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    First heard Motown (& attempted dancing!) late 70's youth.  Always enjoyed soul/ funk/ early RnB and still enjoy the UK/ Euro soul scene today with the odd weekender abroad.  Prefer All-nighters to nights, unless local.  Instead of dancing to repetitively played oldies classics, I prefer obscure progressive stuff played out. ATB Dave      

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    Great, danceable, soul! Bored with the repetitive played classics. Rather hear obscure stuff played out.
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    South West England, united kingdom
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  1. This one's for the Command module pilot Mike Collins - who remained on his tod orbiting the moon, whilst Buzz and Neil Armstrong collected moon rocks, below.
  2. As a closet Bowie fan (who’s ‘waltzed’ many times on dancefloors to the Chandlers!), nope, never saw any similarity -until now. He was close with Ava Cherry during his soul phase. Did he ever come across this 45 to be influenced? - maybe she’d know. (A litmus test would be to imagine Bowie covering this track, which wouldn’t work -it’s too pure! He'd struggle to pull it off! )
  3. "I'll Bet You" - Top Northern. Thank you Theresa. RIP x
  4. He's on a lovely black strat here, looks brand spanking new. What's interesting for me is the great funky sound out he's getting out of it! Completely unique in contrast to say other guitarists of that era who used the same model, sounding nowhere near this. Such a great, original unique sound! It's beautiful!
  5. Its comedy, but check out those harmonies...….
  6. Didn't know he'd passed away. Undoubtedly talented up with best of them from a golden era of jazz / rock / fusion guitarists i.e. Jeff Beck, George Benson, Stevie Vai, John Goodsall (Brand X), Al Di Meola. Unfortunately being excellent at what you do as a musician doesn't guarantee great commercial success, but I'd like to think he passed away having achieved everything he wanted to accomplish, and contented. He'll be remembered as one of the greats by those who respected his material.
  7. Dancers, had one pint too many? When falling on your arse whilst ‘spinning’, use this momentum to gain circular motion on the ground on your hands and knees. Voila! Viola! -an unorthodox but stylish ‘floor routine’.
  8. Awful news. A ‘genuine’ soul in body and spirit you gave to many. Forever remembered in the hearts (and play boxes) of the few. RIP Mr Charles Bradley.
  9. Lacking style to your dapper attire? Get to the bar and grab as many different coloured beer mats as possible. Fix with sellotape to your shirt /trousers/ skirt, and viola! Instant soul badge patches.
  10. dave2


  11. Very nice. -and don't forget the Capsoul in your box, next week :-) ATB Dave
  12. Such loss but a proud legacy left by a humble man. Sansu was your baby. As well as UK Top Ten hits, you dedicated your life to music; gracing ours with well-crafted, catchy R&B. The boogie-woogie got you, but so did we. You gave us ‘smart’ tunes; brilliantly balanced melodies that spiral on the dance floor, lifting the heart! It’s your vocals on Omar! Your penned horns on Irma Thomas What Are You trying To Do? - and those chords in Show It! -all over the shop but absolutely magnificent. (Hang on a Minit... is it you too? - piano chords 1:20 in on Homer Banks’s 60 Minutes?) RIP Mr Toussaint, and thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EihE9a_mEE
  13. Nice thread Steve. My initiation to the scene began in Germany. As a Brit abroad, I will always be indebted to the Munich soul family for looking after me. The Babalu/ Atomic Cafe were my 100 Club, and the Loft was my Kings Hall J. (When there was nothing on, I went to the actual 100 Club and Kings Hall.) German soulies are generally a diverse younger crowd of mixed friendlies (aged 20 to 50). The key elements are tolerance, and an open-minded attitude on the floor to everything played, and everyone else. Some allnighters don’t set tables with chairs out, so standing/ drinking space is floor space as the venue fills. To dance, you just get in there!! Drinks spillage is resolved by shed loads of talc. No-one whinges, or gets too grumpy, and each to his/her own. The success of the night is measured by the smiles on the faces of dancers (up for just about anything!) and OVO is a serious given in respect of the roots and knowledge of the music. I’ve only danced in Berlin, Munich, Nuremburg, Bamberg, Hamburg, Augsburg and Frankfurt like many other Brits I imagine. And enjoyed every single night! Smaller venues are on the rise, with younger promoters working passionately raising the profiles of smaller towns. Bamberg Weekender is popular, as is Hamburg, and Nuremburg. Germany has added bonuses; good food, beer, history, art and culture making weekend breaks a special experience if you want to sightsee (usually ends up pear shaped, as the record sales bars are where the magic happens!). Berlin and Munich are superb to visit, but you need to book flights well in advance for best prices. See you soon Dave. You should know Steffi & I idolised your footwork to reach your standard! I think we turned out alright! J And Frank, you need to hit the floor moves more often J
  14. Congrats on a great a site Mike. -and thanks to mods, and everyone in the past who's contributed. I particularly love the historic content people enter i.e. fanzines, old record lists, photos etc . For people like myself, it's a first port of call for the important things in life... i.e. What's on? / Can I really afford that record?! (of course not!), and passionate articles about the music /artists and top humour from forum regulars (you know who you are!). ATB Dave

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