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  1. Looking for a nice playing copy. Please pm if you can help. Carl.
  2. Looking for a copy in Ex or better. I know it's listed on JM site but thought I would try here first. Please pm if you have one for sale. Carl.
  3. 1soulmojo

    Sage - I'm Alive - Head

    Lovely M- copy with pristine labels. £150 plus postage of your choice. #Record now on hold# Payment by PayPal friends or you can add the fees. Thanks for looking. Carl.
  4. Hi, I have a conservatively graded VG++ but plays Ex+, no hiss, crackles etc. Let me know if you want it. Carl.
  5. 1soulmojo

    Butler's - She's Gone - Sorted

    Looking for a copy in ex condition or better, issue or demo. I know JM has one listed but wanted to see what alternative s there are. Thanks Carl
  6. 1soulmojo

    Angela Davis - My Love (Is So Strong)

    Hi, I have a lovely ex+ copy. Would accept £325. Carl
  7. 1soulmojo

    Nice 70's

    The following for sale, please send PM if interested. Lamont Dozier - Can't Get Off Until The Feeling Stops - Warner Bros - EX £15. Anthem of a tune, does soul music get any better. Plays with a little background noise at the start but then fine. TUME - Love Shortage - MGM demo - EX - £15. Great tune, totally undervalued, may have its day yet.
  8. If you have a copy you would sell please send me a pm. Carl
  9. 1soulmojo

    The Mighty Chevelles

    PM sent.
  10. Hi all, If anyone has a copy of Odia Coates, only want the Buddah version, I would love to speak to you. Please get in touch if you can help. Carl.
  11. 1soulmojo

    Shirley Whals

    Shirley Whals - Because I Love You. Would love to hear from you if you have one for sale. Carl
  12. 1soulmojo

    Enchantment - Call OnMe

    Would love to take this off your hands if you have one. Carl
  13. 1soulmojo


    Alan, Sent you a pm.
  14. 1soulmojo

    Another mystery track

    Chas, Its Ray Chew and the Crew "Just Dont Understand" from the 2002 CD "Feelin It". A couple of nice tracks on the CD, well worth the price quoted on Discogs. Carl
  15. 1soulmojo

    Do you play your records at home

    Still get the goosebumps playing a new purchase, especially if its after years of searching. Computer held music is fine but for me has so much less meaning than watching your hard earned collection spinning on your turntable.


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