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  1. If it is the yellow issue and no writing on labels please send me payment details. Thank you.
  2. Looking for a copy of Willie Tee Teasing You Again. please message me.
  3. Wozza
  4. Universal Mind. Something Fishy Going On £10 Charts. Desiree. £8 Both in excellent condition NO PayPal fees £1.70 postage.
  5. Can anyone recommend where I could get a Technics EPS 1200 CS stylus or the equivalent.
  6. Up till last tear or thereabouts when I took a bit of video on my Panasonic DMC TZ7 digital camera I could transfer to my iPad using a lightning cable and be able to view and forward on. But I cannot do this anymore. Having looked at an old video on my laptop I can view a still of it. When I look at its properties it is saying it is recorded in quick time movie (mov). When I look at a new video’s properties it is saying it is recorded in M2TS file. This new setting is on both Sandisk and Toshiba sd cards. I have not intentionally changed any settings on the camera. I also have a NIKON Digital SLR which when I use it for video it is recorded in quick time movie (mov) which when loaded on to iPad is fine. I hope this makes sense to someone on Soul Source because it makes no sense to me. I look forward to any help in this matter. Mick Perrins.
  7. Can’t seem to find a clip to hear except those on discogs which won’t play for me. There seems to be a few appearing for sale, not overly expensive, was it all hype. Mick Perrins
  8. Having been caught on video myself, not a good look, no objections though.
  9. Fantastic, hope you keep these stories coming. Mick Perrins
  10. Here you go, Kev Roberts reuniting James McEachin and Alexander Patton at Soultrip Los Angeles in 2004.
  11. Very well put Dave, can’t believe the greed of some of these people. I’ve got no issues with anyone finding records from back in the past and making money but from new releases leave them to the people who want to own them and play them for there own pleasure. Mick Perrins
  12. Just seen ANDY that there are some in the USA just over £25 including postage, hope that makes these people with copies hoping to make profit think ?

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