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  1. That's really helpful Yank - thanks. I will go and look for those albums for the liner notes if I can. I was sure, for example Ooh, It Hurts Me, that I heard it first via one of the Kent's and yet Outta Sight released it as a 45 which confused me because of those albums you've listed, but then I wondered if I heard it played somewhere before I left many blue moons ago, which got me to thinking was it ever released as just a demo ..................... and so on. When you have songs written, produced etc and that sound as good as these from a group which quickly faded away and with such a pedigr
  2. Hi, I know the above is old and it's helped fill in some holes (so thanks for the above) as I've been digging away to try and understand what happened to the recordings when so few were released? Which singles/songs were recorded but never released. Who discovered them (Kent or Outta Sight)? Any idea on their discovery (a story or two perhaps)? What was the year of the recordings? Why were they not released? Who controlled them? With so many similar named groups, it's that much harder to try and work out answers to the above. Can anyone help please?
  3. Wow, I can't recal the who, when or where I found & bought Georgia Pines (unheard), but that blue & silver styrene Amy issue just called to me to buy it, as in that 9th sense as a collector that tells you not to pass this one by, and I do recall getting home from whatever nighter it was, putting it on the player and being blown away. I've got the Amy CD, but what saddens me (I've just had my memory piqued seeing the name Mighty Sam McClain) is going to the likes of Discogs, his music for 'normal people' begins in 1986, with not even a mention of the album 'Papa True Love' or anyth
  4. I totally understand, it's a hugely insane size of a project (as I've said), one that you need help with in lots of ways and also one that you're simply going to feel overwhelmed by. And as you say, you've got a very busy schedule + a life + family etc. You could probably do with a North Pole vacation for a year, away from everyone & everything lol. Because of everything, please don't try and put a date on having it finished, that would only lead I feel to things being missed out etc trying to keep to a deadline. You mention interveiws to be transcribed - that's something I can maybe
  5. Hi, I'd like to ask please about any progress with the book? I shudder at the thought of such a huge task, one I think if done could grow into various volumes so as to include more than just "regular / popular" nighters as you've mentioned it will (if done), since for example certain 8 'til lates helped enourmously to keep things moving forwards and were an integral part of this era, at least for me (besides also going to the nighter likes of TOTW, Hinkley, Parr Hall, Queens Hall etc). It's a huge task as I've said, and one that deserves all the help from those of us that continued on from the
  6. We Still Kill The Old Way Opening title credits song - Bettye Lavette I Feel Good All Over !!!
  7. Come on people! Someone must recall seeing Eddie Parker at Hinkley ........................ please
  8. Now I know I am getting confused lol. Eddie was certainly there at Hinkley at a Revue, 'cause I'm there watching him sing Love You baby. Yep, Al Kent was at one too now you mention it. Wish I could put my hands on the photo's .... grrr
  9. Has no one got any flyers? My recollection of the first Ric-Tic Revue @ Hinkley had Edwin Starr, Eddie Parker, JJ Barnes and I think a female artist (God it's so long ago - so I could be getting mixed up with later revues). Martha Reeves did a concert @ Newcastle (Staffs) Tiffs, I think around the same time.
  10. From humble beginnings, looking up to the likes of John Le Saint and the Lytham Football Club crew. I used to ride my bike on these nights 5 miles, just to press my face against the windows from outside (too young lol) to watch them Dance, Dance, Dance (Steve Wilson especially). The brother-in-law of Dill [Richard Lang] (Dill - RIP), who ran Kirkham Ambulance Hall every Saturday and my peers such as Pip - RIP, Blakey - RIP, Billy Valentine - RIP etc. This was our Wigan and thanks to the likes of Dill who bought and passed on to his B-I-L everything that was being played @ Wigan. And to t
  11. I recall after the last Casino, Wigan Tiffs tried to take off to replace it. Felt so weird being in a club as opposed to a ballroom venue
  12. Hilarious - well done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7YFOjmOeeQ The film was great, very nostalgic for me and in what was shown, think on this was only "a part" of all that went on.

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