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  1. catsprint

    Felt tip remover

    Permanent marker on a white board can be removed by writing over it with a dry wipe pen and then wiping it ....... just a thought?
  2. catsprint

    2018 Your best soul memory

    Enjoyed the Motown/Northern Soul event at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.
  3. catsprint

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Have a super Christmas & New Year to on a and all.
  4. catsprint

    Christmas Music

    I know it's a little early for Christmas however it is December so will it be OK if I now listen to, 'Cold Winter In The Ghetto - Lonnie Hill'?
  5. catsprint

    Essential Motown Northern Soul 3CD

    And I also found mine in Tesco for a fiver
  6. catsprint

    Help Required

    Next time we're there we'll look out for them.
  7. catsprint

    Help Required

    Hmmmm, we stayed in Fanabe, didn't know about the First & Last, where is it? Also, didn't know about O'Gzz.
  8. catsprint

    Help Required

    We were there last week...did you see, The Soul Brothers?
  9. catsprint


    Enjoyable night last night and thanks to Ken & Chris for the offer of a lift home
  10. Last visited in 2015 and holidaying in Tenerife in a week or so. Is it still going?
  11. catsprint

    Man Utd v Wigan

    On the odd occasion you will hear a northern track on a match day at Old Trafford.
  12. catsprint

    Motown the musical - anyone?

    Saw it a few weeks ago.......if you don't know the 'Motwon story', it's OK for that little bit of history but I found some of the music lacked that real soulful sound.
  13. catsprint

    Salou - Soul Bars

    Sussed out the Happy Drinker tonight, the 'soul' sign is still there, however it was closed! Whatever 'for sale' is in Spanish, was pasted on the front of the building.
  14. catsprint

    Salou - Soul Bars

    Thanks for your replies, I'll let you know if the Happpy Drinker is still going when I get back.
  15. catsprint

    Salou - Soul Bars

    Going to Salou in a couple of weeks, does anyone know of or can recommend a local soul bar?


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