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    A 60's child; got into music at school and been into funk and soul ever since I heard Earth Wind & Fire for the first time in '79. DJ'd for a while during and after school - nothing special, just 18ths, 21sts weddings etc but mainly played the 80's dance tunes of the day. Collected black music of all genres on vinyl and CD ever since.   

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  1. Cheers Chalky. Picked up on news of this release from the soulandjazzandfunk site and duly ordered it along with some back catalogue items directly from Dave.
  2. The first purchase this year is the new North Street single, but not sure that counts as its on pre-release and I'm not likely to be able to spin it for a couple of weeks yet. Also ordered the new Jesse James release on Soul Junction... but that is also a pre-release. Really looking forward to receiving the Jean Wells LP I purchased from Dave Pinches on here yesterday. A long time want.
  3. Happy New Year to everyone on and at Soul Source. 2020 bombed so the only way is up but I don't see 2021 being any different until Spring/Easter at the earliest.
  4. Just taking a break between Dinner & Pud. Mum-in-Law asleep in the Chair. Merry Xmas to one and all on Soul Source. Hope it went well for everyone despite you know what!!!
  5. Arrived this morning. Great two sider, IMO the Frederick Knight side edges it. Great production and performance.
  6. Deposit sent with short form address (house no. and post code)
  7. Yup another great release from the Diggin' Deep stable. Needless to say, order placed
  8. Prefer the Sweet Things side; it just seems to me that Groovy Generation is trying too hard to imitate parts of "Really Sayin' Something" or is that just me?
  9. Yep Another strong release from Mark & Des. Hopefully there are more in the offing of similar quality soon.
  10. Sounds bloody marvellous Colin. Just ordered a couple of copies. Profits going to a good cause as well
  11. Whilst the Girl Don't Leave Me side, to these ears, is the (slightly) better side vocally and lyrically I am plumping for the Girl (You're So Sweet, You're So Fine) side because of the instrumentation - wah wah guitar intro, sax and trombone breaks and better production.
  12. Another vote for "My Love Is Real". More of a sound of today - a more shuffling rhythm that builds throughout whereas the other side is right in your face from the get go.
  13. Sorry for jumping into your thread guys but for me Arsenal win 2-0

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