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Following The Music Not The Crowd

Kev John
   (4 reviews)
Soul Nights

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    Soul Night
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    07853 809513 (Tap)
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    Congleton Cricket Club
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    Congleton    CW12 4DG

About The Event


Adventurous music policy....

playing 'Something a little different' alongside those 'Some New to Me Sounds'.......

rare, rarely played,, forgotten and just plain GOOD choice cuts .

Kev, Paul , Jez ,Dave, and John, playing the records

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

Record sellers welcome 

7pm til 12:30am

£5 gets you in & involved 

the small print:..
For those it interests we shall be playing original vinyl


Congleton Cricket Club - Congleton Event Map


Congleton Venue Address:

Congleton Cricket Club
Booth St, Congleton, CW12 4DG, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

Edited by Kev John

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In addition to a guaranteed quality and diverse selection of sounds provided by this months guests

The Resident DJ's

Paul Dale

John Gallagher

Dave Cartilage

Jez Jones

Kev John

Whilst these 'lads' aren't out every weekend DJing ...you can rest assured they will dig deep and bring you some interesting and adventurous playlists....rather than the same old predictable records that have a tendency to be played by so many...

If you're an inquisitive 'soul' come and join us and see/hear what gets played

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AS we welcome in 2023 and we look forward to some more of those FTMNTC nights that we've come to enjoy over the past few years....we just wanna confirm our entrance price REMAINS the same

We're all aware of the rising prices with energy increases and the cost of living..it goes without saying events big or small aren't immune to these rises. Other events may have to increase the entrance fees to cope

We at FTMNTC believe our entrance fee is FAIR and is gonna stay FAIR

Don't forget ...

It aint about bums on seats for us

It aint about packing the venue for us

It IS about enjoying a wide variety of quality sounds in the company of fellow enthusiasts in a venue with relaxed vibe ...enjoying an evening out doesn;t have to be that difficult !!

We;re fortunate in that our success criteria is measured purely on the quality and range of music we hear....

Its OUR night out as well...and if it was 'poo' we wouldn't go lol

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For any newcomers to this event...we are nestled just south of the massive conurbation of Gtr Manchester and just north of the West Midalnds ...

Slap Bang in leafy South Cheshire !!

15/20 mins Junctions 17 northbound and 18 southbound of the M6

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Absolute honour to be asked to spin a few records at this venue. Always a challenge to bring something lesser heard, up and coming or push the boundaries of common decency!

It's about raising eyebrows more than keeping the floor rammed with obvious tunes. Knack is, to not cheat and play what they know and still keep them on the floor. 

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I too am looking forward to this, big thanks to Kev for asking me to join in the fun.

Just need to sort out some tunes now.

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Those enthusiasts who attend regularly will know...these nights result in a fabulous near 6hrs of diverse music blended together to send you home with a smile ...hopefully 

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Looking forward to welcoming Martyn ..first time behind the FTMNTC decks.....also Geese makes a welcome return

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Flying the flag.. for the enthusiasts....

We're not much on 'post match' playlists here.........much preferring the old adage where we....


...just like we used to...

Taking you back to those halycon days when music was KING and not who played it !!!

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Its been a bit of a wait for our 1st event of 2023 

 We welcome @Martyn Pitt  for his debut & the return of our close friend after his accident @Geeselad behind the decks @FTMNTC next week !

Gonna be a blast 💥 of a night  !

Edited by Kev John
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Enthusiasts amongst you... will have noticed that over time ...we focus on DJ's that bring something a little different to the table.....

even though they may not be famous names and venue filling DJ's...but we KNOW they'll do us a 'a job'------ not just 'a job' for us BUT importantly for the enthusiasts that attend !!!!

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Don't forget you won't be burdened with an Oldies playlists ,a rare and expensive record focus.....we aim to play as wide a range as possible....ask the regulars....no dwelling  on the past as though its a cult...we up and at em !!! .....open the windows there's a breath a fresh air coming in...and it sounds glorious !!

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So a fine start to the week, looking forward to Friday. Class Detroit, personal favourite I've e played previously down at FTMNTC 




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Building up nicely for Friday......!

...... nearly time to .......!


Edited by Kev John
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 Feedback from all quarters .....our pre planned January 'winter break' has fired up the anticipation levels ..
Very .heartwarming to hear such positive vibes from renowned enthusiasts..who totally 'get' our aim and focus for this event

Moving forward...2023 promises to host some real 'headliner' events down here at FTMNTC HQ

*******Following the Music Not the Crowd ******

...Its  time to focus on the music and let the attendance take care of itself

Nothing more .nothing less


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One of the FAQ's we sometimes get is

Q Do you ever play any oldies ..or is it ALL obscure stuff ?

A Well apart from any new releases that get played...theoretically they're ALL oldies..its just we've forgotten them or not heard them ..no big deal

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another great night in store...obviously not keen on playlists...its pointless...be THERE to hear it real time...after all you are going to be Following the Music.... 

Its getting a head of steam this event is.....

Lets go where the grown ups go !!

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Don't just trudge along to your local WMC and experience the 'oh so familiar'

YOUR nights out are important..choose us tonight

Try a taste of 'something different'

Slap Bang in leafy South Cheshire !!

15/20 mins Junctions 17 northbound and 18 southbound of the M6

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Damn I've relented !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was gonna keep it secret !!

7-7.25 John

7.25-7.50 Kev

7.50-8.15 Paul

8.15-8.40 Jez

8.40-9.10 Geese

9.10-10.10 Martyn

10.10-10.40 Geese

10.40-11.10 John

11.10-11.40 Kev

11.40-12.10 Paul

12.10-12.40 Jez

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