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  1. A true footballing legend and a nice man to boot apparently RIP
  2. Hi Baby Boy Basically what they have all said. In my short time at Soul Source I have felt that you have moderated these forums with great intelligence, integrity and positivity. I too hope you reconsider this decision. Steve
  3. Feeling some inspiration needed today...
  4. My contribution on this wintry Friday
  5. Is it not a little bit like covers; most are worse, some are good but nearly all lack the originality of the original!
  6. Clear out the cobwebs for later with this classic from The Skull Snaps
  7. Heard that same track on the way to work this morning from the Soul On The Real Side compilation Volume 6. Top tune
  8. Hi Mike I think there is a difference between the value of something and its worth. Both are subjective and earlier in the discussion I think you answered the question yourself earlier in this discussion. The value of something often will have an emotional attachment to it that its worth will not. So a record heard years ago that remind an individual of a specific time and place can be priceless. Nevertheless for someone that hears that same record for the first time and want it will likely just pay the current going price. Steve
  9. Received both of the John Lias Soul Album books and Dave Rimmer's Rare Soul Bible for Xmas so got a lot to get through... plus I am still delving into and out of Richard Searling's book. On my list with my Christmas pennies are the Stuart Cosgrave "Soul Trilogy" books.
  10. Having missed the opportunity to wish all at Soul Source a Merry Xmas I thought I would get myself organised by wishing you all a Happy New Year and successful 2019! Steve
  11. Soulfusion

    Mourinho Gone

    Is it a sign of how the mighty have fallen that they have to loan a manager from the Norwegian League, status somewhere between Championship and League 1. Would have been better to have put Mike Phelan in temporary charge. This season could get worse for United yet...
  12. Soulfusion

    Mourinho Gone

    Looks like history post Busby is repeating itself for United. The problem of replacing Fergie was exacerbated by the departure of David Gill at the same time and ever since there seems to have been very little structure to United. The investment banker Woodward has kept them top of the Financial table but has failed overseeing the footballing side. It is not surprising they have decided to employ a Director of Football and the reasoning behind a temporary manager until the end of the season is probably so that they can get the new structure in place first and allow the DOF to control the Manager appointment as Woodward's last three appointments have not been a success. Anyone have a view on who is available now to take on this short term role? Not Zidane, although he would come into the equation come the summer and no one presently in a job. Probably rule out the usual merry go round trio of Pardew, Sam and Hughes. Short term though United are a mess.
  13. I am pretty certain that I have this album at home; will check later and let you know - unless you are already sorted... Steve

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