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  1. Soul Brother have a handful left - going fast, though. https://soulbrother.com/shop/youre-so-fine-4/
  2. Now have a limited amount remaining as below. I'm wearing a small in the pics for reference. Shirts are Gildan Heavy, print is vinyl for a longer life. Feedback so far has been positive. All pre-orders have shipped. Shirts are £15 each - postage £3.50 or £4.50 signed for up to 3 shirts Sizes available Rojac - Small (sold out) Medium (last one), Large, XL (last one), 2XL (last one) Arctic - Small, Medium (last one), Large (sold out), XL, 2XL (sold out) Jet Stream - Small (last one), Medium (last one), Large (last one), XL (sold out), 2XL (sold out) Soul Power - Small (last one), Medium (last one), Large (sold out), XL, 2XL (last one) Gatur - Small, Medium (sold out), Large, XL (sold out), 2XL (sold out) Hot Line - Small (last one), Medium, Large, XL (Sold out), 2XL Chest Sizes are approx: Small 38, Medium 40", Large 44", XL 48", 2XL 52"
  3. Small run of these coming early June. Pre-order to secure one. Not many available. Vinyl printed on Gildan Heavy cotton. £15 each - UK postage from £3.50 PM or email Sizes S, M, L, Xl, 2XL Size guide: Approximate chest sizes in inches according to Gildan's size chart ***this is measured flat across the chest from armpit to arm pit S - 18 (LENGTH 28) M - 20 (LENGTH 29) L - 22 (LENGTH 30) XL 24 (LENGTH 31) XXL 26 (LENGTH 32)
  4. 15 45s for sale. Scans and clips taken from the copy for sale. Paypal good as F&F Postage is: UK £1.50/Europe £5/World £9 ***Free upgrade to signed for /Registered on all orders*** City Council Ltd - When Ya Git Thru Wit It Put It Back/You Got It All Ain't No More (Graytom) EX £120 Double sided 'Deep Funk' banger. Donald Jenkins & The Daylighters - I've Settled Down (Cortland) M- £50 Loud, bolshy mid tempo early northern. As heard on Rare Soul Review comp. Ed Simpson - Pinch Hitter (Gold Future) VG £60 Strong player, well over the grade...lots of light marks but plays well over. Family Players Band - Funky Showdown (Players) M- £75 Good clubby funky disco stuff George Campbell - Double Bump Part 1 (Shantee Fatina) M- £75 Chugging NC (I think) funker that builds. Inovations - Stay On The Case (Hit Sound) VG+ £50 One of the best feel good tunes that straddles that northern/Xover thing. Label is worn as shown but who only insists on dancing to mint labels? James Booker - Big Nick (Peacock) £25 Bolshy, latin R&B touch. Lou Garno Trio - Chicken In The Basket (Giovanni) M- £40 Funkiest tuune ever to promote a rstaurant, eh? Mad Hatters - Mad Hatters Get Down (Peg Leg Bates) M- £100 Old Ian Wright spin, wait for the second half where the groove drops with the keys... Old Mpressions - Right On (Brooks Brothers) M- £25 Turn the knobs to ten for the full effect...dark end modern. Rico Collins - Ever Since You've Been Gone (The Chosen Few) EX- £200 The Soul Beat issue is hard. This one barely registers. Slight Latin funk feel to this. Busy and bustling and a good clubber. Silky Vincent - Changed Man (Hook Up) EX+ £200 Funky, bouncy: as Magneron would often ask 'Is good for club?'. Yes! Silver Lining - Silver Lining (Dusic) M- £30 Best ever tune made simply to promote the band? Tony La Marr - Funky Wah Wah (Five-Four) M- £125 Low slung funk classic. Ice - Reality (Backatcha/Ice reissue) M £10 Divisive pressing of a nailed on modern soul banger. City Council Ltd - When Ya Git Thru Wit It Put It Back.mp3 City Council Ltd - You Got It All Ain't No More.mp3 Donald Jenkins & The Daylighters - I've Settled Down.mp3 Ed Simpson - Pinch Hitter.mp3 Family Players Band - Funky Showdown.mp3 George Campbell - Double Bump Part 1.mp3 Ice - Reality.mp3 Inovations - Stay On The Case.mp3 James Booker - Big Nick.mp3 Lou Garno Trio - Chicken In The Basket.mp3 Mad Hatters - Mad Hatters Get Down.mp3 Old Mpressions - Right On.mp3 Rcio Collins - Ever Since You've Been Gone.mp3 Silky Vincent - Changed man.mp3 Silver Lining - Silver Lining.mp3 Tony La Marr - Funky Wah Wah.mp3
  5. Prices are UK £ UK signed for £2.50 for up to 3 records Special £8 for up to 3 records James Booker - Big Nick (Peacock) EX 25 Early R&B Instro Nathaniel Nay Dog Mayer & The Filthy McNasty Group Plus Freestyle - Super Boogie/Raise The Curtain High (Love Dog) EX 150 Momentary cue hiss on the Super Boogie side. The title pretty much sums up the tune. Ballad plays fine. Tony Gregory - You Lift Me Fom The Ground (Tee Gee) Jamaican only EX 25 Lofi Jamaican pressed modern soul. Production and press is typically low bugdet wit some surface crackling James D Hall - I Wanna Get Into You (J.D.H) EX 200 Original issue not the later ones that were passed off as first presses from a few years back OFSB - We Can't Wait (Rufus) EX 75 Obscure Texas funk Symbol 8 - Call Me (Shock ) VG+ 50 Classic 70s funky soul Family Players Band - Funky Showdown (Players) EX 75 Obscure New Orleans boogie Linda Tillery - Markin' Time (Olivia) EX- 200 Almost impossible of 45 - best cut from the album. Female funky soul from 78 Gentleman June Gardener - The Jolly Little Meget (Hep' me) VG++ 60 Terrible title, great bouncing, drum heavy New Orleans funk Donald Jenkins - I've Settled Down (Cortland) EX 50 Killer early soul harmony dancer Rico Collins - Since You Been Gone (The Chosen Few) EX 300 Impossible on this label - uptempo, percussion heavy funky Chicago soul. The slow flip plays with noise but it's the funk side you want. Inovations - Stay On The Case (Hit Sound) VG+ 50 Killer funky x-over dancer. Slight crackle at the start but kicks in loud. One of the best Mad Hatters - Mad Hatters Get Down (Peg Leg Bates) EX+ 100 Glossy vinyl, slight crackle on the intro, but, y'know...40 year old vinyl... Silver Lining - Silver Lining (Dusic) M- 40 One of the best band intro songs ever!
  6. Soul Brother Records in East Putney, London will be participating again. We've added details on all the stuff on order - whether or not they all turn up is anyone's guess but as a guide to what is expected here's the details. https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-prospective-stock-list/ Soul/Funk stuff here https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-2018-soul-funk/ Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Hip Hop https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-2018-jazz-blues-hip-hop-reggae/ Rock and Pop https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-2018-rock-pop/ Soundtracks https://soulbrother.com/feature/record-store-day-2018-soundtracks/
  7. Yes, only 4 Silky Vincent Group 45s there. What's the mystery 5th - curious.
  8. Only seeing 4 Silky Vincent Group releases on Hook-Up.
  9. All new/unplayed - £50 paypal f&f including signed for delivery Ice - Reality Lew Kirton - Something Special Imperial Wonders - Mean 'ol Mistreater James Reese - Joker Wanda Davis - Where Did You Sleep Last Night Chelsea Wilson - Through With Living You Tristan - Moontune
  10. Which Silky Vincent Group title on Hook? There are 4 listed releases.
  11. Just going to point this out again as people are missing it Minimum order quantity - 30 units
  12. 'Wholesale' list December 2017 - 7" Singles/12" Singles ***************************************************************************************** PLEASE READ THIS BIT....SO MANY PEOPLE ASKING FOR 1 OR 2 OR 3 THINGS - either ignoring this or not seeing it...how!? **************************************MINIMUM ORDER IS 30 RECORDS - IT'S WHY THE PRICES ARE SET LOW **************************************MINIMUM ORDER IS 30 RECORDS - IT'S WHY THE PRICES ARE SET LOW ************************************************************************************** All single copies unless stated Minimum order of NEW releases - 10 records (within order of 30 records total) NEW Release stock in the end section 12" singles appear here first Postage quoted upon ordering (30 x 7" singles to a UK address is £3.90 2nd class registered) Offering these at low prices for resale or to grab for your collection but the minimum order qty is 30 records Email soulstacks@gmail.com or PM (email better) 12" singles Gary's Gang - Keep On Dancin' (SAM) M- 5 Mtume - Juicy Fruit (Epic (wol)) EX 5 T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do (TK ) EX+ 5 El Coco - Let's Get It Together (AVI) M- 5 Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It (Motown (sol)) EX 7 Crack Of Dawn - How Many Times (DBA) M- 7 Francie Simone - Let Your Body Run (BC ) VG++ 7 Aquarian Dream - You're A Star (Elektra ) M- 8 Charles Earland - Let The Music Play (Mercury ) VG+ 8 Sweet Thunder - Everybody's Singin' Love Songs (Fantasy WMOT) EX 8 Experience Unlimited - Come Party With Us (Vermack) M- 8 Niteflyte - If You Want It (Ariola (Germany)) M- 8 Best Friend Around - It's So Good To Know (Lonnie (re)) M- 8 Eddie Henderson - Prance On (Capitol ) M- 10 Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (MCA ) EX 10 Double Exposure - Ten Percent (Salsoul) EX- 10 F.B.I - Talkin Bout Love (Kongo dance) VG++ 10 Joneses - Sugar Pie Guy (Mercury (UK)) EX+ 10 Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love (SAM) EX++ 10 The New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy (Carnival/Nite Life (UK)) VG+ 10 The O'Jays - I Love Music (Philadelphia International (wol)) EX 10 Gwen McCrae - Funky Sensation (Atlantic (uk)) VG- 10 Aurthur Adams - You Got The Floor (The Inculcation band) EX 10 Roy Ayers - Love Will Bring Us Back Together (Polydor ) M- 10 Convertion - All I Want Is You (Sam)) EX 10 La Pregunta - Chameleon (GNP Crescendo) M 20 Kelly Jones Jr - Tell Me, Tell Me (Justice) EX 30 Thunderbolt - Love Is So Funny (Rapture) EX+ 100 Used 45s Sun - Give Your Love To Me (Capitol) M- 3.5 The Artistics - I'll Always Love You (Brunswick) M- 10 The Acoustics - Living In Hard Times (Cherry Blossom) VG+ 5 Willie Bobo - Gotta Hustle On (Jupiter Jazz) VG+ 30 Archie Bell & The Drells - Dancing To Your Music (Glades) EX 4 Archie Bell & The Drells - Dancing To Your Music (Glades) M- 4 Brother To Brother - Chance With You (Turbo) M- 4 Black Ice - Girl That's What I Call Love (Amherst ) Ex- (wol) 4 The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau Part I (Alston) EX+ 4 Lattimore Brown - Yak-A-Poo (Renegade) EX 12.5 Brand New - Earthquake Part I (Magic Minstrel) M- 5 Camille Bob - Brother Brown (Soul Unlimited) M- 10 Crown Heights Affair - Dancin' (De-Lite) EX 4 Chestnut Tree - Super Lovin' (Paramount) M- 10 Rickey Calloway - Paying My Dues Part I (Super ) M- 30 Otis Clay - Special Kind Of Love (Glades) EX 10 Deliverance - Sittin Around (United Soul) M- 5 Chuck Dudley And His 'Peg Leg' Bates Country Club Orchestra - Comin Out The Shadow (B.B.D) VG+ 30 Enchantment - Hold On (Desert Moon) EX- 5 Enchantment - Hold On (Desert Moon) EX- 5 Executive Suite - When The Fuel Runs Out (Babylon) VG+ 4 Fabulous Counts - Jan Jan (Moira) VG+ 10 Floaters - Take One Step At A Time (Fee) M- 10 Billy Guy and The Coasters - Take It Easy Greazy (Sal/Wa) M- 5 Marvin Gaye - Come Get To This (Tamla) EX 4 Gabriel - Will You (Artists Of America) EX 5 The Gliders - No Time (Alva) M- 5 Rene Geyer - Moving Along (Polydor ) EX 5 Gang's Back - You Got What It Takes (Handshake) EX 30 Rene Geyer - Moving Along (Polydor ) M- 5 Hi-Tension - Hi-Tension (Island ) EX 5 James Havior - Girl, Girl, Girl (Crow) VG+ (wol) 30 Jimmie Bo Horne - If You Want My Love (Alston) VG+ 5 Jimmie Bo Horne - If You Want My Love (Alston) VG- (wol) 5 Honey Cone (Feat Sharon Cash) - The Truth Will Come Out (Hot Wax) M- 12.5 Haze - Waiting For The Moment (ASI) M- 5 Z.Z Hill - Universal Love (Columbia) VG++ 20 I.U Soul Revue - Tell Me 'Bout It (Afro-American Arts Institute) VG 20 The Impressions - Love Me (Curtom (wol)) EX- 10 The Impressions - Love Me (Curtom (wol)) M- 10 Independent Movement - Slippin' Away (Polydor ) M- 10 The Independents - I Love You, Yes I Do (Wand) M- 5 Isley Brothers - Got To Have You Back (Tamla) EX 4 Isley Brothers - All Because I Love You (Tamla) EX 12.5 Isley Brothers - All Because I Love You (Tamla) VG+ 12.5 Etta James - Pay Back (Argo) VG+ 4 Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - The Dryer Part 1 (Stax) M- 5 Syl Johnson - Try Me (Twilight) VG 10 Syl Johnson - Same Kind Of Thing (Twinight) M- 5 Syl Johnson - Ode To Soul Man (Twinight) M- 10 Gladys Knight - Save The Overtime (For Me) (Columbia ) VG+ 4 L.T.D - Love To The World (A&M ) M- 4 Love Committee - Cheaters Never Win (Gold Mind) VG++ 5 Lil & Rene - Keep A Lite (Showerin' Down) (Reprise (promo)) VG+ 12.5 LTG Exchange - You'll Never Learn (About Love) (Big Tree) M- 12.5 LTG Exchange - You'll Never Learn (About Love) (Big Tree) M- 10 Major Lance - You're Everything I Need (Osiris) VG+ 5 Mass Production - Cosmic Lust (Cotillion (promo)) M- 4 Miami - Party Freaks (Drive) EX 4 Moment Of Truth - So Much For Love (Salsoul) M- 10 McKinley Mitchell - Days Got Brighter (Chimneyville) VG 5 Skip Mahoney and The Casuals - Running Away From Love (Abet) M- 5 The Moments - Hurts On Me Baby (Stang) VG 5 Miami - Party Freaks (Drive) EX 4 Music City Soul Bros - Let Our Love Go On (Music City ) VG+ 12.5 Lynn Minor And His Band - Fat Back (Tammy) VG++ 10 Skip Mahoney & Steel Waters - Power Of The Mind (International Productions Inc) M- 10 The Mighty Marvelows - Talkin' Bout Ya, Baby (ABC ) VG 12.5 Kim Morrison - One In A Million (Malaco) VG 5 Ike Noble - Shake It Loose (Connowil) M- 10 Nytro - I Paid My Dues (Whitfield) EX 5 Billy Nichols - Diamond Ring (West End) VG+ 5 Osiris - Consitency (Warners) EX 5 Osiris - Consitency (Warners (Demo)) EX 5 Osiris - Consitency (Warners (Demo)) EX 5 Osiris - Consitency (Warners (Demo)) EX 5 Players Association - Ride The Groove (Vanguard (UK)) EX 5 The Originals - Good Lovin' (Is Just A Dime Away) (Motown ) VG+ 10 Oscar Perry - Fool From The Sticks (Backbeat) M- 10 Mirror - Give It Up! (Get Off) EX 5 Martha Reeves And The Vandellas - Show Me The Way (Gordy) EX 4 Martha Reeves And The Vandellas - Show Me The Way (Gordy) EX 4 Real Thing - Stanhope Street (PYE (UK)) VG 4 A.C Reed - Boogalo-Tramp (Nike ) EX 20 Willie Rodgers - Wake Up (Bromack ) VG- 30 Jimmy Robbins - I Can't Please You (Jerhart ) M- 12.5 Willie Rodgers - Wake Up (Ronn) M- 30 Statler Records Corp - Outa Space (Avant ) VG- 20 Solaris - You And Me (Dana ) M- 5 Sons Of Robin Stone - Let's Do It Now (Epic (demo)) M- 5 Sons Of Robin Stone - Let's Do It Now (Epic (demo)) VG+ 5 Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next You (Atlantic) EX 5 Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next You (Atlantic) EX 5 Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next You (Atlantic) EX 5 Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next You (Atlantic) EX 5 Shock - I Think I Love You (Fantasy) M- 10 Jimmy Smith - Can't Hide Love (Mercury) EX 10 Soul Angels - The Ladies Choice (Josie ) M- 10 Robert & Tom Sanders - Doing Bad (Portra ) EX 20 Jimmy Smith - Can't Hide Love (Mercury) EX- 10 Ann Sexton - I Still Love You (Seventy-Seven) VG 10 Ann Sexton - I Still Love You (Seventy-Seven (wol)) EX 10 The Softones - That's What Love Can Do (H&L) M- 10 Leone Thomas - Thank You Baby - Part I (Don) M- 5 TTF - Got To Keep Movin' On (Gold Coast ) M- 5 Kim Tamango - Not By Bread Alone (Firebird) VG- 12.5 T.U.M.E - Love Shortage (MGM (DJ)) EX 10 Valentinos - I Can Understand It - Part I (Clean ) EX- 10 The Vibrations - Pick Me (Oken (wol)) VG 5 The Vibrating Vibrations - Surprise Part For Baby (Neptune ) VG- 12.5 (northern side plays with strong hiss for 1/2 track - funk flip better) Shirley Vaughn - Escape (Columbia ) VG- 20 Freddie Watson And The Restorators - The Unlucky Seven (Eloys) M- 10 Wreckin' Crew - All My Love (Sounds Of Florida) M- 10 Moon Williams - Everytime I Take The Time (DJM) EX 2 Betty Wright - Slip And Do It (Alston (wol)) EX 5 Daktaris - In The Middle (Desco) M- 12.5 The Esquires - Listen To Me (Bunky) EX 5 The Esquires - Listen To Me (Bunky) EX 5 William DeVaughan - Hold-on-to-love (TEC) M- 4 William DeVaughan - Hold-on-to-love (TEC) M- 4 William DeVaughan - Hold-on-to-love (TEC) M- 4 Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind (Dakar (label wear)) EX 1.5 Four Tops - Standing In The Shadows Of Love (Motown ) EX 2 Al Green - Get Yourself Together (Hot Line Music Journal) VG 1.5 The Fiestas - Sometimes Storm (Respect) M- 10 The Rance Allen Group - Gonna Make It Alright (The Gospel Truth ) M- 2.5 Little Milton - Bet You I Win (Stax) EX 1.5 Seventh Wonder - I Enjoy Ya (Chocolate City (Promo)) EX 10 Seventh Wonder - I Enjoy Ya (Chocolate City (Promo)) EX 10 Four Tops - Ask The Lonely (Motown ) VG 5 Four Tops - Without The One You Love (Life's Not Worth While) (Tamla ) VG+ 2.5 Four Tops - Without The One You Love (Life's Not Worth While) (Motown (d/h)) M- 5 The Esquires - How Could It Be (Bunky) VG 30 A.W.B - Nothing You Can Do (Atlantic) EX 5 A.W.B - Nothing You Can Do (Atlantic (promo)) M- 5 The 21st - I Just Can't Forget Your Name (Joy) VG- 1.5 Bobby Bland - I Ain't Myself Anymore (Duke) VG- 2.5 Maxine Brown - You Upset My Soul (Wand ) VG- 1.5 B.T Express - Does It Feel Good (Columbia (demo)) M- 1.5 Bob And Earl - Harlem Shuffle (Marc ) VG- 1.5 The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park (Fantasy ) M- 10 Ben E King - I Can't Take It Like A Man (Maxwell) EX 1.5 Ronnie McNeir - Give Me A Sign (Prodigal ) VG 1.5 Betty Lloyd - Snowflakes Pt 1 (Thomas) VG 2.5 Gwen Owens - Everybody Needs Love (Casablanca ) VG+ 5 Tyrone Davis - How Could I Forget You (Dakar) VG+ 1.5 Johnny Gilliam and Everything Nice - Tell Your Friend (It's Over) (Cancer) M- 5 Jr. Walker And The All Stars - Gimme That Beat (Part 1) (Soul) M- 2.5 Gene Chandler - I'll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile (Chi Sound) M- 2 Ann Sexton - You're Losing Me (Sound Plus) M- 4 J.A.L.N Band - Still Love You Girl (Magnet (UK)) M- 2.5 J.A.L.N Band - Still Love You Girl (Magnet (UK)) M- 2.5 Butch Leak - You're Like Magic (Superbad (UK)) EX 10 Butch Leak - You're Like Magic (Superbad (UK) (wol)) EX 10 Ramsey Lewis - Tequila Mockingbird (Columbia ) VG 1.5 Little Beaver - I Love The Way You Love (CAT (Lable damage)) VG+ 2.5 Ingram Family - The Funk Lies In Our Music (Excello) VG++ 1.5 Hokis Pokis - Swing (RCA) M- 5 Deep Velvet - Hanna Mae (Aware ) M- 1.5 Persians - Your Love (Capitol ) EX 1.5 Muscle Shoals Horns - Dance To The Music (Ariola America) M- 1.5 Betty Lavette - Your Turn To Cry (Atco (promo)) M- 2.5 West Coast Revival - It's Gonna Be Hard (UA (promo)) M- 1.5 Touch Of Class - Don't Want No Other Lover (Midland Int) M- 1.5 Bobby Williams - You Need Love Like I Do (R&R (promo)) M- 1.5 LA Boppers - La La Means I Love You (Mercury (promo)) M- 5 LA Boppers - La La Means I Love You (Mercury ) M- 5 Beverly Crosby - You Can Be My Lover (Bareback (wol)) M- 5 George McCrae - Take It All Off (Soul City ) EX 10 Sun - You Don't Have To Hurry (Capitol ) M- 4 The Meters - People Say (Reprise) EX 4 George McCrae - Take It All Off (UA (Germany)) EX 4 Notations - It's Alright (This Feeling) (Gemigo (DJ)) VG+ 5 Ozone - Mighty-Mighty (Motown) M- 4 O'Jays - One Night Affair (Neptune ) EX- 2.5 O'Jays - Time To Get Down (PIR) EX 2.5 O'Jays - People Keep Tellin' Me (PIR (wol)) EX 2.5 O'Jays - Don't Walk Away Mad (PIR (demo stamped)) M- 2.5 O'Jays - Message In Our Music (PIR) EX 2.5 Teddy Pendergrass - Only You (PIR) VG+ 5 The Performers - Love Is The Answer (ABC (promo)) M- 20 Candy Phillips - Timber - Part 1 (Atlantic ) M- 10 Oliver Sain - Bus Stop (Abet ) EX 2 Oliver Sain - Bus Stop (Abet ) EX 2.5 Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away (Saturn ) M- 2.5 Sandra Richardson - Love To Be Your Woman (Dellwood (label wear)) VG 12.5 Diana Ross And The Supremes - He's My Sunny Boy (Motown) VG- 2.5 The Radiants - Voice Your Choice (Chess (d/h)) VG- 1.5 Ripple - Git Owf (GRC) VG- 1.5 Ripple - Git Owf (GRC) VG 2.5 Paulette Reaves - It's In Me (PIP) M- 20 Reality - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Buddah (demo)) M- 4 David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love (Motown) M- 4 Martha Reeves And The Vandellas - Show Me The Way (Gordy) M- 10 Sons Of Robin Stone - Got To Get You Back (Atco) EX 10 Lonnie Liston Smith - Get Down Everybody (It's Time For World Peace) (Flying Dutchman ) M- 2.5 Al Wilson - The Snake (Soul City ) VG++ 5 Al Wilson - The Snake (Soul City ) VG 2.5 Jerry Washington - Let Me Get Close To Close (Excello) M- 4 Jerry Washington - I Come A Long Ways (Excello) VG+ 4 Average White Band - I Just Can't Give You UP (Atlantic) M- 5 Larry Williams And Johnny Watson - Can't Find No Substitute For Love (Bell) M- 10 Jackie Wilson - You Brought About A Change In Me (Brunswick) VG++ 10 Jackie Wilson - (I Can Feel Those Vibrations) This Love Is Real (Brunswick) EX 10 Jackie Wilson - I've Lost You (Brunswick) EX 10 Jackie Wilson - What'cha Gonna Do About Love (Brunswick) EX 10 Jackie Wilson - I'm The One To Do It (Brunswick) M- 10 Jackie Wilson - No Pity (Brunswick) M- 10 Ultimate Ovation - Black (Ultimate 1999) VG+ 30 Spyder Turner - You're Good Enough For Me (MGM) VG+ 5 Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go (Warner Bros) EX 5 Timmy Thomas - You're The Song (I've Always Wanted To Sing) (Glades) Vg 1.5 Timmy Thomas - Funky Me (Glades) EX 1.5 Tavares - Too Late (Capitol (wol)) EX 5 Tavares - Too Late (Capitol ) EX 5 June Taylor - Jealous Heart (Music Now) M- 10 Ann Sexton - You're Losing Me (Seventy-Seven) EX 10 Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes - The Love I Lost (Part 1) (PIR) VG++ 2.5 The Sorokas Band - Where Would I Be (Sorokas Enterprises) M- 10 The Manhattans - Searchin' For My Baby (Carnival) VG+ 1.5 Visions Of A New 'Our - Everything I Am (Capitol) EX 1.5 Tomorrow's Promise - I'm Gonna Give It To You (Capitol) EX 1.5 George McCrae - Take It All Off (Soul City ) VG 4 Bo Dud And Johnny Twist - The Get It (Dud-Sound) M- 20 Untouchable Machine Shop - Machine Shop Part One (Wavelength) EX 20 S.O.U.L - This Time Around (Musicor) VG++ 10 James Brown - It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2) (King) VG+ 4 James Brown - It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2) (King) VG+ 4 James Brown - It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2) (King) VG+ 4 James Brown - It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2) (King) VG+ 4 James Brown - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) (Part 1) (King) EX- 4 James Brown - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) (Part 1) (King) EX- 4 James Brown - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) (Part 1) (King) EX- 4 James Brown - Get On The Good Foot Part 1 (Polydor) EX 4 James Brown - Get On The Good Foot Part 1 (Polydor) EX 4 James Brown - Mother Popcorn Part 1 (King) EX 4 Fred & The New JBs - Breakin Bread (People) EX 4 James Brown And Famous Flames - Money Won't Change You Part 1 (King) EX 4 James Brown And Famous Flames - Cold Sweat Part 1 (King) EX 4 James Brown And Famous Flames - I Got The Feelin' (King) EX 4 James Brown - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Polydor) EX 12.5 James Brown - Talking Loud And Saying Nothing Pt I (Polydor) EX 4 James Brown - She's The One (Urban (UK)) M- 4 Bobby Byrd - Never Get Enough (Brownstone) EX 5 Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (King) EX 10 The JB's - Hot Pants Road (People) EX+ 12.5 Hank Ballard - Butter Your Popcorn (King) M- 10 The New Master Sounds - Taurus (Blow It Hard ) M 1.5 Cermakk & Doug Shorts - Feels So Right (Cherries) M- 2.5 Lee Fields - Give Me A Chance (Daptone ) M 1.5 Sharon Jones - Make It Good To Me (Daptone ) M 1.5 The Soul Providers - Earl's Backyard Barbecue (Desco) EX+ 10 Capri - Car Chase On Phoenix Avenue (GLP) M- 5 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Calypso Strutt (Jive) M- 12.5 Brass Construction - Got To Be Love (Kay-Dee) M- 2.5 Speedometer - Wait Up (Kennel Klub) M- 2.5 Speedometer - You Know You Can (Kennel Klub) M- 1.5 Sting Davies The Organites - Move Your Hand (Kennel Klub) M- 1.5 Lefties Soul Connection - Bouncing Ball (MPM) M 2.5 The Neapolitans - The Yug (Neapolitan ) M 2.5 Connie Price & The Keystones - The Bagder (Now-Again) M- 1.5 Slim Allan 3 - The Big Set-Up (Pop Angel (Finland)) M- 1.5 Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & The True Lovers - The Satisfier (Q-Dee) M- 5 Third Coast Kings - Give Me Your Love (Record Kicks ) M- 2.5 Dennis Coffey feat Mayer Hawthorne - All Your Goodies Are Gone (Strut) M- 1.5 Glen Anthony - I Don't Know (Unique ) M 1.5 Myron And E with The Soul Investigators - Cold Game (Timmion) M 1.5 The Soul Investigators - Make It Mellow Part 1 (Soul Sides) M- 5 Lisa Stansfield - Carry On (Monkeynatra) EX+ 5 Cookin' On 3 Burners - Gravel Rash (Bamboo Shack) M 2.5 Oliver Sain - Lady Feelgood (Vanessa) EX 5 New/Recent Releases - min order of 10 units within the total 30 (multiples available on most of these) Ann Leonardo/Bill Johnson Quintet - Traveling Stranger (Fryers) New 2.5 Brian Ellis - Peg (aBc) New 2.5 Bugs Group - Ace In The Hole Part II (Onion) New 6 Chelsea Wilson - I'm Through With loving You (Valeriejoan) New 2.5 Derobe Dance band - Gogoplata (Secret Stash) New 2.5 DeRobert & The Half Truths - I Got Burned (G.E.D Soul) New 2.5 Doug Shorts - Don't Sleep On My Love (Cherries) New 2.5 Elbowed-Out - Things Are Changing (Soul Junction) New 2.5 Flyte Tyme - It's The Things That You Do (WB ) New 4 Frank Ferrer - Hallelujah (AOTN) New 2.5 Imperial Wonders - Mean 'Ol Mean Mistreater Part 1 (Family Groove) New 2.5 James Reese And The Progressions - Fool For Love No More (Najma) New 2.5 James Reese And The Progressions - Joker (Where Did You Come From) (Najma) New 2.5 King Bee - Money Gone (Beeswax) New 2.5 Lew Kirton - Something Special (AOTN) New 2.5 Little John/Trent Sisters - Just Wait And See (Gogate) New 2.5 Monica - Chauffer (Fryers) New 2.5 Moonfires - Such A Bad Girl (Aldente) New 2.5 Morris - Can We Melt The Ice (Traveller Rec) New 2.5 Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue (AOTN) New 5 Prince Phillip Mitchell - Just The Beginning (Soul4Real) New 5 Richard Brooks - I'll Do Anything To Make You Happy (Soul Junction) New 2.5 Samuel D Sanders - Make You Mine (Nigel Lowis Radio Edit) (Sundae Soul) New 4 The Real Thing - Give It Up Or Turnit Loose (Gardner) New 2 The Valdons - Stop, Wait A Minute Girl (Secret Stash (Gold)) New 2 Upheaval - Come On With The Come On (Symphonical) New 5 Wanda Davis - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Secret Stash) New 2 Aura - Are You Fooling Aroiund (Secret Stash) New 3 Aura - Perfect Date (Secret Stash) New 3 Aura - I'll Let You Go (Secret Stash) New 3
  13. Joe Jama - My Life/Sleep Late My Lady Friend (Optimum) Super clean vinyl, original copy, surface is pretty much near mint on both sides unlike the majority of copies that seem to appear (i.e...trashed) With that said this one hasn't escaped unscathed. Whatever happened during its life, this one has evidence of having something pressing onto the run in groove whilst in storage. The result is that there is an almost imperceptible 'bump' for the first few rotations as seen in the video of the actual copy here. It does cause a slight audio wobble for the first couple of turns but with a correctly weighted needle/tone arm set up there are no skips or jumps. Check the video and see the pics to get a better handle on it. Selling on behalf of someone who wants this to go for offers starting at £2k - PM offers to me. sold
  14. Jason S


    Prices in UK - postage is £4.50 signed for Uk up to three albums The Blue Notes - The Truth Has Come To Light (Glades) (EX/EX) 15Johnny Bristol - Bristol's Crème (Atlantic ) (EX/EX) 10James Brown - Hot (Polydor) (VG+/EX) 15James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing (Polydor) (EX/VG+) 20Twennynine Featuring Lenny White - Best Of Friends (Elektra) (M-/EX) 12The Supremes - Mary, Scherrie And Susaye (Motown ) (EX/EX) 12The Four Tops - Catfish (ABC) (EX/EX) 10Four Tops - Four Tops (Motown ) (VG+/EX) 30The Four Tops - Catfish (ABC (corner cutout)) (M-/EX) 10Hi-Gloss - Hi-Gloss (Prelude) (M-/M-) 12Freddie Hubbard - Splash (Fantasy (UK)) (VG++/M-) 7Roy Ayers - Lifeline (Polydor) (EX/EX) 15Pieces Of A Dream - Pieces Of A Dream (Elektra) (M-/M-) 7Webster Lewis - 8 For The 80s (Epic) (VG/M-) 8Ingram Family - That's All! (H&L) (EX/M-) 10Phyllis Hyman - You Know How To Love Me (Arista ) (M-/M-) 15Randy Brown - Midnight Desire (Chocolate City ) (VG+/EX) 10Cameo - Ugly Ego (Chocolate City ) (VG++/EX) 8Isley Brothers - Soul On The Rocks (Tamla (cut out)) (M-/EX) 30Tom Scott And The LA Express - Tom Scott And The LA Express (Ode) (EX/EX) 5Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions Of Japan (CBS (UK)) (VG++/EX) 20Gypsy Lane - Predictions (Drive ) (EX/EX) 10Demo Cates - Memories Of Moments (Scorpio (Can)) (EX/EX) 15Four Tops - Second Album (Motown ) (VG+/VG) 15Rose Royce - In Full Bloom (Whitfield) (EX/EX) 8Teddy Pendergrass - Joy (Elektra) (M-/M-) 8David Ruffin - Everything's Coming Up Love (Motown (cut out)) (M-/VG+) 8Teddy Pendergrass - TP (Philadelphia International) (EX/M-) 8Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - Reaching For The World (ABC (cut out)) (M-/M-) 10Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody (Philadelphia International) (M-/M-) 10Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - To Be True (Philadelphia International) (M-/M-) 12Debra Laws - Very Special (Elektra ) (M-/M-) 7Freddie Hubbard - High Energy (Columbia ) (Ex/VG++) 8Cameo - Knights Of The Sound Table (Casablanca (Germany)) (EX/EX) 7James Brown - I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me (King) (EX/EX) 25Breakwater - Splashdown (Arista (Cut Out promo)) (EX/EX) 20Ray Goodman And Brown - Open Up (Polydor ) (M-/M-) 8Tony Rallo - Burnin' Alive (Casablanca ) (M-/M-) 8Brass Construction - Brass Construction (UA ) (M-/Ex) 10Brainstorm - Stormin' (Taboo) (EX/Ex) 10Miles Davis - Di Pino Candini (Fabri Editori (Italy)) (EX/EX) 5People's Choice - People's Choice (Casablanca ) (M-/M-) 7Major Harris - Jealousy (Atlantic ) (M-/EX++) 10Mel & Tim - Starting All Over Again (Stax (UK) DBL LP) (M-/M-) 7The Controllers - In Control (Juana) (M-/M-) 10Delegation - Delegation (Ariola (Germany)) (M-/M-) 7Puzzle - The Second Album (Motown (promo)) (M-/M-) 7One Way feat Al Hudson - One Way feat Al Hudson (MCA (Uk)) (M-/M-) 12Blackbyrds - Flying Start (Fantasy) (VG+/EX) 15Blackbyrds - City Life (Fantasy) (EX/EX) 15Roy Ayers - You Send Me (Polydor (UK)) (EX/EX) 8Pockets - Come Go With Us (Columbia ) (EX/EX) 12Blacksmoke - Blacksmoke (Chocolate City (Germany)) (M-/M-) 10Michael Henderson - Do It All (Buddha (cut out)) (VG+/Ex) 7The Rimshots - Down To Earth (Stang (promo)) (EX/EX) 15
  15. Soulstacks 45s list - August 2017 Welcome to this big, late August list. A lot of 45s here with a lot of waffle added in too so set your eyes to skim and dive in. Email any wants to soulstacks@gmail.com or wade through/search the site www.soulstacks.com and get them direct. This will be one of the last lists I'll put out so hopefully something for most of you. You can see this list here > http://mailchi.mp/5be3e0b8c5b7/big-45s-list-30th-august-2017?e=22fe5349bb Sun - Give Your Love To Me / Live On Dream On (Capitol) (M-) £7 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/50097801.mp3 ***Underplayed cheaper modern winner*** Joneses - In Love Again / In Love Again (Mercury) (M-) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/50097901.mp3 **Demo copy of this classic Modern number** Ed Simpson - Pinch Hitter Part 1 / Pinch Hitter Part 2 (Gold Future) (VG) £75 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/50099701.mp3 **Once a pretty big money sound that was nestled in '70s northern' sets, this deserves a revist** Oliver Sain - Lady Feelgood / Cruisin On Sunset (Vanessa) (EX) £10 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500100801.mp3 **Oliver Sain gone mellow - check it** Mighty Sam - Never Too Busy / Mr & Mrs Untrue (Malaco) (EX) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500101101.mp3 **Great 70s effort on the 'Never Too Busy' cut and the flip is a great infidelity number** J.D Hall - Freak On Down / I Wanna Get Into You (J.D.H) (EX) £200 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500101202.mp3 **Proper original. The market on this record got confused and skewed by the later pressing that appeared from JD, claiming they were first issues. First issues are pretty tough and in the hands of the unsuspecting, tough to identify. If your label is a slightly glossy, orange/red, if the text if fuzzy edged when you look close and if the centre dink is deeper than you'd expect, then it's not the same as this copy here. Which I bought well before the 'other pressing' ever came to market. Haze - I Do Love My Lady / Waitin For The Moment (ASI) (M-) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500102301.mp3 **Two killer MKE sides** Willie Rodgers - Wake Up/Tennessee Waltz (Bromack ) (VG-) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/200245701.mp3 **First label for this slightly latin-ised percussive, horn heavy funk dancer** OFSB - We Can't Wait / Get On Down The Funks In Town (Rufus) (EX+) £45 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500103801.mp3 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500103802.mp3 **Rare OH funker on both sides. Ignored as well cos the right person hasn't yet said it's good, or soomething like that** Symbol 8 - Call Me / I Thought You wanted To Dance (Shock) (VG+) £75 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500106301.mp3 **Ghosty flute, chanty chorus, minor key drops and scissor horns. Nowt much else you need in a record** Delight - Is It Too Late / (Pathe) (EX) £25 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500106501.mp3 **French press funky disco modern dancey stuff** Zalmac - What's In It For Me Part 1 / What's In It For Me Part 2 (TSOB) (EX) £12 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500106601.mp3 **Good to have on a compact, easy to carry 45 for those weak of bicep** A.M Muhammad - What Freedom Means / Tenderly (Real World Enterprises) (EX) £200 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500106901.mp3 **Banging funky edged socio-concious 70s effort that appears to be pretty much passed over** Family Players Band - Funky Showdown / Disco New Orleans (Players) (EX-) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500107301.mp3 **Decent funky dancer aimed at NO discos of the 70s** Linda Tillery - Markin' Time / Womanly Way (Olivia) (M-) £150 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500108001.mp3 **From the album, the 45 is almost invisible or so it seems - killer heavy boogie-grooved dancer** Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover / My Love Is Forever (Warners) (VG+) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500108801.mp3 **One of the Purple One's finest - sparkling modern dancer that you can drop when she asks 'Can you play some Prince?'** City Council Ltd - When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back / You Got It All Ain't No More (Graytom) (EX++) £125 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500109301.mp3 **Walt Grady's industrious mind at work reimagining The Blenders for the mid 70s** The Impressions - It's All Over / We're A Winner (ABC) (M-) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500109902.mp3 **Killer crossover on the 'We're A Winner' side with that 'Amen' break. S.O.U.L - This Time Around / On Top Of The World (Musicor) (EX) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500110701.mp3 **Great 70s northern...so right for now, then and always. 'cue wobbly music and misty mirrors'** Donald Jenkins and the Daylighters - I've Settled Down / Hide And Go Seek (Cortland) (EX) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500111201.mp3 **Earlier sound but so damn good. Engaging tale of how Don's gonna reign himself in backed with an instant hitter of a tune** Lynn August - Black Olives / Sucess (Banner) (M-) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500111301.mp3 *Good R&B instro action** Rico Collins and Chosen Few - Since You Been Gone / What's Gonna Happen To Me (Chosen few) (VG) £200 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500112001.mp3 **Dog rare on the original pressing, which is this** Old Mpressions - Right On/Let Me Know (Brooks Brothers) (M-) £40 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500112201.mp3 **Dark end funky modern effort...seen a few copies recently that have slowy been creeping up in price** Stony Island Band - Stony Island Band / Stony Island Band (Glades) (M-) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500112801.mp3 **Florida funker** B.W Souls - Marvin's Groove / Generated Love (Round) (M-) £15 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500113701.mp3 **Classic funker** Real Thing - Stanhope Street / Whenever You Want My Love (Pye) (VG++) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500113801.mp3 **Best Real Thing record you never heard. Nice jukebox pressing too. UK Only issue** Tony LaMar with the Experience Unlimited Band - Funky Wah Wah / Ready For Your Love (Five Four) (EX++) £90 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500114801.mp3 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500114102.mp3 **One side a low slung funker, the other a decent, semi-heard bit of Norvern** Mad Hatters - Mad Hatters Get Down/Free At Last (Peg Leg Bates) (VG+) £75 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/200233701.mp3 **Monster, ever-rolling funker** Guitar Ray - Funky Pete Part 1/ Funky Pete Part 2 (Hot Line) (M-) £200 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500115301.mp3 **Loud bastard funk killer. 100%% proper real original** Earth Wind & Fire - C'Mon Children / I Think About Lovin You (Warners) (EX) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.unk/sounds/sounds1/500115701.mp3 **B-Boy fave....breaks ad everything** Lou Garno Trio - Chicken In The Basket / Muy Sabroso (Giovanni) (M-) £50 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500115901.mp3 **Best advert for a nightclub/diner/dinner ever** Silky Vincent Group - Changed Man / Get Down For Your Action (Hook Up) (M-) £150 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500116001.mp3 **One of this dude's best - bouncy and dance floor ripe** Roger And The Human Body - Freedom / Freedom Revised (Troutman Bros Records) (VG) £60 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500116701.mp3 **Wiry, angular boogie funker. Plays well* Statler Records Corp - Outa Space /Sophisticated Swing (Avant ) (VG-) £30 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/200246201.mp3 **Curious 45 that was thought to be only on and LP** Herbie Thompson - Let Your Love (Grow Stronger)/Let Your Love (Grow Stronger) (Big Hit) (EX) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500118201.mp3 **The better cut here is actually 'Jungle Time' on this mis-titled 45. Killer funker!** James Brown - The Drunk/A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads (Bethlehem) (EX) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500118301.mp3 **The Drunk is one of my personal fave JB efforts. Stunning stuff** Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times/So In Love (Curtom) (EX) £7 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500118401.mp3 **Mid tempo Curtis class** Sam Hankins And The Ho-Dads - Shotgun/Song For My Father (Ho-Dad) (VG) £25 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500119201.mp3 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500119202.mp3 **Two great covers by this R&B/Jazz combo...good efforts** Steptones - Let The People Talk /Don't You want To Fall In Love (IX Chains) (M-) £20 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500119801.mp3 **Killer northern/crossover amalgam...brilliant** John Blair - Momma Said Shut Up/Everybody What's The Word (SAKB) (M-) £90 http://www.witchsbrew.co.uk/sounds/sounds1/500200601.mp3 **Seldom seen on 45...another for those allergic to anything over 7 inches...ooer** ***end of list***

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