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  1. kptownie

    RIP Aretha

    RIP. Aretha The Queen of soul. Thank you for so many memories, your songs have touched so many people. Difficult to pick a favorite, but I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER seems appropriate. RIP You will be in many peoples prayers & thoughts Respect.
  2. Thanks mine turned up today also. A couple of beauties. Looking forward to future releases.Good luck with the label. Cheers.
  3. kptownie

    Springtime midtempo mix / Stockholm weekender warm-up

    many thanks. Just listened on train . Nice mix . Really like Harvey Scales, John Bowie, Side effect. And who are Locomotive? Cheers Carl.
  4. kptownie

    London soul nights in the 80s

    A rich period of growth in life and soul. Many nights mentioned already, how could I forget the pre 100 club scene. Friday nights sixties rhythm & soul at West Hampstead a pub with a history of our music and great people like Adey, Randy, Tony Rounce, at the helm supported by numerous soul lovers so many drunken nights feet aching from dancing all evening. Ah memories. Simon Dunmore behind a couple of do's the already mentioned Jools winebar Edgware Rd great mix of deep and new release soul, but this was like many do's not supported too well. I remember seeing Sam Dee's at Dingwalls what a great night think Lou Kirton played there also. Dr BOB Jones was key influencing DJ. Dingwalls also hosted Talking Loud jazz sessions, brilliant dancers a good mix of jazz with a touch of soul went to nearly every one. Biggest regret never went to Village soul.
  5. Merry Xmas to everyone on soul source. Here's to a happy, peaceful & soulful 2018.
  6. Me too . Great release. Deffo ones got my name on it. First release was a quality tune also a label to watch..
  7. kptownie

    Please sign this petition

  8. kptownie

    Detroit 67 - £3 in "the works"

    Thanks just ordered a copy.
  9. kptownie

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Great thread. I cut my teeth in Essex discos before moving to London '76 where I spent Friday lunchtime at Crackers Wardour St. London. DJ George Power still on the scene. Tunes heard that era but can't remember exact years. Just a faces here.,Linda Clifford Runaway girl, Gypsy woman,Crusaders Street life, Roy Ayers Running away, Boz Scaggs Lowdown, John Miles Slowdown, Cameo Its serious, Bob James Heads,El Coco Let's get together, Evelyn champagne King Shame John Handy Hard work, Benny Golston New killer Joe , War lowrider Galaxy,Natalie Cole This will be, Ashford & Simpson Seems to hang on, Brick Dazz, Dusic, Benson On Broadway, top two Wilbert Longmire Black is Colour (actually the 4 track 12" is a a total winner, but for me Ingram Mi Sabrina is absolute class. Remember Robbie Vincent Saturday lunchtime Radio London, and Greg Edwards Saturday early evening Capital radio, also I think Thursday Dave Simmons. There were also many pirates pre Kiss.I then went north to the Casino, and then a whole new experience began. The southern DJ's were about partying, Northern soul was more about collecting and the music IMO. Great times indeed and many of these are today still remembered with affection.
  10. kptownie

    Jones Girl Death

    such sad news was part of one of soul music's favourite groups. So many brilliant tracks. Classic feel good soul music . Recently purchased a lovely U.S promo copy of their Jones Girls album will give it a spin up in the loft later .For those that like the more modern sounds check out The Brenda Jones Girl experience What your love has done. Honeycomb music from 2014. RIP. Brenda Jones. Sincere condolences to her family & friends.
  11. kptownie

    old threads - close or leave as is ?

    Leave. unless it causes a problem with site. I love going back through old threads I' m always finding out about records, and facts about our music I don't know about for whatever reason.
  12. kptownie

    Al Jarreau RIP

    RIP Mr Jarreau. What a beautiful voice , my favourite his vocals on Freddie Hubbard' s Little Sunflower sweet soul music adorned by soul and jazz lovers alike.
  13. Sorry to hear this. I travelled up from Sussex, it was a memorable event. The venue nice dancefloor, DJ's and Mr Richard Caiton, a true performance. We thought the attendance was disappointing, specially for you and all the hard work done.Too many nites? I don't know quality usually stands out. The DJ lineup I have not seen Arthur or Mike DJ and Sam since way back when, but following playlists perhaps expected selections were chosen. However brilliant to hear The Differences never heard played out one of my favourite tunes ever . Thanks again for a great night. Keep the faith. K.
  14. Very sad news. RIP Sharon Jones. Great performer, dynamic shows fantastic artist. RIP Miss Jones.


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