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  1. so how does it work? do you each keep what you find individually or do you pool everything and divi it up at the end?
  2. Kent also have free delivery which helps
  3. Kent CDs are a decent price if you buy them direct, some vendors on Amazon are taking the mick but reissuesdirect always has decent prices and great service. I buy most of the Kent CDs. I think £15 for a premium CD and £23-25 for a double would be reasonable.
  4. 39secs in gets me every time, RIP to a real giant on the Northern Scene
  5. looks interesting https://www.amazon.co.uk/Move-Up-Chicago-Music-Cultural/dp/022665303X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=aaron+cohen+move+on+up&qid=1569682798&s=books&sr=1-1
  6. first record I heard at Wigan. Walked in to that sweaty atmosphere and I didn't say a word Yvonne Baker was on. Overplayed now but mid 70s, Wigan Casino, spot on!!
  7. Someday is a great compilation and only about a fiver on Discogs
  8. I remember they played this about 5 times one night at Samanthas when it was released. Not one of his best but it was perfect for the time
  9. where are all the skull heads with their Spencers, crossovers, beer towels and tats?
  10. most folks on here will probably have a lot of these tracks on other compilations but it is a great compilation of some more obscure Motown Tracks and an absolute bargain at £5 - each CD is worth a fiver!
  11. don't think he'll thank you for saying that
  12. https://www.nme.com/news/music/aretha-franklin-is-gravely-ill-as-her-family-gather-at-her-bedside-2365897
  13. the guy was a genius, this is a great site for Van Mccoy tunes http://vanmccoymusic.com/van/home.htm

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