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  1. Absolutely brilliant set, thank you, brought back great memories of Wigan, Morcambe, Stafford etc. Thanks again.
  2. Remember some good Nighters here in the early/mid 80's, great dance floor
  3. jimmyw


    Very low turn out, which is a shame because the quality of the music was excellent all the DJ's did great sets that kept the feet moving all night. I can't see how anyone who enjoys the sounds of Cleethorpes, Morecambe Pier, Clifton Hall, etc, would not enjoy this event The promoters have tried hard and I hope get a better crowd next time in July. Well done to all. Thanks Jimmy w
  4. jimmyw


    Thanks to everyone at Riverside me and Tracy had a great night, shame for the promoters and DJ's there wasn't a bigger crowd,but for me all that mattered was the music which I thought was great. If you loved Cleethorpes, Clifton Hall, Morecambe pier,etc you should give this venue a try you won't be disappointed. Once again thanks to all. Jimmy w
    Really enjoyed Saturday night, nice sets from all the DJ's, record of the night for me was Richard Searling playing John and the Wierdest "Can't Get Over These Memories, can't remember how many years it is since I heard that played out. Nice friendly crowd. The venue is like the TARDIS, when you look at the front of the pub you don't realise how big it is until you get inside. Will definitely make the effort to attend Skipton again
  5. Like the sound of the tunes, what size is the dance floor?
  6. Great record always reminds me of all dayers at Queens Hall in Bradford in in the late 70's when it used to echo around the great hall absolute magic
  7. yes i've got a copy of this (the SOS) bonus bought it at Morcambe, really got the pier bouncing
  8. Thanks very much for your replies I will have a look at the links you have given. Cheers Jimmy W
  9. Hi I will be in Chicago from 16th March until 21st March, anybody know of anything soulful going on or anywhere worth visiting I.e recording studios. Thanks Jimmy W
  10. I love the intro to HB Barnum - Hurts Too Much to Cry, that drum beat is a total call to get on the dance floor.
  11. I absolutely love Mystic Merlin pure magic all the way through
  12. So many great records from the Motown stable including all those already mentioned, but my favourite every time has to be Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone I could listen to the intro over and over, but then the vocals start and for me I'm off to record heaven
  13. Thanks for the replies, some of these records must have travelled the same miles as half way to the moon Cheers JimmyW
  14. Was at Blackpool tower a fortnight ago, first dance for about 18 months, hoping to be at Eggborough next week
  15. Just been listening to Gene Chandler "I Can Take Care Of Myself on Constellation" and started to think how far the record has travelled, must have originally crossed the Atlantic, I bought the record at Warrington Parr Hall back in the 80's and took it home to Halifax. Since then it has moved with me to Edinburgh, Glasgow, and now to Gowdall near Goole. About 10 years back we went to New York and booked to see Gene Chandler amongst others at the Apollo, so packed the record in my little suitcase took it for a trip back across the Atlantic to get autographed and then brought it back home.
  16. Benji you have my utmost sympathy had my slipped discs operated on New Years Eve haven't been able to dance for last 12 months and it is killing me
  17. Used to go to the all daters in late 70's/early 80 at Queens Hall and can remember Al Foster being played then used to echo all around the dance floor, a great sound
  18. Saw Eddie and Popcorn Whiley at Stafford about this time, can't remember when exactly
  19. It certainly is a funny business Len, thanks for the feedback.
  20. Hi Steve, not a cheesy topic at all, I think that it is great idea to look at sounds that make you feel good. Two for me would be Lou Roberts- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Love, and Daybreak - I Need Love, make me smile everytime I hear them. Cheers Jimmy
  21. HI Greety, thanks for your comments, but this is OK if you get the offers to DJ on a regular basis, a lot harder to do if you get limited offers. Must say that I got a number of people who came up and said how much they had enjoyed what I played which was nice to hear. Cheers Jimmy

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