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  1. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Hi kev Was great to meet you and thankyou for taking the time to visit our club, yes the dance floor isn't the best, it not only needs improving but also extending, it's something we have brought to the attention of the committee and to be honest we are blue in the face with it, we will carry on and try to encourage them but as you say if things don't improve we may have to put in a wooden dance floor ourselves or move. Glad you enjoyed the music policy, we try to ensure we cover all the 6t's bases and like you say not to stray too much into the 7t's. My apologies for the couple of latino's (yes it was me lol) but hopefully overall you had a pleasant experience and we hope to have you back atb dekka
  2. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Well the big day has arrived folk's, just want to say anyone who is travelling have a safe journey, may I also add the club is a typical working mens club, so long room and lots of space to accomodate large numbers so no need to worry about gaining entry. Lots on offer with 2 rooms and wide diversity of DJ's offering up their specific speciality and all this of course on original vinyl. cheers y'all
  3. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Ok, so here we have the DJ times for the bat cave 7.30 pete, 8.00 karen, 8.30 illya, 9.00 neil, 9.30 gary, 10.00 karen, 10.30 pete, 11.00 illya, 1130 gary, 12.00 neil, 12.30 pet and Neil. cheers Y'all
  4. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Will get DJ times posted as soon as Pete lets me have them lol, PaulG, we wont have the big stack system this time so should be no issues with sound volume or infact any quality issues as Jay has used his system on many occasions and in many a big hall, promises to be a night of extremely varied sounds of the sixties that will guarantee there is something for everyone spread over the 2 rooms, cheers y'all
  5. Charles Friday - Baby I'm Sticking To You - Excello - £40 + P&P Excellent condition
  6. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Just a few more days to go before our new look club with 2 rooms gets the kick off, lots more variety so as to ensure something for everyone, atb dekka
  7. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Many thanks for your continued support Stu
  8. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    It sure is my brother, this line up is a major game changer for the Beat-cluB as now we have 2 rooms we can really push the boundaries of Mod. Anyone don't know what mod is? then get yourselves to the Beat-cluB Feb 3rd and we will show you exactly what Mod is, cheers y'all dekka
  9. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Right then my Brothers, here's the full line up for the Clarence Beat-cluB, Clarence Street, York, YO31 7EL on February 3rd, times are 7pm to 1am, £5 entry Beat-Club Main Room dekka (dekka's Roots Room, Mod Club Leeds/Harrogate) Resident Jay Cee (Jason Chinnian) (There Was A Time / Flipside / The Waterfront Blues & Soul Club) Resident Stewart Richards (Torch, Leeds Central) Resident Guests Danny Coates (Get Smarter Mod Club, Newcastle) Ronnie Pedley (Collector/DJ, York) Batcave (Upstairs Room) Peter Watkin (Soul For Heroes, Dogs Bollocks RnB/Soul Club, Nottingham), Resident) Guests Gary Brown (Empty Bottles, Leeds) Illya Hudsson (NY Rare Soul Revue, York) Karen J Cooper (Collector/DJ, York) Neil Olive (Collector/DJ, Lincolnshire) Hope to see Y'all on the dance floor Dekka
  10. The 'upfront scene' ?

    Move On was a major game changer
  11. The 'upfront scene' ?

    So all this is some elaborate plug, well done you got me fooled
  12. The 'upfront scene' ?

    I still haven't changed my opinion of you, especially after some sarcastic reply, plenty of clubs advertising on this thread, get out there and then come back and give us a review of the ones you have been to and then you can tell us what you think 'upfront' ...
  13. The 'upfront scene' ?

    I can't believe you have been a member on here since 2004 and have never heard the term 'upfront', but surely and have you have just alluded to, you love your favourites because of the memories and basically you will never change. 'I won't be slagging of...
  14. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Clarence Beat-cluB, York, Feb 3rd Main Room DJ line up 7pm - Dekka/Jason - Welcome party 7:30 - Stewart Richards 8:00 - Dekka 8:30 – Jason 9:00 – Danny Coates 9:30 – Ronnie Pedley 10:00 – Stewart Richards 10:30 – Dekka 11:00 – Jason 11:30 – Danny Coates 12:00 – Ronnie Pedley 12:30 – Dekka/Jason - Goodbye party 1:00 – Finish Clarence Beat-cluB Batcave DJ Line Up (TBA)
  15. The Clarence Beat Club, York

    Ok so here we go with our next instalment of the Clarence Beat-cluB on February 3rd.We will be running 2 rooms.The main Beat-cluB room will consist of dekka, Jay Cee, Stewart Richards, Ronnie Pedley and Danny Coates (Get Smarter) mod club.The main room will now be able to push the boundaries of Mod and invite selected guests from the Mod/RnB/Rare Soul scene with a mixture of Local and countrywide DJ's and what better way to emphasise the point than with Ronnie and Danny.The second room which is upstairs will be the Beat-cluB Batcave fronted by Pete Watkin with (DJ's TBA) Pete Watkin co-promoted with me back in the day a little RnB/Soul club near Nottingham called 'The Dog's Bollocks', this had it's roots firmly planted in the Mod ethos playing 6t's Soul/RnB/Beat/garage and Ska and all on original vinyl. So we feel Pete is the perfect match for the Batcave and who can bring a wide and varied selection of DJ's from around the country and Local playing 6t's Soul music and then some. This second room will complement the main room but will stand alone and develop it's own identity. For all of this of course there has to be a cost and so a door tax of £5 will be incurred. Hope to see y'all on Feb 3rd atb Dekka.

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