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  1. Hi Rick ... the P130 is a funk song from 1970 or more likely 1971, P 131 side A is a funky soul blues song, both Clyde Terrell I don't know but suppose it's soul. Sue Rainey P133 side A is soul-funk, side B is slow soul. A copy of P133 is said to be sold in UK from a collector to another, but the seller says he can't remember to whom he has sold this ultra rare 45. This 45 is pressed 1971 or maybe a bit later.
  2. Still looking for someone who has it! ... there is a copy in UK, but in who's collection ... still a mystery.
  3. Thank you very much for the good hint ... i try to contact Steve Guarnori or Greg Tormo for a quality scan. I completely overlooked this, not knowing it has a funky side. It's difficult to find out on which 45s that are mainly collectables in the Northern scene, there is a funky side, if those 45s are very rare. So difficult especially if there are only a few copies around and sometime in hands of collectors who keep it as a secret. For example, if posted the question about Sue Rainey: You got to be kind, had a lot of views, but it seems the whole northern scene don't know anybody who has it. Anyway ... thanks again for reply on my request. Greetings from Switzerland
  4. Hi, i'm looking for a quality scan of the label of "Snap Prescott: It's my love on Maple-M1005" for the use in the picture-gallery of the Funky Music Records Lexicon. Any halp is very much appreciated. Contact = info@funk.ch ... cheers, Peter
  5. 10 years ago I've seen the 45 "Sue Rainey: You got to be kind/My private world - Peachtree-P133" sold. Unfortunately by the time it was not possible anymore to contact the winner. Since then I'm asking around: Who have or knows someone that has this 45 single. I would like to add a good quality image to the Funky Music Lexicon gallery pages in a future edition. Any help is very much appreciated. Contact: info@funk.ch ... (Peter Wermelinger)
  6. Hi, I would like to inform you briefly ... 17 years after the 2005 edition, there are new editions of the « Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon » with 80% more content & pictures, printed in color. ** Album-Edition // ** Singles-Edition // ** Full-Edition (limited & numbered) All information about the 3 book editions, including the table of contents and how to pre-order the books, you will find on my website : https://www.funk.ch/index.php/lexicon . There you will also find information on how to proceed after the pre-order. Please note - the opportunity of pre-ordering the "Full Edition" ends on October 8th, as it is a limited edition!! The album and singles edition can also be pre-ordered later, although you may have to wait until up to 100 pre-orders before a reprint is possible. Keep it funky, Peter
  7. Hi everybody I have the content of forth-coming „Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon – 45s Edition » finished! While preparing the printable files next couple days, I hold space for 7 singles scans, in case I can get them during that process, so to say „in last minute“. If you can help me with a quality scan by having it yourself or by knowing a collector who has one, it would be SUPER! A contributor will be mentioned in the contributors- list in the book, if he wants. 7 „last minute“ Top Wanted Singles Scans • Young Devines: Do it the right way (Note- 7216) • Knox Leroy & The Gaypoppers: The mistakes I made (Soul Sounds-836R-1048) • Rainey Sue: You got to be kind (Peachtree-P133) • Raney Susie: I've had enough (Peachtree-106) • Roker's Sly Sunshine City: Nassau's still funky y'all (Finest-633) • Williams Dicky & The Prisoners of Love: Which way lord (Brubell-DM8431) • Williams Kenneth: Funkie pants (The Impacts Productions-TIP-001)) Label plus 3inch vinyl visible around, 300dpi if possible, format TIF if possible Email : info@funk.ch or p.wermelinger@bluewin.ch Thank your any help in advance, Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi, is the "Little Criss: Great day" still available? Email to p.wermelinger@bluewin.ch, thanks Peter
  9. THE NEW ATTRACTIONS -THE WORLD TODAY / FUNKY BUMP (VIOLET) M- ...ON RARE BLUE STOCK COPY my offer = 350$ .. my email = p.wermelinger@bluewin.ch, Peter
  10. The black/white print edition 2005 is definitively sold out. For all who like to update their book, i've uploaded the listing pages covering my work between 2005-2012. You can download them, see link below: LPs - 25 pages / 1200 records listed 45s - 80 pages / 3800 records listed https://funk.sharepointhosting.ch/lexicon_sale/default.aspx
  11. Can anybody help me with a contact of a collector who has the 45 in good sound quality, Doris White: I can dig it - Cobblestone-CB719, as I urgently need a recording. I've never seen a copy with no distortion. If somebody has a copy for trade/sell, even better. Any help is very much appreciated. Email me to "p dot wermelinger at bluewin.ch". Thanks, Peter
  12. 2 labels, promo copy on "Rush", issue copy on "MCI Rush" (which was sold past week fro 1069$ on Ebay) my Rush copy looks blue, the MCI copy is blue as well.

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