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  1. until

    You're only saying that because I relented and put in your request for Donald Where's Your Troosers.
  2. until

    It should be fine Mick. Anyone still tuning in at 3.30am will probably be happy to dance to a bag of cats being thrown down the stairs.
  3. until

    "Sounds very interesting Sir Baz. Hope that the Pembrokeshire Internet is solid for Saturday night" Legal disclaimer: Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
  4. knowslessthanowt


    What Peter said. And a massive thanks to everyone who kept going to the bitter end and beyond.
  5. knowslessthanowt


    If you want to bring your pump Andy, it's all good. No one will judge, (honest ).
  6. knowslessthanowt


    Really looking forward to seeing you and your better half Tony. It's been too long. Thanks Mick, you too
    After saying it was happening so many times, we finally made it and so glad we did. Absolutely loved it. , thanks for a great night of quality music.
  7. knowslessthanowt


    I'm buying shares in wherever you buy your tyres from!
  8. knowslessthanowt


    First things first, we are NOT at Lancaster University, that is the massive Uni on the A6 and we're not there! We are IN Lancaster on Bowerham Road. LA1 3JD. The lowdown: Parking. There's loads, (a choice of 5 onsite car parks). Ignore the pay and display machines, parking charges only operate Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. For anyone thinking of stopping over, there's a few options. In Town: The University of Cumbria, (where we are, not to be confused with Lancaster University) is offering single rooms on a dedicated Wrong Crowd corridor, (shared bathroom and catering facilities a
  9. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    Thank you to everyone that came to Wrong Crowd and helped make it what it is. New venue, very different floor, we were scared. But with such great people in it just worked. Thank you one and all
  10. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    New place, hope it works out better than this.
  11. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    If you're heading to Torrisholme first, J34 will be your best bet, (no one way system to fight as you can carry on straight to Morecambe) then use the bypass to come to venue after collection. But you'll be fine then as you'll have local knowledge
  12. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    A Public Service Announcement from the Wrong Crowdettes
  13. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    Yes, leave your house, go forward and keep going forward until you arrive.
  14. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    You've had it then!

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