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Video Comments posted by Shelly74

    Al Wilson - Touch And Go

    1 hour ago, Rich B said:

    Loved Al, I loved "Show and tell " before I had ever heard of "The snake " - and what about "Passport"? Great track too, but then Al was a great artist.

    all great tunes and my sister has various clips of him performing those including Passport :) will see if she will upload on yt x

    Jeff Perry - Love Don't Come No Stronger

    1 hour ago, Rich B said:

    Mine too, why didn't we get to see this in 1975?

    can't answer that but I would have only been 1 yr old then, still love the tune and am always surprised what clips are appearing on the internet for us all to see  x

    Freda Payne - Deeper & Deeper

    19 minutes ago, Winsford Soul said:

    I used to have this as a Invictus single, forgotten how great a tune it is. Thanks Shelly for posting

    Steve. X

    Hiya Steve, I was listening to it earlier and thought do a quick search on yt, was surprised to see a clip of her performing it, so much more to her than just Band of gold :) x

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    Flirtations - Nowhere To Run


    Shelley. Thanks for posting a different take on a great record. Hope your well. 

    Steve. X

    Thanks Steve, not often I like cover versions, this is good tho by The Flirtations :thumbup: XX

    Flirtations - Little Darling I Need You


    Thanks, not as good as some of the clips that you've posted though. 

    Thank you but I look forward to all those who post in the live vids section, great when they come to life? face to the actual song performing it :) have a wonderful weekend x

    Major Lance - Since I Lost My Baby's Love


    Hi Shelly ,see that you have been busy, great song , that is one crazy outfit the Major is wearing x

    Hi Ste, lovely to hear from you, I took a break from everything, sadly my dad passed away on the 3rd July of lung cancer but I'm back and making up for it? :) and yes the outfit he is wearing is a little on the crazy side :lol: x

    Tyrone Davis


    Good to see this :) we have an earlier version on dvd which I'm sure some will have seen already? if not will ask my sister to up load on yt x

    Pat & The Blenders - Just Because


    The lead singer is called Pat  :rofl:

    :lol:  tbh I thought you might have had some info on this group? I'm not a member of the soulfuldetroit site otherwise maybe Weldon A. Mc Dougal III could have filled us in with info as he did up load a picture of this group on that site? x

    Pat & The Blenders - Just Because


    Have their known FE /Gamble/TSOP 45s...


    Really enjoyed  their footage !!! 




    Is there any info out there on the band/  members or band connections of this fantastic Philadelphia group ? Any other releases ? 


    tfk :rofl:

    I'm sure someone on here will say about releases, group members? we're hoping to get some info from a family member on yt, unless anyone on here can shed some light on this?? x

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