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  1. Jason S

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    Soul Brother Records in East Putney, London will be participating again. We've added details on all the stuff on order - whether or not they all turn up is anyone's guess but as a guide to what is expected here's the details. https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-prospective-stock-list/ Soul/Funk stuff here https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-2018-soul-funk/ Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Hip Hop https://soul..
  2. Jason S

    Reggie Saddler Revue / Silky Vincent Group

    Yes, only 4 Silky Vincent Group 45s there. What's the mystery 5th - curious.
  3. Jason S

    Reggie Saddler Revue / Silky Vincent Group

    Only seeing 4 Silky Vincent Group releases on Hook-Up.
  4. All new/unplayed - £50 paypal f&f including signed for delivery Ice - Reality Lew Kirton - Something Special Imperial Wonders - Mean 'ol Mistreater James Reese - Joker Wanda Davis - Where Did You Sleep Last Night Chelsea Wilson - Through With Living You Tristan - Moontune
  5. Jason S

    Reggie Saddler Revue / Silky Vincent Group

    Which Silky Vincent Group title on Hook? There are 4 listed releases.
  6. Jason S

    Huge list at cheap prices to go

    Just going to point this out again as people are missing it Minimum order quantity - 30 units
  7. 'Wholesale' list December 2017 - 7" Singles/12" Singles ***************************************************************************************** PLEASE READ THIS BIT....SO MANY PEOPLE ASKING FOR 1 OR 2 OR 3 THINGS - either ignoring this or not seeing it...how!? **************************************MINIMUM ORDER IS 30 RECORDS - IT'S WHY THE PRICES ARE SET LOW **************************************MINIMUM ORDER IS 3..
  8. Joe Jama - My Life/Sleep Late My Lady Friend (Optimum) Super clean vinyl, original copy, surface is pretty much near mint on both sides unlike the majority of copies that seem to appear (i.e...trashed) With that said this one hasn't escaped unscathed. Whatever happened during its life, this one has evidence of having something pressing onto the run in groove whilst in storage. The result is that there is an almost imperceptible ..
  9. Jason S


    Prices in UK - postage is £4.50 signed for Uk up to three albums The Blue Notes - The Truth Has Come To Light (Glades) (EX/EX) 15Johnny Bristol - Bristol's Crème (Atlantic ) (EX/EX) 10James Brown - Hot (Polydor) (VG+/EX) 15James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing (Polydor) (EX/VG+) 20Twennynine Featuring Lenny White - Best Of Friends (Elektra) (M-/EX) 12The Supremes - Mary, Scherrie And Susaye (Motown ) (EX/EX) ..
  10. Jason S

    Big list with sound

    Soulstacks 45s list - August 2017 Welcome to this big, late August list. A lot of 45s here with a lot of waffle added in too so set your eyes to skim and dive in. Email any wants to soulstacks@gmail.com or wade through/search the site www.soulstacks.com and get them direct. This will be one of the last lists I'll put out so hopefully something for most of you. You can see this list here > http://mailchi.mp/5be3e0b8c5b7/big..
  11. Jason S

    5 for £35

    £10 each of 5 for £35 - uk post free Mirror - Give It Up!/Reflections (Get Off) (EX) The Vibrations - Pick Me/You Better Beware (Oken (wol)) (VG) Chestnut Tree - Super Lovin'/Goodness Gracious (Melba (white label)) (M-) Bobby Byrd - I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) Pt 1/I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) Pt 2 (King ) (EX) The Acoustics - Living In Hard Times/What Is The Name Of That Song (Cherry Blossom) (..
  12. Jason S

    Mixed list

    UK recorded - up to 3 45s £2.50 Overseas goes registered Benny Poole – Pearl, Baby Pearl/Sorry Bout Dat (Solid Hit) (VG+) £15.00 David Ruffin – Walk Away From Love /Love Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (Motown) (M-) £7.00 Deliverance – Sittin Around /Loving You (United Soul) (M-) £10.00 Floaters – Take One Step At A Time /I Am So Glad I Took My Time (Fee) (M-) £15.00 Gang’s Back – You Got Wh..
  13. Jason S

    70s albums and 45% off 45s

    Albums (all US unless stated) - postage savings for multiple buys Bobby Womack - The Poet (so many sides of you) (Motown (Germany)) (M-/EX+) £7 Lenny Williams - Spark Of Life (ABC) (M-/M-) £7 Fania All-Stars - Fania All-Stars (Island (Uk)) (EX+/VG) £12 Winners - Winners (Roadshow/UA) (M-/EX) £12.50 Reuben Wilson - The Sweet Life (Groove Merchant) (EX/EX) £15 Silk - Midnight Dancer (Phila..
  14. Dizzy Jones - Just As Sure (As You Play, You Must Pay)/Why Me (New Breed) (VG) £60 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/200271501.mp3 Hear Old Mpressions - Right On/Let Me Know (Brooks Brothers) (M-) £40 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500112201.mp3 Hear Voice Masters - Never Gonna Leave You / If I Woman Catches A Fool (Bamboo) (EX+) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500113..
  15. Jason S

    Mixed bag

    Clips pulled from the sale copy. Mix of rarer and classic 70s Modern/funk and a few other types mixed in. Subscribe to the site for regular updates - Thursday: LPs and 12s/Friday 45s - www.soulstacks.com B.W Souls - Marvin's Groove / Generated Love (Round) (M-) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500113701.mp3 Hear Charles Jackson - I'm Gonna Get Your Love / I'm Gonna Get Your Love (Capitol) (M-..

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