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  1. Agree with that. Most certainly is. The Toronto thing was absurd. Messrs Cunliffe and McCabe on here will be delighted. And deflated when it all ends in tears again.
  2. 1. Mel Britt. Obviously. 2. Hamilton Movement. Sublime.
  3. Very enjoyable day at The Florrie yesterday. The two old farts who run this are top guys.Cant remember their names but there you go .......The midlands dj,s were very good and the young wiganer in the glasses wasn't bad either. Best day out for quite some time. Thank you for your efforts. Appreciated.
  4. Rarin’ to go Barry. Big turnout from the darker side of St Helens expected. See thee Sunday.
  5. Thanks Mr Massey. Very rare i get to hear it these days. Look forward to it.
  6. Best day out we had last year. Cant wait for this one. If Mr Massey could bring his Del Tours with him and Mr Cunliffe his Cassinelli dance moves that will be me sorted.
  7. Geoffp


    Enjoyable night on a great dancefloor. The final dj Mr Jack Daniels was an inspiration to us all. A truly uplifting set.
  8. Geoffp


    Really good night at the RMI last night. Great music all night.Thought Pete Everetts spot was exceptional. Well done to Danny and Liz - hard work always pays off.
    A quality night. Something for everyone. Pete and Liz are doing a brilliant job here and its good to see people turning up and appreciating it. Look forward to the next one !
  9. Geoffp


    If there's a better allnighter than that this year i'll be first in the queue. Quality from start to finish. Great nighter venue, a proper, informed nighter crowd and set after set of brilliantly delivered, varied and top quality old and new northern soul from a stellar dj line up. Run by two of the best people you could wish to meet. An uplifting night.
    Quality all the way at the RMI yesterday. Really impressive dj line up from start to finish. Very enjoyable day. Thought Dick Krop was particularly good - thoroughly enjoyed that spot. Superbly organised and run. Nice one Danny.
    Talk about evocative. A massive venue,packed out,brilliant sounds from start to finish. A queue to get in. And it was in Wigan too. Most enjoyable nighter i think i've attended in years. Uplifting to see so many younger people, as always. Well done bollocks (and Charlotte ).
  10. Great pics
    Well done to Tony and Lisa. A quality day from start to finish. Great spots from Ste Glyn and Mick. Thanks to Carl and Maria for Vondells and Ted for Del Tours. Best night I've had in a long time. Follow that Tony !!
  11. Geoffp


    8.0 - 1. Oldies and some crossover stuff. Strictly vinyl - although prob not 100% ovo. Bar usually till 12. About a fiver to get in - been going here for 10 years and still can't remember.

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