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  1. Indeed RIP Lee. We will remember you.
  2. RIP Betty what a real talent from such a young age. So many great songs . Circle of Heartbreak a personal fave. A nice version of Open the Door also . She was a real star in the soul world RIP Sweet Betty.
  3. Mal on first track it's a corker Playlist please.
  4. Another loss in the soul family. Mr Ronn Matlock, one album that spurned the classic 2 step classic "Forget about you" and You got the best of me, like the Millie Scott cut . as well.RIP Ronn your music will not be forgotten.
  5. such sad news. A softly spoken soul, with a beautiful unique voice. He reminds me of the other great talent Terry Callier in musical style. A great songwriter and a lovely voice. Harlem was always a fave, b side to Ain't no Sunshine which is a beautifully crafted piece of music produced by Booker T Jones. RIP Bill Withers a true troubadour.
  6. Happy Xmas & a great 2020 to all on soul source who has contributed and shared their love & knowledge of our music. Cheers.
  7. R.I.P. Mr John Anderson.I did not know you personally, but as these comments show you were the driving source of finding & supporting black music and the DJ's of the UK soul scene. So many heartwarming comments R.I.P.
  8. A really nice article. So many memories, I was there at all those early venues pre 100 club, and then the first 10 or so years.all those years ago. Met so many people danced so much, heard so many records and sought out so many. A huge thank you to Sir Adey you are a true gent, and I agree the 100 club allnighters will have a place in the hall of fame as a soul club and for the records broken and played by some fantastic DJ's. Thanks to Eddie Hubbard I did feel like it was a Soul music world cup final, when Adey allowed me a DJ spot. Happy Birthday 6ts 100 club allnighters.
  9. Top bloke. I first met Ian at various venues pre 100 club. I also went a couple of times to Yate but never chatted, but I also met him many times at various Record Tape & Exchange shops and we exchanged record talk he was helpful & friendly.. I don't know what he bought, but 45's- & 12"- both imports & the soul funk UK promos were in abundance. A funny story one night at 100 club allnighter Adey let a load of non DJ's have a spot, me included, as I went up to Ian to say hello he said " there's a right bunch DJing tonight. "I know" I replied "I've a spot." He was right but I enjoyed myself and even early doors a few danced. I've also bought quite a few sales of him in recent years always excellent condition and packaged. A true gent.
  10. Blackpool Mecca May Bank holiday'79. Can't remember any records, but Brass Construction were fantastic & . support band Rokotto were also pretty good. Busy weekend. Jazz funk in Manchester pub. Casino Saturday night. We also went to Belle Vue Zoo niter .but slept nearly all-night. Lightweights.
  11. great stuff enjoyed your tales & photos good read. Safe trip home.
  12. Congratulations. A lifetime commitment to soul music a true ambassador.well done Richard enjoy your award & special day.
  13. l agree wholeheartedly with Kev Cane. RIP Mr Barksdale. Absolutely legendary group expansive nearly 70 years? so many styles of soul music,such quality vocalists. Freedom Means The Mighty Mighty Dells RIP Sir.

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