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  1. Another great night of soul music ,friendly & welcoming crowd who know their music 

    Guest DJ's where very impressive playing loads of tunes not known to me & i thank you for your selected choices :hatsoff2:

    Tony &  Craig have worked hard on their event & gettin' to the 7th anniversary is an achievement in its self  

    Deffo will be at the next 1 

    This review was based on the music policy of the event not the crowd.....

    Atb Kev :wink:



    Just gonna add a few word to go will the other reviews all ready posted 


    We have had nothing but positive reviews from private messages & social media sites & including Soul Source which makes this sort of event worth all the had work behind the scenes,,,,,,#teamwork works....

    ......quote from Facebook .............Sound system is bossing it !!..top draw ..........quotes to me personally ......1st hour was worth the entrance fee alone.....great music all night..........

    Jez as already thanked your for attending & supporting our little shindig so i will  also thank you all for attending Saturday & for making it such a great night 


    Next instalment is on Friday 9th November ............ event link added below...........


    ........once again thanks for your continued support ..............

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  2. I will rate this as 5* Nighter 


    Saturday if Carlsberg bottled it ........... It would be  labelled Carlsberg Extra Special..............


    Well done to Jez & Mark for stickin' with it & it certainly paid off last Saturday 


    Ticked all the boxes & more ...........


    Next nighter on 3rd November just to put Jez straight on his review below :wink:


    Already loads of interest on other social media sites !


    This nighter is now firmly on the MAP ...... 


    See you all in November 😀





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    We had a great time on Saturday great music played through out the 1st night in Congleton

    Big thank you goes out our TBC DJ's who helped us out on  the night  at short notice ,Kev Johnson (aka Shute) & GAL (aka John Gallagher)

    We had loads of laughs & banter from the side lines from the enthusiasts & positive feedback from all  that danced & DJ's choices where all good 

    Thanks to Skippy Sue for the photos 

    The music is still evolving at this event  & the collector /DJ's are still digging deep & bringing a refreshing take on whats NOW !  to the dance floor !! 

    We are looking for future dates to keep moving this event  forward  details to follow

  3. Fantastic venue with a friendly welcome from the the promoters 

    Really enjoyed it & deffo be back again in the future 

    Music was spot on & as stated on here 

    Dj's all did a great job behind the decks & the only issue was the mic went down which i wasn't bothered about it was about the music that was being played NOT the waffle of a dj & not understanding what he says 


    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:



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    A BIG thank you goes out for the support we've had from our attendee's over the last 6 months 

    The music on Saturday  blew me away where every DJ/collector dug deep again givin' us all a treat &  a night we won't forget it was a feast to the ears to be honest 

    Loads of new to me sounds are gettin' time on the decks all aimed at the floor & gettin' reaction on the floor which IMHO is so refreshing & forward lookin' in my eyes

    Thank you Shute for being our 1st TBC guest  top guy with a collection to match 

    A few kind word i have picked up of face book from our very own queen of the photo's on the soul scene known to us all on SS Skippy Sue

    Our time is now.... Yet again a different set of music It's absolutely fantastic, Why listen to the same ones over and over again when there is so many good records simply NOT being played! Great sets by all the DJ's XX

    Saturday's event was our last in Tunstall we have had a fantastic time there !!

     We will be moving to our new venue which we are all excited about  1st event will be held on the 7th July more details to follow.......

    .....once again thank you to everyone for your support  @ OTIN hope you join us at  the new venue 

    The last record of the night i had the pleasure of playing out & it was my tribute to the iconic club "The Golden Torch" which  only stood 50 yards from our little dance floor so i'm putting on here the you tube clip is the actual record i played



    Just a few words on about the music played out by the collector/DJ's 

    They really dug even deeper & gave our followers a night to remember for a long time 

    Every time this event has been put on NOT one of our putter onner's  puts up the same sets together its so refreshing & a privilege to hear & be apart off

    Like we have said this event is about the music NOT about DJ's 

    I'm gonna add a link  from our own queen of the photo's on soul source & which her comment has overwhelmed us all involved as all we are doing is playing the records we have collected & they have had very  little exposure in our eyes 

    Our next night link added below 


  4. Well here i am after a superb nighter @ The 3 Clubs

    Firstly could i say a big thanks to who supported  & promoted this event on Saturday & made it a very special evening indeed 

    As stated  i said i would be in the Dolly room most of the night this room is very special where they promised to do it differently & the collector /DJ's  & in my eyes you guy's came up with the goodies on the decks & NAILED IT !! ,loads of new to me sounds too !! ,Now on another note some of them are starting  to join in on that old chestnut game of C/U's at least 5 that i heard & yes i joined in the game too !

    The room was well received  by all that popped in & the regulars who want that a something a bit different FIX !! all night Thank you for supporting the room & making it a memorable night for all concerned

    I did finish the night in the main room listening to the last couple of hours which was still being well supported by the die hard's of the night ,Floor was still busy with dancers till the very last records played by Jez & Paul who did there job of sending the crowd home happy in style 

    This is an NOW an established  all nighter in the sticks in Cheshire 

    Just a few words about the promoters for the night they are enthusiastic  amateurs of the soul scene  & they work  hard as a team very well indeed 👍

    The next All Nighter is Saturday 4th August put it in your diary & give it a go you know you want too !

    Its is in mine & lookin' forward  their SUMMER all nighter 





  5. Just a few words on Clive Read's Chill Out room from Sunday 

    Music policy was varied by & some interesting tunes played by all collector/DJ's that where invited by Clive

    Clive was a great host & always nearby to make sure if anything went wrong it could be sorted out , luckily we didn't have any issues 

    The room was very busy with other discerning enthusiasts enjoying the varied tunes chosen by all the spinners 

    This is the 2nd time this room as been added to this very successful charity event & it brings very refreshing music policy to the event 


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  6. Just a few words on the Archie 8th Anniversary 

    Got there about 9:15 Tony O was on the decks & the floor was very busy with dancers 

    The place was rammed to the rafters & i said it would be standing room only  & already a great atmosphere in the venue on arrival & a very welcoming & friendly crowd to boot !

    It was nice to see peeps i don't see often & catch up with a chat 

    Well organised by Errol & Keith long may it continue :wink:

    I could not pick out 1 DJ who stud out cause they where all equal in my eyes on the night !


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    Just a few words on last nights charity do 

    The place was rammed at 9pm standing room only 

    Dance floor was chocker all night with music policy to suit all 

    Well done to you all i hope you raised plenty of DOSH !!!! for this very good cause 

    BTW thank you for making me so welcome because i'd not seen quite a few of my friends for a while :thumbsup:

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:

    Just an update on monies raised quote from Ang Cooper on Facebook 





    A massive thank you to everyone who came along to the coronation club for the blood bike charity night the total raised was £1,300Amassive thank you to everyone who came along to the coronation club for the blood bike charity night the total raised was £1,

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    Just a few words from me about OTIN on Saturday again the bar was raised & the event is evolving into something special on the soul scene & that's no BULL !!!!


    I must thank all concerned in putting this event on with all the adverse weather we were getting last week give yourselves a BIG pat on the back :thumbsup:


    And for our travellers who ventured to our little shindig on Saturday you are all STARS for making the effort to get to our event & massive thank you from the hosts from the night we know you enjoyed the platters that the Collector/DJ's brought to the decks


    WE WILL BE BACK on SATURDAY 28th APRIL with more of the same attitude on the decks to get your something different FIX !!!!


    Please note a few quotes below from our attendees on the nite !


    Quote from Vanda -Soul Source

    What a great night!! It was a musically enthralling education; every record except 2 was new to my ears and the night was sublime.

    Thank you guys you work so hard to bring this night together, it was worth putting my big coat on and braving the weather.

    See you all soon. XX

    Quote from Si Robinson - Facebook

    Fantastic evening, cracking tunes a real education 1f44d_1f3fb.png👍🏻

    Photo's & a Quote from Susan Triska - FaceBook aka  (SkippySue)-on SS

    Photos from Our Time is Now in Tunstall. The DJs were Awesome Yet again we have had a different set of music from each one of them to anything we have heard previously. Simply Fabulous! Thank you Guys xx

    Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, night and indoor
    Image may contain: 4 people, indoor
    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, night and indoor
    Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, night and indoor
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    As the nominated promoter on SS for this event i'm just gonna say a few words not an actual review 

    I want to thank you all for your kind words in the 5 reviews already posted  

    It was a fantastic night & we couldn't have done it without your support & attending this venue 


    Tunstall anthem...we going in the Right Direction !!




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    1st event of the year & it went above all expectations 

    Healthy crowd in who knew the score of our music policy & went with what all the Collector/DJ's wanted to play 

    Floor was kept busy by the spinners with tunes from all genre of our music 

    It was refreshing to hear & see everyone enjoying the music,atmosphere & the venue 

    Just going to add a couple of comments made on Facebook who attended on Saturday 

    Janet Durose 

    l must say we went to the Sneyd Arms Tunstall northern soul for their first night of underplayed music and true to their word it was the best music l have heard for a long time and my feet are killing me.And it was a good venue.

    SkippySue our very own Queen of the photo's on Soul Source 

    Thanks to the Guys for a great night with plenty of rare and underplayed music.
    What a super friendly crowd were in last night I hope to see you all again soon. Thank you! XX

    We also had positive personal feedback to 

    LOOKING FORWARD to our next instalment to a something different FIX !! on the 3rd Feb


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    Our Time Is Now


    We achieved what we set out to do....quality night of something different sounds.......well received by local and travelling enthusiasts !

    Local soulies looking for that something different to the mainstream...and they found it !!

    We are NOW! looking forward to our next event Saturday 20th January 2018 set it the Soul Source events forum

    Small review Skippy Sue from Facebook 

    The music at "Our Time is Now" was fantastic! Well done guys. I am looking forward to the next one in January.

    Kev Steele from Facebook

    Upfront and funky what more do you need, best music I have listened to for a long time. 
    Looking forward to the next one 20.01.2018. we need to support these guys top night.


  7. As i spent most of the night in the Dolly room this will be a review on how  i saw it 

    All the DJ's where up for it & all the crowd were up for it & the only way I can put it off the Richter scale 

    The diversity of the music played amazed me & yes i played my part in this 2nd room & its not just a second room it is supported by like-minded people  who want something a little bid different @ their nighter 

    We had Xover,Newies,Funk,Latin,R&B,Gospel,Modern,Blue Eyed,Northern 

    All the spinners respected the room & what we are trying to achieve @ the 3 Clubs & they gave us all positive feedback 

    I must give Danny Shakey Paton a special mention he set the equipment up perfectly up for us & also he played both rooms he was knackered at the end of the night &  i helped him out towards the end of the night double decking which we both enjoyed 

    Thank you, Danny,  from all of us for your hard work :thumbsup:

    No playlist will be posted 

     If you weren't there you missed out! 

    Till next year :wink:

    Atb Kev 




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  8. Wot a fantastic night it was !!!

    I spent most of my time in the Dolly room & yes i played a small part in the 8hrs the room was open 

    From the start to finish i listened to all the DJ's & i could not fault any of them & i complemented every 1 of them on there sets 

    They dug deep & made sure the punters were well happy 

    They showed how to mix the tunes from the whole spectrum of soul music from cheap to ultra rare without the A listed DJ tags

    In my eyes they are A listed  They won't be putting up playlists including me 

    We want the event to evolve into 1 of best All Nighters into the country & IMHO it will these guys who have promoted this event have a passion for the music they have got fed up will the more commercial side of the soul scene 

    The BUZZ in DOLLY room was tremendous if you want to hear & dance to something totally different this is where its at 

    NEXT DATE FOR THIS EVENT is SATURDAY 4th NOVEMBER ---- 1st Anniversary ----- no other All Nighters north of London 

    Give it a go you know you want too !!!!!!

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:


  9. This was my 1st time here & what a night it was also djing in the Dolly Parton room so i spent most of my time in there

    Arrived at 8:30 pm with me mate Dave Cartlidge very easy to find loads of parking essential anyone attending 

    Venue is all on 1 level ideal for anyone who is disabled ,real ale which i do like 

    When we got into the Dolly Parton room Danny (Shakey) Paton was just setting his equipment up & playing a few out of his sale box Dave C  went & bought 1 of Danny's records straight of the decks . On a positive note Danny's equipment never let us down all night (perfectly set up for the room) :thumbsup:

    The music & the dancers  & everyone who supported the room & venue  were brilliant & got it as Jez has quoted 

    No playlists will be posted as we want people to visit the venue & experience the music we have to offer & enjoy in that moment in time 

    None of the dj's are  A listed, just enthusiastic & passionate about the music they love & that really showed on the night :hatsoff2:

    I think the next 1 in August will be even better So why not put it in your dairy & give us a try its an OV event with something different about it 

    Rare,Not So Rare,Funky,Latin,R&B,Modern,Crossover, 7ts,Gospel ,New Releases,Underplayed Semi Knowns & C/U's That was all played in the Dolly Parton room 

    That's all folks i hope some of you can make the effort & come & see what's going down on the decks & the word about this venue is already spreading !

    Atb Kev





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  10. Just need to say a few words about the event last night 

    The Music,The Crowd & everybody where up for a good time 

    Both rooms did not fail on the floor ,There was a BIG BUZZ around all night 

    Thank You Kev , Shaz, & Mace for setting up a great night

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all

    See you in the new year :thumbsup:

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:


  11. Well what can i say about last night !

    Fabulous BIG crowd in ,Loads of records to search through yes i did find a few of the man himself Mr Des Parker 

    Loads of cake around as there where a couple of birthdays  but even though it looked nice couldn't manage to eat it :shhh:

    Thanks  Spook who brought the mince pies round  Mick Dabrowski the guest had brought them not sure if he made them but i had 5 spot on for me :wink:

    The Atmosphere & Togetherness of the crowd was brilliant IMHO

    Music was varied & suited the crowd what was there 

    This club will be leaving this year on a very high note indeed well done to Daz & Nat for your hard work :thumbsup:

    So it you want to hear & dance to some different toooooooooooooooons get yourselves down in the new year 

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all see you in January 

    Atb Kev & Yvonne :hatsoff2:





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  12. Just like to post a few words on Part 2

    Great atmosphere , Top quality venue & music policy spot on for me as i missed part 1

    All the DJ's did the night proud give yourselves a pat on the back guys

    Quote of the night was Mr Lucas said to me that the music last night was better than part 1 & a more comfortable room to be in NOT A PACKER :wink:

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:



  13. This was the 1st time iv'e attended this event & i was NOT disappointed  

    Music policy was rare & underplayed 

    There was an big gathering from the now lost in the soul history of our scene Cock O' Budworth soul nights & looks like this is  there the new 3rd Friday of the month event :)

    ALL THE DJ's did great spots well done guy's & 1 Lady DJ  & kept the floor busy & fresh

    Loads of collector DJ's in attendance 

    It was nice to see Ted Massey attending after his op & seeing him looking & recovering well 

    We had a DJ dance for charity which raised £195 in 2mins for Children In Need 

    There was a healthy crowd in 70+ this club as only been going for just over a year & its becoming ONE of the in places to be at

    I shall be there on the next one :thumbsup:

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:


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  14. The 1st Benidorm International Soul Fiesta was so professionally put together by Bev & Dave Moore & Chis Burton give yourselves a massive pat on the back for all your hard work over the last 12months 

    5 days of wonderful soul music 

    The show case night was so well put together,the main venue which we had Bunny Sigler,Dean Courtney & Ronnie Walker siniging live with the backing group Al Supersonic & The Teenagers 

    There where 800 in the venue &  there was an electric atmosphere for a full hour 

    The last song that was sung by the 3 artists at the end of there show case was I love Music which brought the house down 

    The Stars have still got wonderful voices 

    The 20+ dj's that where invited that  did fantastic sets in all venue rooms 

    A massive thank you to Bev,Dave & Chris for making this 1st Benidorm International Soul Fiesta a HUGE success 

    I was so humbled to be apart of this thank you for inviting me to spin my records here i really enjoyed it

    Next years event looks like it going to be even BIGGER & even more successful 

    Here's to next year :thumbsup:

    Atb Kev & Yvonne :hatsoff2:



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