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  1. Fargo is playing here in the States on FX. Billy Bob was in the first season, Kirsten Dunst was in the second. Best, Mark
  2. I buy things I like--simple as that. I was happy as hell to finally land a Tymes on Winchester and a Lou Courtney "If the Shoe Fits", both not major rarities, I know, but both great records that seemed to elude me. Other than that...well, hell, if I see something interesting fairly cheap, I'll grab it, no matter what. I've no problem playing garage, Latin, girl groups, when I spin. Whatever works!! Best, Mark
  3. Better Call Saul is fantastic. Trouble is, since I am only starting to get interested in Breaking Bad, that some of the things they're doing currently make no sense unless you've seen BB. But I like it! Gotta get caught up on the new season of Fargo...we've only seen the first episode, and they're on the sixth! But it looks good, judging by the first episode. Ewan MacGregor plays twin brothers, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is absolutely gorgeous! Best, Mark
  4. Yep...I already had a Strangeloves, but it's a messy copy. Got an upgrade, so I can spin it at my gig this Sunday morning. Embers was a nice pickup. If it had been their Atlantic single, I would've needed CPR! Oddly enough, the big deal for me was that Tymes record...I've wanted one for a while, and now I got it!! Best, Mark
  5. Someone a few posts back mentioned about a warped record...I brought "Sunny Sunday" by Bunny Sigler with me to the DJ gig I was doing...after all, it WAS sunny and it WAS Sunday, so I thought it'd be apropos to play it. The vinyl is nice and clean on it, but I obviously didn't look at the record too closely when I bought it. When I tried to cue up the record, I couldn't get the needle on it, which I thought was weird till I noticed a nice sized WARP on the edge that made playing the record impossible! Best, Mark
  6. OK...I'm not really getting the hang of this, since I've never posted pics from my camera on here before, so I'll just post the rest of what I found without the pics... Embers--It Ain't Necessary (Bell) Billy Joe Royal--Heart's Desire (Columbia WLP) Freddie Scott--Spanish Harlem (Shout) Strangeloves--Night Time (Bang) Tony Williams--Movin' In (Reprise) Shirelles--I Met Him On Sunday (Decca) Al Wilson--The Snake (Soul City) Gary U.S. Bonds--I Can't Use You In My Business (Sue) Mary Wells--He's a Lover (20th Century Fox) Z.Z. Hill--Set Your Sights Higher (Kent) Marvelows--I Do (ABC-Paramount) Luther Randolph & Johnny Styles--Cross Roads (Cameo) Z.Z. Hill--You Were Wrong (MH) Cold Blood--You Got Me Hummin' (San Francisco) Tymes--This Time It's Love (Winchester) Inez & Charlie Foxx--La De Da I Love You (Symbol) Little Johnny Truitt--Don't Let Me Be a Crying Man (A-Bet) Jean Wells--I Feel Good (Calla) Lou Courtney--If the Shoe Fits (Popside) Chris Bartley--For You (Vando) Best, Mark
  7. Hey All, just wanted to share what I found during my latest round of 'vinyl therapy'...I checked out a record show this weekend and found some neat if you're ready, here come the pics! Best, Mark
  8. Got a Barnaby Bye that I'm willing to trade if you need another one...nice and clean copy! Best, Mark
  9. If anyone needs this, I have a vinyl version (like the one above) that I'm willing to trade...only trouble is, there is a small crack in the center. It doesn't affect play in the slightest. The vinyl looks great otherwise. I have a pic showing where it's cracked if there are any questions...I always pride myself on dealing fairly when it comes to trading or selling. PM me if you're interested. Best, Mark
  10. Got several tales of woe for ya...I always cry when I see Bobby Reed on Bell for sale, and I'll tell you why. There was a store on the west side of Cleveland called Hot Wax Emporium (I'll also have to share the story of taking Ashibende to visit this place when he came to Cleveland sometime) which had two copies for $2 apiece. I bought one (in all hindsight, I should've gotten them both!), I was chatting with Gene Merideth on the phone and wound up swapping that copy to him. No probs, I figured, just venture back to the west side and snag that other copy, which I did...or so I thought. I was in the car with my Mom, we were halfway to our house on the east side, I looked through the bag of stuff I purchased...and Bobby Reed wasn't there! The kid working the counter didn't put it in the bag! The place went out of business not long afterward, so I'll never know what happened to it. Maybe it wound up in the hands of one of you guys across the pond for all I know! I also suspect that I may have lost some 45's when I moved, in particular a box of 'C' 45s, which had both "Dance Dance Dance" and "When I'm In Your Arms" by the Casualeers, Chain Reaction by the Celestrials, There Was a Time by Gene Chandler and Desiree by the Charts, all of which would be damn good in my DJ box! There are quite a few other decent 45's I have that I can't seem to find...I have to arrange all my singles in pure alpha order to know what's there. And stuff has broken as well...both Cynthia and the Imaginations on Blue Rock and "Getting Mighty Crowded" by Betty Everett broke in half, due to my poor storage of stuff at the time. I also accidentally broke "A New Day Begins" by the Parliaments with my foot (don't ask!)...that was the second copy I had...the first, I lent to a guy I was working with on a temp gig, along with my copy of the Do Me Right album by the Detroit Emeralds. I got sick on that gig and never returned, so he got a couple of records from me! Best, Mark