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  1. Al Hudson Spread Love

    Been on awhile and at that price will stay there, not worth that much in my opinion. As I say I’m looking for a U.K. ABC issue copy.
  2. Al Hudson Spread Love

    Looking for a 7 inch copy on U.K. ABC. Issue copy. Please pms only.
  3. Really good read, bought it on release, still have a look from time to time.
  4. Rufus and Roots Caught Up

    The power of Soul Source, Record sorted.
  5. Rufus and Roots Caught Up

    Looking for a copy on T Jays records. Message me please.
  6. 100 club 2017 anniversary single

    3 available on discogs Pete, happy New Year to you both. Mick Perrins.
  7. Snowing

    Had snow in Stafford, stayed in all day.
  8. If you could go back in time and actually be there

    Being in the studio when Nolan Chance recorded Just Like The Weather.
  9. Four Tops Save it for a rainy day.

    Thanks Mike for finding and putting music clip, enjoyed it.
  10. Four Tops Save it for a rainy day.

    Can anyone put a sound clip up for me if it's allowed.
  11. Box set download voucher codes

  12. Box set download voucher codes

    Given that I have some of the records in the Chess, Capitol and Stateside Motown box sets and find it hard to purchase them, I would like to have them on cd, does anyone have the voucher codes that they don't want and would let me have them.

    Just read NO second room this month.

    £5 gets you in 8pm - 1am Nothern Room, 9pm - Midnight 70s / Crossover room, hope that is of some assistance.
  15. Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


    Yes, looking forward to a catchup nearly said ketchup, in the marketplace Saturday.

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