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  1. R.I.P. Sue very sad news xx
  2. Good points raised by Mick, I agree that something positive must come out of this period of tragic uncertainty, Maybe some promoters will have moved on to pastures new! I have a feeling things will initially progress very slowly until confidence grows & the scene may Initially return to its underground roots........ who remembers the so called “wilderness years” of the early eighties? I certainly do and would go back in a heartbeat! stay safe P
  3. I've always thought the real record "discoverers" were the likes of the late John Anderson, Johnny Maship, Butch & Tim Ashibende, Dave Withers & Rod Shard & many many others......
  4. Will be there to celebrate with you guys as well has raising money for a charity that is close to my heart
    A couple of Playlists added
  5. New Century Soul Club Bury Town Hall 30th November 2019 Ronnie McCain This Time I'm Gone Triode Darrow Fletcher What Have I Got Now Jacklyn Dynamics. When Ever I'm Without You Top Ten Contacts You're Gonna Pay Quadran Soulful Illusion Searching For Love Mercury Barbara Mason You Better Stop It Artic Toby Lark Challenge My Love Topper Ethics There'll Still Be A Sweet Tomorrow Wale James Brown People Wake Up Polydor Stoppers Come Back Baby Jubilee Dynells Call On Me Atco Martells Where Can my Baby Be A La Carte Kenny Smith One More Day Flo-Roe
  6. Some of the most respected people on the rare soul scene have in the past been "involved" directly in bootlegs and that's a fact, In some cases it may be the loan of in demand records for dubbing or actual commissioning & manufacture or distribution of product, I am not saying this makes them bad people as such, many of the individuals have later gone "legit" in the business, There is no secret about this its all in the public domain, I think personally if somebody pays over the odds for record (boot) They have only themselves to blame, due to lack of research & asking the correct questions. And don't forget this works both ways when buying what is perceived as a boot or second issue when the seller is unaware that it is in fact an rare original. Lastly if somebody buys a box of old 70's pressings for a fiver each and sells them for £10, £20 or £40 each does that make them robbing bast@rds in my opinion it doesn't.
  7. All records shipped in new mailers First class signed for post £3.00 (7") within uk No quibble guarantee if not happy PM to reserve or Text 07834740792 US ORIGINALS Sequins A Case of Love Renfro M- £150 £125 Superb West Coast Dancer - Rare! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x926bPGCZE0 Otis Jackson Get Yourself Together Girl Genesis M- £60 £50 Another West Coast Winner Gene Faith My Baby's Missing Virtue M- £30 £20 Funky Edged Philly dancer from the 70's https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=332eXw4_obQ Vivian Copeland He Knows Key D'oro M- £30 £20 Utterly Top class vocal https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=791FI_QKOcc Hoagy Lands The Next In Line Laurie M- £50 SOLD A Classic New York Dancer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XCQA1RDAaZY
  8. Followed by...........
  9. Especially for Chris

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