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  1. 1 hr programme on BBC2 on Saturday night, now available on iPlayer. Very enjoyable and reminded me what a great voice Gladys has.
  2. new 3 part series just started on BBC2 10pm Saturdays. Enjoyed the first 2 episodes (also on iPlayer)
  3. Summer of Soul In summer 1969, about the same time as Woodstock was grabbing all the headlines, the Harlem cultural festival took place in New York, featuring a gobsmackingly great lineup of Black musical talent. Questlove has assembled hours of footage of the long-neglected event into an astonishing documentary. Stevie Wonder, the Staple Singers, Mahalia Jackson, Sly and the Family Stone, the force of nature that was Nina Simone are a few of the stars giving their all in front of a packed family crowd. Context is given by performers and audience members, but the music does the job all by itself. Monday 16 October, 10pm, Channel 4
  4. that was great, some very familiar (and overplayed) songs but sounded fresh and the quality of the tunes shone through
  5. I think it's demonstrating what great songs these are.
  6. I'm gonna find me somebody sounds great!
  7. sounds great to me, good choice of tunes so far, don't think it's on Telly til August
  8. there are a few soul related programmes on BBC4 tonight, one Queens of Soul and a couple about Aretha
  9. Ace sent out another CD which arrived the next day! Great service and great CD.

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