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    Various interests.. My Family.. The Black and Whites. The Avengers(Emma Peel Episodes) Being Grumpy... Hammer Horrors... etc etc
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    Sunny Gateshead
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  1. Vin


  2. I think the place where Lenny holds his events is called The Penny Black...
  3. "We used to walk laugh and talk, solve the problems of the World, People would pass they would say, Perfect pair that guy and girl" Gerri Granger
  4. Hi...question for Jim the IP...do you know who this person is and does he know you..? the reason I ask is you say he is local so I am assuming you have seen or heard of this fellow before if you know that much. Also could he be the local bad lad with a reputation..who maybe had half a dozen of his mates nearby ..pissed up and ready for a tear up which would have probably resulted in a mass brawl had Jim reacted ( a nightmare for the punters,promoters and the rep of the event..which would probably have killed the night stone dead) did Jim know this ?..who was Jim with ..just his wife or
  5. Jeanette / What A Price to Pay.-Wade Flemons -Ramsel Original Issue SOLD_SOLD_SOLD- If anyones interested Please pm me.. Two Great Sides Lovely Clean Copy of this In-Demander Vinyl and Labels in Tip Top Condition (see Scans).....£525 O.V.N.O... i`ll pay Postage- Royal Mail Special Delivery -Insured up to £1000...(So they Say ) Payment -Paypal as a Gift please .. I will check my mail tomorrow..
  6. Vin

    Soul Toon 5

    Well I enjoyed that...It`s the Place to be....Bring on the Next One..
  7. If its owt like the last one ....it's gonna be a CRACKER
  8. Thing is you aint said it IS NOT an Original either..
  9. Had a dispute like this ..was all resolved with polite sensible e-mails...it takes time but was all above board in the end...on another note..it also highlights the Pay -Pal as a gift thing...Imo its a potential disaster waiting to happen for all buyers of more expensive records..it should be avoided ..and sellers just need to add that little bit extra to offset the fees from PayPal..
  10. Totally agree.....Probably thats how the old Teddy Boys from the fifties felt when the Likes of Mud .Showaddywaddy and the Shaky appeared hamming it up in the 70s/ 80s
  11. Il'l have ne please Gary . .regards . . Vin
  12. Vin

    T.S.O.P. the sound of prestwich

    Charged...Shame on them does the venue serve alcohol? I read an article that an amendment under the Liscencing act 2003 which came into force 2010..and the mandatory code for alcohol retailers in England and Wales all restaraunts are legally required to provide free tap water..there is no such rule for unliscensed premises...this law applies to pubs clubs and cafes if they are licensed

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