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    First heard Motown (& attempted dancing!) late 70's youth.  Always enjoyed soul/ funk/ early RnB. Still enjoying the UK/ Euro soul scene today with the odd weekender abroad. Prefer All-nighters to nights, unless local.

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    Great, danceable, soul! Prefer underplayed/ obscure - not repetitive played oldies.
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    South West England.
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    Various. Constantly changing, constantly searching!

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  1. Great article. I will always welcome any alternate view to the usual Top 500 oldies list, because I'm interested in how things have changed. I'll certainly be delving into Excel spreadsheet territory, to get a feel of how many I know/ I've heard played out over the past 10 years, and in comparison to other material already mentioned. Anyone who currently owns 20+, I think they are doing exceptionally well under the circumstances!
  2. Arise... Arise! what's arise? - Control Alt 7?
  3. The guy in the photo has a Global guitar Les Paul copy. Never heard of Global guitars, so I googled it. They were a budget brand based in Illinois importing from Taiwan and Korea, aimed at American household catalogue market (SEARS, KAY, etc). Impossible to say the actual year, but the ‘script’ logo (not a round globe, or block logo on the headstock) points to a later period: late 70’s, early 80’s. I would therefore say the photo was taken after 1978. Possibly early 80’s.
  4. Seeing Jud out and about a few years back, was actually assuring. He captured some good nights, and if you saw him out, you knew you were at a fairly decent venue. I can’t say the same for other snappers, strobing flash in your eyes and generally buggering up any decent vibe on the dance floor. His material has well cemented a bona-fide period of the scene, and nobody - regardless of the flack he’s had – can ever take that away from him.
  5. Firstly, excellent tune! Answers: a) Lonnie Liston - Expansions (RCA) which is 70’s. Sounds double bass to my ears, hard to tell! b) Late 90s I worked in a London music shop, one floor completely filled with bass guitars, about half were vintage. The first ever electric bass guitar was way before Fender and Gibson complemented their 6 string electrics with own bass brands, early 50’s. The Precision (a la James Jamerson) was out slightly before Gibson’s EB1 bass guitar, and here is evidence ‘from upright bass to electric bass’ as you say - via the Gibson EB1 design; it was violin shaped, with painted on fake ‘f’ holes and could be played either sideways, or, upright (as it came with a floor spike attachment). We know great soul bassists used the Precision, or Tele, or Jazz Fenders in the 60’s. Compared to the EB1, these Fenders were preferred for several key reasons. 1. They looked really fcuking cool! 2. They sounded so much better, as per those Motown basslines! (and probably felt better). 3. The EB1 periodically ceased production late 50’s, so weren’t available anyway (only 2nd hand) until late 60’s when they were re-issued, by which time Fender was dominating the market. No idea, who, or ‘if’ soul bassists put the EB1 to good use. It may have sounded like a woolly mammoth farting in a cave, but could be considered thee instrument that bridged the gap from ‘upright bass’ to ‘electric bass guitar’. Can’t mention the EB1’s ‘violin shape’ body without mentioning the Hofner (mid 50’s) electric Bass (later aka the Beatle bass - no f holes, hollow bodied). For interest only; clip below on the Gibson EB1 if you want to see and 'hear its sound (it's a yutube plug, flogging one, but stick with it...) Best, Dave.
  6. This one's for the Command module pilot Mike Collins - who remained on his tod orbiting the moon, whilst Buzz and Neil Armstrong collected moon rocks, below.
  7. As a closet Bowie fan (who’s ‘waltzed’ many times on dancefloors to the Chandlers!), nope, never saw any similarity -until now. He was close with Ava Cherry during his soul phase. Did he ever come across this 45 to be influenced? - maybe she’d know. (A litmus test would be to imagine Bowie covering this track, which wouldn’t work -it’s too pure! He'd struggle to pull it off! )
  8. "I'll Bet You" - Top Northern. Thank you Theresa. RIP x
  9. He's on a lovely black strat here, looks brand spanking new. What's interesting for me is the great funky sound out he's getting out of it! Completely unique in contrast to say other guitarists of that era who used the same model, sounding nowhere near this. Such a great, original unique sound! It's beautiful!
  10. Its comedy, but check out those harmonies...….
  11. Didn't know he'd passed away. Undoubtedly talented up with best of them from a golden era of jazz / rock / fusion guitarists i.e. Jeff Beck, George Benson, Stevie Vai, John Goodsall (Brand X), Al Di Meola. Unfortunately being excellent at what you do as a musician doesn't guarantee great commercial success, but I'd like to think he passed away having achieved everything he wanted to accomplish, and contented. He'll be remembered as one of the greats by those who respected his material.
  12. Dancers, had one pint too many? When falling on your arse whilst ‘spinning’, use this momentum to gain circular motion on the ground on your hands and knees. Voila! Viola! -an unorthodox but stylish ‘floor routine’.
  13. Awful news. A ‘genuine’ soul in body and spirit you gave to many. Forever remembered in the hearts (and play boxes) of the few. RIP Mr Charles Bradley.
  14. Lacking style to your dapper attire? Get to the bar and grab as many different coloured beer mats as possible. Fix with sellotape to your shirt /trousers/ skirt, and viola! Instant soul badge patches.
  15. Dave2


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