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    Lifelong record collector with a soul bent who got into Northern in 1989 after picking up the Kent LP "It's Torture" on a whim. Since then, it's been a wild ride of tracking down records, meeting wonderful people (both from the UK and elsewhere in the States), DJ'ing and digging the sounds.

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    Mark Speck
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    Euclid, Ohio, USA
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    "Little Togetherness" by the Younghearts

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  1. Same producers credited on both the Stoppers and Roddie Joy...there's your connection right there. Best, Mark
  2. Is it OK to play it off the Chameleon album if you can't afford the 45? Best, Mark
  3. Ooh boy, where do I start here? I'm beginning to suspect that I lost a box of 'C' 45's when I moved out of my house of 45 years and into an apartment. This box had all the Chairmen of the Board and Gene Chandler singles (and no, I didn't, nor have I ever, have "Mr. Big Shot" or "I Can Take Care of Myself") in it, but more importantly, had two Casualeers 45s (including a Roulette copy of "Dance, Dance, Dance"...I'd hate to tell you all how much I paid for it, 'cause you'd kill me!), Celestrals "Chain Reaction" (black RCA) and Charts "Desiree", all of which would look good in the box of an aspiring DJ like myself. A lot of other stuff I can't find...many of my Amy/Mala/Bell soul 45s, including a promo of Chris Morgan, Sunlovers "You'll Never Make the Grade" (somewhat beat, but I actually had a trade offer for it...if I could only find the damn record), Williams and Watson "Too Late", Kim Weston "I'm Still Loving You" on British Tamla Motown, a promo of "Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy" by Young-Holt Unlimited, and maybe a couple of others. I'm in the process (very lengthy) of putting all my 45s in absolute alpha order...I'm hoping some of these just got put in the wrong box and I can get them sorted properly. Best, Mark
  4. Any of you lot going to this event? I will be there...in fact, I'm in PA. right now! Best, Mark
  5. Great article! We hear so much about Detroit and Chicago acts...I'm glad we get to hear about an L.A. act for a change! Best, Mark
  6. Are you sorted on this? I have a VG+/M- copy if you still need one. Best, Mark
  7. Mello Souls, with Elbie Parker a close second. Best, Mark
  8. Gail Wynters a/k/a Bunny Shivel. Best, Mark
  9. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Pet Clark did a version of Call Me....after all, it was written by her manager, Tony Hatch. Best, Mark
  10. Just to update you...I'm now certain it's in my brother's basement, where the majority of my 45's are. I now recall that I almost brought it home with me while trolling for singles for my DJ box. I just have to get out to his place (I live on the east side of Cleveland, he lives on the west side, and it's hard to do that during the week). I'll try and take care of it this weekend. Obviously, if you get another offer, go with that, but I'll still go and fish out the record if you still need it. Best, Mark
  11. If you still need one, I have a spare I'm willing to trade. Best, Mark
  12. Deadbeats a/k/a Dynamic Deadbeats Band, out of Virginia. They traveled to Philly to cut their single as the Deadbeats, which got issued on the Strata label. Best, Mark
  13. Tim Rose, normally known as a folk singer, who cut "I've Got a Loneliness". Best, Mark
  14. Don't know if he's in this pic, but supposedly one of the guys in the British Walkers was the late Roy Buchanan, who went on to be an extraordinary blues guitarist and singer. Best, Mark
  15. I have one, don't know if it's here at my apartment or in my brother's basement, but let me look around. Best, Mark

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