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  1. I thought you said you were wearing your flip flops again.
  2. Looking forward to it. Great line up, great club.
  3. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    Good point!
  4. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    Nice one Steve. Means a lot coming from you. We've ordered a shedload of fireworks at 8pm to fly up from the Castle to light the venue up to get things going... (although there will be a shedload of fireworks at 8pm flying up from the Castle to light the venue up )
  5. knowslessthanowt

    Wrong Crowd

    Just going to answer a few questions we've been asked. Parking. There's loads, (a choice of 5 onsite car parks). Ignore the pay and display machines, parking charges only operate Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. For anyone thinking of stopping over, there's a few options, (and it's Light Up Lancaster this weekend, so plenty of visuals and fireworks going on). In Town: The University of Cumbria, (where we are, not to be confused with Lancaster University) is offering single rooms on a dedicated Wrong Crowd corridor, (shared bathroom and catering facilities as far as we're aware because it's term time and the flats and en suites will be occupied). With booking fee through the website I think they are £28.50 each). These are almost right next door to the venue. Further info here https://www.universityrooms.com/en-GB/city/lancaster/college/waddellhall Within walking distance is the Lancaster Travelodge Central, (uphill there and downhill back. In terms of free parking, it's probably a case of parking near the venue up the road from the Travelodge). https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/498/Lancaster-Central-hotel A little further away from the venue, (2 miles maybe), but near the Castle and train station, (possibly with a bit of parking) is the Royal Kings Arms Hotel https://royalkingsarmshotel.co.uk/ The more expensive in town offerings are: All within walking distance from the venue if you like hills The Borough Lancaster https://www.theboroughlancaster.co.uk/hotel-rooms/ The Royal Hotel and Bar (this is opposite the police station, so behave!). https://www.theroyalhotelandbar.co.uk/ The Sun Hotel https://www.thesunhotelandbar.co.uk/our-hotel-lancaster/ The Crows Hotel https://www.crowshotel.co.uk/ Slightly outta town, (taxi or driving required): Towards the north motorway junction is the Holiday Inn - (catch Murph and the Magictones): https://www.hilancasterhotel.co.uk/ On the A6 and about 2 miles from the venue, Lancaster University let en-suite rooms with breakfast at what seem to be OK prices https://www.universityrooms.com/en-GB/city/lancaster/college/johncreedlancaster The Morecambe Hotel has proved very popular with some that traveled to our old venue and there are a few staying there, so a good chance of taxi sharing in an 8 seater https://www.themorecambehotel.co.uk/rooms We'll add to this and have to be honest, I've never stayed in any of these places, but the best thing to do check out anywhere against the postcode of LA1 3JD to check how far it is from the venue.
  6. And me
  7. One of my favorite nights. Bring it on.
  8. knowslessthanowt


    The CPS are aware Steve. And thank you, that really means a lot. The new option is pretty out of the box and needs some work in some areas but excels in others. A change is as good a rest
  9. knowslessthanowt


    Thanks to two fully grown men that decided not to leave the venue when the night finished and allegedly went on a rampant spree of destruction in a camper van sometime after 4am on Sunday morning, we are no longer welcome at the venue. We're gutted, because the venue really helped to make it what it was and everything seemed to be in sync. We've got on with it and will hopefully be announcing a new venue for the advertised date of 2nd November, (subject to a final pitch inspection on Monday). It has great views of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District, more car parking than we would ever need and even onsite accommodation, (which is surprisingly cheap) all set in its own grounds and there will be no trouble watching the firework display at Lancaster Castle on the night from within the venue, (assuming the display is the 2nd and not the 8th). More to follow………
  10. knowslessthanowt


  11. Last one I attended was brilliant, so can't wait.
  12. knowslessthanowt


    Thanks to everyone that came and made it such a great night again. We can't thank you enough for making Wrong Crowd feel so right. On a less joyful note, we have also heard from the venue that in the early hours of this morning, a car that was left over night was hit. For the owners of the car, we are so sorry to hear about this. We really hope you have been able to get home. We are informed those responsible were caught, but that really doesn't change the fact that this should never have happened in the first place.
  13. knowslessthanowt


    We can't see the point of trying to tell people with great collections what part of it they should bring. People know their own collections better than anyone and it's not our place to tell people what they should play. It's always best when people play from the heart, which is why we can't wait either. (edited because 'what what' is either toff talk or a remix).
  14. knowslessthanowt


  15. knowslessthanowt


    Damn it, I tried really hard not to laugh at this

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