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    A 60's child; got into music at school and been into funk and soul ever since I heard Earth Wind & Fire for the first time in '79. DJ'd for a while during and after school - nothing special, just 18ths, 21sts weddings etc but mainly played the 80's dance tunes of the day. Collected black music of all genres on vinyl and CD ever since.   

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  1. Collected mine from local PO depot this morning. They tried to deliver Wednesday and left a card, unfortunately I was in a rush that night and misread the card for another parcel delivered on Wednesday and put it in my paper waste. Remembered last night that I had been expecting this release and went to check the waste. Thank heavens for recycling, card would have been messy had it been thrown out back in the day with general waste! Looking forward to spinning both sides later at the end of a challenging week! Fully appreciate the work it takes to get these great records released Sean.
  2. The continued quality of the Diggin' Deep series is amazing. DD010 already on order
  3. Seems as though all of the main acting awards during this Awards Season: Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice and now the Bafta's have gone to the same winners, i.e. Renee Zelweger, Joaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern & Brad Pitt, so wont be at all surprised when this is repeated at the Oscars.
  4. And this is the craziest rendition of Away In The Manger you'll ever hear; George Clinton involved of course!
  5. Christmas and the perfect time to post some Christmas tunes from the Blind Boys of Alabama, this one with Aaron Neville
  6. Its difficult to feel festive when the weather is so wet and miserable outside. Nevertheless I always give this piece of 80s festive funk a spin at this time of year.
  7. Apologies for the pop/disco but seems appropriate for today.....
  8. Might need some really extra special feel good tunes tomorrow, depending on tonight's activities and in which camp you sit......
  9. I guess that this show will be similar in style to the various Motown "tribute" shows that are on continual rotation throughout the UK. Just another sign that the over played side of Northern Soul has sufficient traction amongst the conscience of Radio Two music lovers. Nevertheless the Cheltenham Town Hall does have a decent wooden floor or is it a sit down event?
  10. Exactly, a lot of rare stuff is now readily available legally in other formats especially CD and is the best route to go if you cannot afford to buy the original 45
  11. Believe this has been recently reissued by Outta Sight. Very feel good for Friday...
  12. I've upvoted both Planesoul and Phantom Janitor's posts. They both list a number of events that cater for the broad church that enjoy soul music whether you like the 60's Tamla Motown and Top 500 or more esoteric, rare and underplayed sounds. There does seem to be enough events put on to keep all sides of the debate happy. Peace.

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