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    The Entertainers - love in my heart

    In Sheffield the weekend of this event and would love to attend. Do I need to pre book even though it's a freebie?
  2. Song Title Puzzler

    LETTER OF SONGS Nothing too taxing to start with! Buried somewhere within the text of the following letter are the titles of 100 soul, Motown and Northern tracks - some are easy, others not so. In addition to that you will find that o...
  3. Can't remember the title but there's an Earl Van Dyke track on one of the sound of Detroit cd's that I quiet like. Something like 'after dark' I think
  4. Motown EP'S

    Love to collect these US eps. I've got Marvelettes (first album), Marvin Gaye (greatest hits) and Martha & Vandellas (greatest hits) and a various artists with 'When I'm gone' on. definitely seen Temps as well
  5. FA cup

    Plymouth away? Not a local derby for Carlisle in round one then. Anyone got a worse draw?
  6. regional food dishes

    Biggest seller locally is cheese, chips and gravy!
  7. One - one away to Mansfield . Would have took that at three o'clock. Where did they find that ref? When was laying an opposition player not a sending off!

    U.S. Album track only
  9. Vancouver And Vancouver Island 2015

    Not sure if you noticed it but The Independant had an article on Vancouver Island in the travel section this weekend.
  10. Vancouver And Vancouver Island 2015

    Went many years ago. found one or two bits in Vancouver but nothing on the Island. Beautiful place though sure you'll enjoy it. Food superb, scenery class. Afternoon tea at the big hotel in Victoria (Empress i think) worth a punt if they are stll doing it.
  11. League Two.that Was Close

    Now dust has settled and my team, Carlisle United, have preserved league status (just) for another season i have started to feel a little bit guilty. Glad its not us, of course, but i always find it sad when a team like Tranmere Rovers, with their long histor...
  12. Speed Awareness Course?

    Arrrrgh! Just been invited on another one of these! 38mph in Merseyside, 8.15am Sunday morning Can't remember if its been three years since the last one! Might have to take 3 points and £100 fine
  13. Chip Tyler Because I Love You

    Think it was booted. Vague recollection of my brother buying one from Wigan record bar. Green label if I remember correctly
  14. Sheffield

    Looking for a favour. Could anyone send me a copy of the local paper. Will meet all costs of course. Many thanks
  15. Soul Band Wanted For Pub Birthday Gig

    Also Soul City Walkers (Carlisle) 8 piece band - Had them at our Xmas doo last year. Very good

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