tripping on LSD for the first time.

    The two Beatles, along with their partners, had been for dinner at the Bayswater home of a dentist friend. After they had eaten they repaired to the drawing room where, without their knowledge, four acid-laced sugar cubes were dropped into their coffees. When the drug – and the fear – took hold they quickly fled in George’s brand new Mini. ‘Our host seemed to turn into a demon, we were all terrified,’ recalled Cynthia Lennon. ‘We knew it was something evil. We had to get out of the house.’

    They decided to head for the Ad Lib, then the hangout for pop-stars such as the Stones and The Kinks, fashion designers Mary Quant and Jean Muir and actresses Hayley Mills and Julie Christie; it was even visited on occasion by Princess Margaret. The music policy was exclusively black American soul and blues records and the door policy was even stricter. Although the Ad Lib was the crucible of Britain’s peace ’n’ love movement, its time in the sun was short-lived. In November of the following year – by which time it had already been dropped by the Swinging London set in favour of The Scotch Of St James in Mason’s Yard or The Bag O’Nails in Kingly Street – the Ad Lib was mocked during John’s knowing appearance on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s ‘Not Only… But Also’ when he played the doorman of ‘London’s most fashionable lavatory spot’, the Ad Lav club, in reality the underground public toilets in Broadwick Street.

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unfortunately the new scene club was rubbish and didnt last long as guy stevens had moved on and the best sound system had been ripped out and replaced with a bad stereo system..it was painted garish white inside instead of black matt

it was shocking inside


i doubt it lasted 2 weeks and the area was infested with muggers on hard drugs and not the sort of place you wanted to hang around ..it was a black period for soho with some mod stragglers sporting mullet haircuts and dirty clothes still hanging around and the pill pushers had left the area .most likely the cop raids had had a bad effect on what was a great place to do some clubbing ..even though the flamingo kept going for many more years to come


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