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    A 60's child; got into music at school and been into funk and soul ever since I heard Earth Wind & Fire for the first time in '79. DJ'd for a while during and after school - nothing special, just 18ths, 21sts weddings etc but mainly played the 80's dance tunes of the day. Collected black music of all genres on vinyl and CD ever since.   

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  1. Wow didn't see that result coming tonight. Never understood why Wenger didn't have more faith in Gnabry when he was at Arsenal; looked a prospect back then but got shipped out on loan.
  2. Always loved this Stevie penned tune
  3. Managed to pick up a copy of this whilst searching through a box of mainly prog singles
  4. Not sure I can wade through 16 pages just to check whether this delight has received an airing
  5. Been a while since I felt good enough on a Friday to contribute but heard this recently and thought it perfect for today
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the latest series of Peaky Blinders, not as simplistic a plot as series 4, and with a real historical character as an adversary that died of natural causes in 1980's there was never going to be a clean series finale. Long wait until 2021 for the next series. Really enjoying "Capture" on BBC 1. Best new series I have watched in a very long time.
  7. This new release from MD Records has just landed.
  8. Surely even Spurs won't trip up against the Greeks and Red Star?
  9. Reading B&S in 1980 it would seem that Jazz Funk had taken over the Soul scene. Frank Elson's column was about the only feature to focus on Northern Soul and that was about to be split in two to highlight Jazz Funk events in the Midlands and North. The only reference to the Casino's 7th Anniversary comes as an after event review (of sorts) titled Wigan Casino - The Last Anniversary in Frank Elson's column in B&S 315. Even the club adverts are all promoting Jazz Funk events, even in Manchester.
  10. Yep; got mine from Soul Brother for £11 plus p&p.
  11. For me the excellent vocal from Luther Ingram takes the track to a different level. I do have one question though; how come the vocal version has a single writers credit - Wylie but the instrumental has four writers credits - Aikens, Ingram, Frye & Bateman?
  12. A little bit left field from me this week but uplifting lyrics all the same. Have a great weekend all whatever you are up to...
  13. The local HMV in Gloucester is closed although, I think, the Cheltenham store survives. Have, until the last six months, been a regular Amazon customer for CD's, but since I am buying more vinyl I am looking at small independent shops, direct from the label or specialist mail order companies

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