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  1. dekka

    Listen Up!

    Totally echo what Gaz has said, many many thanks to everyone who came, myself, Gaz and Dan were over the moon, 5 stars just for the love from everyone, so watch this space for once again new venue and dates, cheers dekka
  2. dekka

    Listen Up!

    Last shout for this, anyone fancy a trip to York tonight for a bit of a boogie and a natter, free entry please come along
  3. dekka

    Listen Up!

    Nearly there for our inaugral night at the Woolpack Inn, hopefully see some of you there, don't forget it free entry
  4. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Anyone coming tonight who fancies an open decks session at our next Beat-cluB event on september 2nd then just come up and see me, cheers y'all
  5. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Anyone travelling by car, there is free parking directly across from the venue in the Tool Hire carpark
  6. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Dj times for this Saturday in the bat cave with Pete watkin and Neil Olive7.00 Open decks bring your records and play a set, pm Pete 'caveman' Watkin first.7.30 Pete8.00 Neil8.30 Fred Benson9.00 Andrew & Eileen 9.30 Kev10.00 Fred Benson10.30 Andrew & Eileen11.00 Kev11.30 Neil12.00 Pete12.30 The Dynamic Duo Double decking untill you stop dancing.
  7. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Beat-cluB open decks session 7 till 7.30 will be ocupied by Michael Lowcock, Mike has always supported the Beat-cluB and has a tremendous record collection which will fit perfectly with our ethos of quality, variation and all things 6t's with a hint of 5t's and 7t's on original vinyl. Above all this, Mike is an allround good egg.
  8. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Look forward to seeing you mate
  9. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Bring your tunes mate and finish off the night
  10. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    DJ line up, Clarence Beat-cluB, June 9th (down stairs room)7pm - Beat-cluB Welcome open decks7:30 - Dekka8:00 – Stewart Richards8:30 – Tony Hatfield 9:00 – Ronnie Pedley 9:30 – Liam Fearnley 10:00 – Dekka 10:30 – Stewart Richards 11:00 – Tony Hatfield 11:30 – Ronnie Pedley 12:00 – Liam Fearnley 12:30 – Beat-cluB au revoir open decks
  11. dekka

    WHITBY Weekender-Yorkshire's original SOLD OUT)


    If anyone fancies joining me in a round or two of Golf at the Whitby golf club then send a message on this thread, handicaps will be on a honesty basis lol
  12. dekka

    Listen Up!

    After our inaugral night at the Crescent Club, we decided to move across Town to the Woolpack Inn, great little venue, great beers and a place where we think will suit us and our particular brand of descerning Soul music, hope to shortly announce a very special guest for our first Real night and to kick start our regular Listen Up! nights with a bang. p.s., we are so bloody laid back we have only just got round to thinking of a guest LOL, however, what we can always promise is to deliver quality guests as well as ourselves of course. These events will be bi monthly and hopefully we will have all the guests in place very shortly (he says). cheers dekka
  13. dekka

    The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Have a good one mate, see you in September. Well no Jay Cee at this one but what a line up and in 2 rooms, hope to see some of you on the dance floor, cheers y'all
  14. dekka

    Funny style bobby Marchan

    £250 + £7 P&P, message me if you want it Ta
  15. dekka


    A great party atmosphere in store with just great dance tunes, cheers y'all