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  1. Been to it over the past years, missing it this year.
  2. Julianb ....... saw Martha Reeves at the Opera House in Manchester a few years ago, was that the same one and yeah, she was awful. Why don’t these ‘oldies’ realise the good times/voices have succumbed to the aging process.
  3. Bike now sorted, a Ribble full carbon road bike . Currently being built.
  4. I ride a Specialized but got knocked off it, (hit and run, fractured pelvis) and it’s a little bent. The accident happened last October so I’m now looking for a new bike now I’m walking again. The reason I mentioned the Wilier is because a local bike shop have them available with a 105 group set. I’m well into my 60’s so not got many enjoyable years cycling left and the bike suited my budget. However, I’ve contacted the shop today to check stock and they expect me to give them a 10% deposit for them to ‘prepare’ the bike for me to view - they have to get it out of their warehouse, next door to
  5. Any cyclists amongst us? I’m thinking of buying a Wilier road bike, anyone any experience of the make?
  6. I’ll have an inferiority complex on Saturday night ....... what should I wear, should I get on the floor and dance, oh my god I hope no one is watching me.
  7. Thinking of going, never done one before. Anyone been to one? Are they any good?
  8. This has been mentioned previously however ....... if anyone is over to Tenerife these 3 lads are worth a watch. Saw them at the Soul Lodge and other bars but they do more Motown at the Soul Lodge rather than ‘general’ soul elsewhere. If the couple from County Durham, we met in the Soul Lodge, are reading this if you ever come Wigan way give us a ring.
  9. Once again it was a really good event and for a good cause. Although we visited most of the bars in and around the Printworks we did find ourselves in the Bierkeller Wigan Room quite often And just to add, it was also good to meet and chat to Paul Hayden, one of the dj’s in Eden.
  10. Yeah, been there, down Jackson’s Row.

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