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  1. My favourite drummer and the greatest soul music drummer ever, IMO...thanks for posting this, I hadn't heard. RIP.
  2. Please message me if anyone has one of these for sale in a decent condition and for a decent price...thanks John
  3. Having, like many others on here, bought soul records for over five decades, I would also agree there are pros and cons as regards today versus the pre-internet era. Certainly back then it was easier to get bargains and also the turnover of stock was huge, records could appear in bulk anywhere - many times in Brighton huge shipments would arrive in places such as department stores or once, even, a greengrocers..... On the other hand, I am now finding records on discogs that I never had a sniff of before, given that we can so easily buy from pretty much anywhere in the world.. And bar
  4. So I'm at a VIP (?) record fair at the NEC near Birmingham sometime in the late '80s. I stop at a stall and find a copy of The Magnificent Men LP that has "Keep On Climbing" on it. The record is £10.00, I have £10.00 in my pocket. I didn't buy it. How on earth did I convince myself that I would pick up another one on my crate-digging adventures in the future? Never seen one since. Haunted! Haunted I say! There are loads for sale on discogs.....
  5. It does look interesting but I hope it builds on / is different from the 100 page booklet he already wrote for the 1999 Malaco CD box set...I note the front cover of book (assuming that is what it is) is same as front cover of booklet.......
  6. Good morning. No, it is not complete. There are no African products shown, nor any from Yugoslavia. I don't think there is anything from Taiwan either - but I would have to double check- but there is an interesting Earl Van Dyke LP from Argentina (which is on discogs) and a few from Japan. France, Holland, Italy and Spain are pretty well covered too. But I would have to agree that it cannot be considered to be definitive, not even for 1959-1971. I didn't learn much either, apart from some of the alleged sales figures of the LPs in the U.S. In short, it is a nice book to lea
  7. Here are some of the LP only tracks I have played out: Swiss Movement - The Grass is greener True Reflection - That's where I'm coming from Odia Coates - The charmer Main Ingredient - I've fallen for you Target - All the lights are out Joe Cuba & Ray Pollard - Ain't it funny what love can do Freddie Hughes - Tonight I'm gonna see my baby Norman Feels - Til you come back to me Mavis Staples & William Bell - Leave the girl alone Johnny Mayes - I could never be the one Chuck Bridges & L.A. Happening - Head over heels
  8. The book has now arrived, incredibly quickly I must say. I haven't been through it in great detail yet, and I'm certainly not one to go digging for errors, having made a few myself in my own books - it's inevitable - but an unfortunate one does jump out clearly : calling Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers Bobby Taylor & The Governors on four occasions. I have to conclude, though, that it IS overpriced, but I certainly wouldn't describe it as 'hand-knitted' ; it is a proper, professional job with decent quality photos. ,
  9. I've never done anything other than an all LP set. I don't have any singles.....
  10. It certainly looks appealing to me and I've ordered it. Will report back once I've got it and read it.....thanks to Soul Source for flagging it up in the first place; I wasn't aware of it before.
  11. Seen Nick live a number of times, always a great night out...
  12. Hello, am looking for Baby's 1965 LP on UK London HAC 8260 Please pm if you have a nice copy for sale Cheers John
  13. I don't know if anyone else on here used to go to Brighton in the seventies but if you did, this - something I did back around 2008 - may be of interest. https://www.mybrightonandhove.org.uk/places/placeshop/record-shop-tour/record-shop-tour-11
  14. You did well. I can't see any more of them appearing any time soon. Best John
  15. Bloody hell, that is rare. Never heard of it before today and pretty sure it has only appeared on discogs in last few days....
  16. I look forward to hearing about those best bits....I rate Harry Williams and Charles McCormick among the best and most under rated of all soul singers Best John
  17. Hello, Pip Williams. I loved your work with the magnificent Bloodstone. Any good stories about them? Thanks
  18. Their Stang LP ST-1002 Thanks
  19. It doesn't look like anyone has yet mentioned Don Bryant's extraordinarily good new LP, "You Make Me Feel". His last set, "Don't Give Up On Love", was excellent, but this is in another league: in fact, I would go as far as to say it is one of the best records in a true 'southern soul' style for the last forty five years. I have now played it through three times and am amazed at the quality of musicianship, songs (many re-cuts, it's true) and his singing; it shouldn't be as good as it is at his age. To say I am impressed would be putting it mildly.
  20. It is Sam Dees. Rod Dearlove had this as a 10" acetate and talked about it in issue #24 of his "Voices Of Shadows" magazine which came out in 1997. He also stated it was recorded in 1971. The other song on the acetate was "Found Love In My Own Backyard".
  21. For my part, I have simply stopped buying records at this time from overseas as I'm not sure how likely they are to turn up. An LP I bought from the Czech Republic has still not arrived and was apparently - and I have no reason to think it wasn't - posted just over three weeks ago. I have never before not had a record arrive from Europe.
  22. RIP, Bill... you were one of the finest - and one of the nicest - of all soul singers..
  23. This may be of interest to some : https://lightintheattic.net/releases/6199-stone-crush-memphis-modern-soul-1977-1987

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