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  1. How the hell is this not massive??

    All of the above posts sound really good. It's one of life's great mysteries- what makes a hit a hit? Talent of course should be the most important element- unfortunately we know that is often not the case. Often times the record just taps into the zeitgeist...
  2. Thanks I almost missed this on the schedules!
  3. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Amy Winehouse was nothing more than a Motown tribute act. Although I enjoyed her RECORDINGS (her awful live performances were another thing!) I never understood the hype and praise heaped upon her. She was not original by any stretch of imagination. Her image...
  4. C'mon guys you're sounding like a load of grumpy old gits! If a couple of young kids watching Strictly get to hear some northern sounds for the first time and are excited by it and get hooked then it can only be a good thing. It saddens me to see so much nega...
  5. Moutton Noir