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  1. Playlist: Beachland Ballroom Sunday July 2, 2017

    Unfortunately, no room to dance, as the brunch tables take up all the room. When they have regular DJ gigs there, there's plenty of room to dance, but they haven't had a regular gig in a while. Best, Mark
  2. Playlist: Beachland Ballroom Sunday July 2, 2017

    Yep...I have to assemble a box of about 100 45's or so each time. It takes a little time...I swap out a lot of stuff each time and put different things in, plus I have everything in the box in alpha order by artist. Best, Mark
  3. Better late than never…here is the playlist for my DJ gig at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland from last Sunday, July 2nd. As always, I DJ’ed their Sunday brunch from 10 AM to 3 PM… Magic Saxophone—Jimmy Castor (Smash) Until I’m Free—Barbar...
  4. Kent album- sure- shots

    l don't have the album here with me, but if I recall correctly, the Little Mr. Lee track was "Will My Baby Come Back?"...that IS on a 45, on Sure Shot, with the great "Party Time" on the flip. Best, Mark
  5. Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    Still have to type up the one from this past Sunday, but I will get around to it and have it posted! Best, Mark
  6. Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    While I DJ their Sunday brunch (one of many different DJ's they've had there...as I told one of the customers, if you come back next week, someone else will be there with different music), it's not so much a brunch place as it is a concert hall. It's been vot...
  7. OK...so today at my occasional DJ gig at the Beachland, I got another 'odd' request...evidently, people aren't quite listening to what I'm spinning, because a guy asked me if I had any Robert Gordon or Link Wray. I told him that while I do like rockabilly, th...
  8. Hello From Cleveland

    Quick note...I'm DJ'ing this Sunday at the Beachland, 10 AM to 3 PM. If you're in the Cleveland area, pop in for a spell! Best, Mark
  9. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Fargo is playing here in the States on FX. Billy Bob was in the first season, Kirsten Dunst was in the second. Best, Mark

    I buy things I like--simple as that. I was happy as hell to finally land a Tymes on Winchester and a Lou Courtney "If the Shoe Fits", both not major rarities, I know, but both great records that seemed to elude me. Other than that...well, hell, if I see ...
  11. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Better Call Saul is fantastic. Trouble is, since I am only starting to get interested in Breaking Bad, that some of the things they're doing currently make no sense unless you've seen BB. But I like it! Gotta get caught up on the new season of Fargo...we...
  12. New Finds From Saturday Record Show

    Yep...I already had a Strangeloves, but it's a messy copy. Got an upgrade, so I can spin it at my gig this Sunday morning. Embers was a nice pickup. If it had been their Atlantic single, I would've needed CPR! Oddly enough, the big deal for me was t...
  13. Cherished record casualties

    Someone a few posts back mentioned about a warped record...I brought "Sunny Sunday" by Bunny Sigler with me to the DJ gig I was doing...after all, it WAS sunny and it WAS Sunday, so I thought it'd be apropos to play it. The vinyl is nice and clean on it, but ...
  14. New Finds From Saturday Record Show

    OK...I'm not really getting the hang of this, since I've never posted pics from my camera on here before, so I'll just post the rest of what I found without the pics... Embers--It Ain't Necessary (Bell) Billy Joe Royal--Heart's Desire (Columbia WLP)...
  15. New Finds From Saturday Record Show