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  1. Soul on the Tweed

    Always a great pleasure and a honour to be invited to spin a few records especially at one of the foremost upfront clubs in the country.
  2. The Clarence Beat Club Alldayer

    DJ times for both rooms will be announced at some point next month when all arrangements have been finalised. Also, this may turn into a full weekend event with a secondary venue for friday night and also a sunday afternoon chillout, will keep you posted as soon as everything is in place, cheers
  3. Maurice and the Radiants

    I have one for sale for £40 + P&P some scuffs but plays through quite well with some background noise, but nothing serious.
  4. Billy Davis - Stanky (Get Funky) - Cobblestone Drill hole but otherwise excellent condition £180 + P&P
  5. The Clarence Beat Club Alldayer

    2nd Room Open decks DJ’s for Clarence Beat-cluB York alldayer November 25th. 2 Rooms and the fabulous 5 15's all for a fiver, pay on the door 2 sets in 2nd room, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. DJ's Confirmed so far Joel Lehair Simon Jackson Ritchy Cool Parks Steve Ruane Steve Lee Karen Cooper Michael Lowcock Ian Parker Fred Benson Alan Day Paul Dickinson Pete caveman Watkin reserve list now started

    I may sell mine, pm me your best offer, but don't expect cheap
  7. The Clarence Beat Club Alldayer

    2 rooms plus the 515's and 13 hours probably more like 14 hours of music as I'm unlikely to want to leave the decks lol
  8. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Totally agree with your first sentence and Dave's sentiments as to why not to post playlists, some times you daren't even post up a want lol, but I do find your second sentence really sad or sad at the implication of how you don't have any feelings left of wh...
  9. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    The last couple of events I've co-promoted I would put up my playlist in the early days to help potential punters understand the music policy albeit an individual slanted view but at least they understood what I was about, the most difficult thing I found was...
  10. Clarence Beat-cluB York

    Nearly there folks, don't forget it's free entry
  11. Clarence Beat-cluB York

    Unfortunately the second room is not quite ready for us yet, hopefully we will have it up and running for our alldayer with the 5:15's on November 25th our next event. dekka
  12. Clarence Beat-cluB York

    Unfortunately Stuart Wilkinson has had to pull out of this event, hopefully we will have him at some point next year
  13. Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


    Wow many thanks for the kind words mate, I must say you raised the bar very high and how good was your set, bloody fantastic, I think if yourself, myself and Simon had been on back to back we may have caused a heart attack somewhere in the crowd lol, just want thank everyone for dancing and saying such kind words about my set both on the night and on personal message on my FB page, also many thanks to kev and Julie for the invite, hopefully I can make it 4 years running by being invited back next year to what is the Original and Best Northern Soul weekender in the land and of course it's in my beloved Yorkshire Dekka
  14. Clarence Beat-cluB York

    Hopefully should have an extended dance floor for this and subsequent events at the Clarence
  15. Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


    Cool my brother, great line up all night in the Market Place