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  1. Hi, Looking for the following Okeh originals to complete my collection. VG or better: 4-7151 Jean Dushon - plaything / second class lover 4-7153 Dr Feelgood & the Interns - bald headed lena / whats up doc 4-7157 Jerry McCain - run back home / Jetstream (was this issued?) 4-7185 Dr Feelgood & the Interns - the drs boogie / blang dong (Now sorted thank you) 4-7238 The Vibrations - gina / story of a starry night (was this issued?) 4-7271 Little Richard - I don't want to discuss it / hurry sundown (Now sorted thank you) 4-7291 The Triumphs - i'm coming to your rescue / the world owes me a lovin' Also need two picture cover releases. Condition of record not important as I already have them. 4-7160 Roy Lee Johnson - black pepper will make you sneeze 4-7285 Walter Jackson - deep in the hearty of harlem (seen this mentioned but never seen a scan or anything) Also: does anyone have a complete list of the re-issue 'small 45' releases? Many thanks for all your help, Gary
  2. okehgaz

    Missing Okeh Numbers, Picture Covers & Info!

    Hi Richard, Thanks for getting in touch. Not got many doubles so don't usually do swaps. Are you after anything in particular? Cheers, Gary
  3. Still looking for original Okeh of The Triumphs I'm coming to your rescue. Vg condition or above. Many thanks.
  4. okehgaz

    The Triumphs on Okeh

    Looking for a copy of The Triumphs - coming to your rescue Okeh orig. Issue or demo. Doesn't have to be mint so long as condition reflected in price. Can anyone help?
  5. Looking for an original Okeh release of this. Issue or demo, condition not too important so long as reasonable.
  6. okehgaz

    Johnny Robinson - gone but not forgotten

    Thanks mate but sorted now.
  7. okehgaz


    In Sheffield the weekend of this event and would love to attend. Do I need to pre book even though it's a freebie?
  8. okehgaz

    Mansfield/ Notts

    Anyone got a contact address or e-mail for Steve Wilson from Mansfield. Used to live on the Ladybrook Estate, just off Pye Avenue, but that was ages ago. Used to go to QEGS. Thanks
  9. okehgaz

    Song Title Puzzler

    LETTER OF SONGS Nothing too taxing to start with! Buried somewhere within the text of the following letter are the titles of 100 soul, Motown and Northern tracks - some are easy, others not so. In addition to that you will find that one artist or group appears more than any other. Once you've identified the artist or group try to find the six hidden references to he, she or them and see if you can work out the hidden track. Good Hunting! Miss Franklin, C/o Mr Creator, 7121, Richard Street, Hawaii 5O 123 Tel: 634-5789 3, September. Dear Jeanette, Hey,baby!. Love the letter. What’s going on? It’s sunny up here today, although sometimes i wish it would rain just so that it would cool off for a while. However, it’s just like the weather in this area to be warm. It can however, change in a moment on occasions but i can’t change that can i, it’s been like that for ever. Again i would like to invite you to come on over to my place and stay for a while. I will be looking for you to make the first move before it’s summer again and we’ve lost another year. Regarding the project, my guy has been in contact with Bernadette to see how long it is before you’re gone back to your own section. Things couldn’t have gone better. Use your head and, given time, i feel good about the way things have gone and hope that you will get ready to hand it over to us in due course. Call on me anytime you want, just don’t pretend that everything’s wrong when in fact everything’s gonna be alright! In general I’m happy with the way you do the things you do but it’s alright if you feel the need to change. Your ways are bound to shake up some people, get ready for this. Is it a problem for you? Don’t depend on me all the time but i’ll be around if it’s growing too much for you. Property wise, as you are aware, in these changing times you’ve got to pay the price and it just keeps getting higher and higher. We may have to reconsider the money aspect. Think about the house for sale as it may be too late for my girl to investigate the house fully. Personally I walked away from the deal in 1972 and I don’t want to discuss it with them anymore. Still, things may alter and, if i become a changed man, i may revisit their proposal or do you think i am being too sensitive? Mind you, I thank you for your support in this matter and i assure you that i always treat your views with the respect they deserve. I’m so glad that you could show me your ideas. It may take another day for me to finalise my response but i got a feeling that if, as expected, i’m gonna change departments soon then you’re ready now to join me. Be assured that if i hear any whispers about a job opening i’ll take you there with me as soon as possible. Relating to more immediate matters, its show time of year again! I have spoken to Delilah about our options for Saturday and Sunday. First impressions are not good so therefore i need you to work both days. I fear we may have trouble over the weekend so can you ensure everyone is on condition red please. Could you co-ordinate with Louie? Louie has done this kind event before. It’s too late to bring anyone else in i’m afraid. Not with out beggin’ Mr ‘big shot’ Damon Harris at head office anyway. Oh, i almost forgot, did you hear about my accident skiing?. In the snow around here you need to be on high alert at all times. I forgot and went over the top and didn’t realise the ice was cracking up, ended up going in all directions! What a disaster! It was headline news up here on the night that it happened. I was really hurt at the time but fortunately nobody but me was involved. It took a lot of determination to get back on the hills again, locally there ain’t no mountain. High enough hills to do some damage though! Well, at last, that’s enough from me. Don’t worry about things this end because i can take care of myself and am not ready to get out just yet! Just one look from this man and everyone knows he is still the champion when it comes to office politics! Remember me to everyone at your end and i promise that the letter to mummy and daddy will be with you soon. Kind regards, Gary
  10. Can't remember the title but there's an Earl Van Dyke track on one of the sound of Detroit cd's that I quiet like. Something like 'after dark' I think
  11. okehgaz

    Motown EP'S

    Love to collect these US eps. I've got Marvelettes (first album), Marvin Gaye (greatest hits) and Martha & Vandellas (greatest hits) and a various artists with 'When I'm gone' on. definitely seen Temps as well
  12. okehgaz

    FA cup

    Plymouth away? Not a local derby for Carlisle in round one then. Anyone got a worse draw?
  13. 'The History of Okeh Records: 1918 to 1970' is the end result of a project which has taken me over twenty years to complete. It began life as a series of articles which i had planned for a fanzine that i published during the late 80's, 'The Drifter'', but the mag folded before I had the series complete and the rough drafts were put to one side and forgotten about. A number of years later i reactivated them and put together the first draft of the book. At that time it was very much a 'cut and paste, prit-stik and photo copy' effort which was, for a number of reasons,once again put to one side and allowed to spend a few years at the bottom of a draw before i finally decided to finish the project off a couple of years ago, eventually completing it towards the end of 2013. Even then it sat on the laptop for six months before i took the plunge and had the book printed. 'The History of Okeh' covers the history of the label from it's first world war roots, through the issue of Okeh's early 'race' records until its final release and, on the way, touches on everything in between, including jazz, r&b, doo-wop, rock & roll and the blues. I hope that it will be of interest not only to devotees of the label but also to those who have an interest in the development of black music in general during the period that the label existed. I am, first and foremost, a fan and collector of the labels music in all its many forms and, as corny as it sounds, the book is my way of paying the label back, in a very small way, for all the joy it has given me over the years. Professionaly printed, self published book on the legendary Okeh label. A4 size, Colour soft cover, 102 B&W inner pages. £7.99 plus P&P. For further details please e-mail me at gary@evans2634.freeserve.co.uk Many thanks, Gary
  14. okehgaz

    regional food dishes

    Biggest seller locally is cheese, chips and gravy!
  15. One - one away to Mansfield . Would have took that at three o'clock. Where did they find that ref? When was laying an opposition player not a sending off!
  16. okehgaz

    League Two.that Was Close

    Now dust has settled and my team, Carlisle United, have preserved league status (just) for another season i have started to feel a little bit guilty. Glad its not us, of course, but i always find it sad when a team like Tranmere Rovers, with their long history in the league, drops into the conference. We did it a few seasons back now and were fortunate enough to get straight back but i don't imagine its that easy anymore and had we gone down i genuinely feared for the clubs future. All the best Tranmere for next season and hope to see you again soon
  17. okehgaz


    U.S. Album track only
  18. okehgaz

    Vancouver And Vancouver Island 2015

    Not sure if you noticed it but The Independant had an article on Vancouver Island in the travel section this weekend.
  19. okehgaz

    Vancouver And Vancouver Island 2015

    Went many years ago. found one or two bits in Vancouver but nothing on the Island. Beautiful place though sure you'll enjoy it. Food superb, scenery class. Afternoon tea at the big hotel in Victoria (Empress i think) worth a punt if they are stll doing it.
  20. okehgaz

    Speed Awareness Course?

    Arrrrgh! Just been invited on another one of these! 38mph in Merseyside, 8.15am Sunday morning Can't remember if its been three years since the last one! Might have to take 3 points and £100 fine
  21. okehgaz

    Chip Tyler Because I Love You

    Think it was booted. Vague recollection of my brother buying one from Wigan record bar. Green label if I remember correctly
  22. okehgaz

    Mavis Staples

    Just recieved e-mail today to say that Mavis staples is appearing at the Philharmonic, Liverpool in June. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning
  23. okehgaz


    Looking for a favour. Could anyone send me a copy of the local paper. Will meet all costs of course. Many thanks
  24. okehgaz

    Help On Cartridge Please

    Never been much of a fanatic for top of the range record players, etc. Always spent what spare money I had on records rather than players and always left the setting up of the dj decks to more able people. The last ones I owned myself were a Fal Ranger - Turn up - plug it in! Happy days. This means I know naff all about them! As part of my current mid-life crisis I got the good lady to let me move the records into a bigger and better room, all done out nice, etc and have acquired a couple of decks to mess about with but they need new cartridges and I have no idea what I need. Need to be decent but don't need the top jobbies. They are Bush Acoustics BADJ0006MIX. Any suggestions welcome - Cheers.
  25. okehgaz

    Soul Band Wanted For Pub Birthday Gig

    Also Soul City Walkers (Carlisle) 8 piece band - Had them at our Xmas doo last year. Very good


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