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  1. Two beauties here but they're a terrific price! B.J.B. I've Got to make you believe in me Willie Dee.It Looks Like Rain
  2. Akira Freeze, I Remember over $2000??>> I don't know about I Remember its more like something I'd want to forget like treading in dog dirt!!!! Absolute shocker Henry & His Kasuals.....Funny,Funny,Funny....The price certainly wasn't,over $1000. Good little record but surely 150-200 pounds tops????
  3. Just noticed that prolific songwriter Mark Barkan died at his home in New York aged 85 He often collaborated with the much older Ben Raleigh(1913-1997) notably on the Johnny Maestro classic I'm Stepping out of the Picture. RIP
  4. Nationwide Building Society,Purple Bricks,Post Office Travel Insurance for the over 50'S..........some sarcastic adolescent commentator saying things like "abseiling down the Grand Canyon........AT YOUR AGE"..........Tena lady pants........a little bit of wee's not gonna stop me(I can well believe it honeybunch) and Always Discreet Ladies Incontinence Pads
  5. More sad news with the announcement of the passing of Art Neville.He had apparently retired in December of last year thanking all his fans for their support during his long career.All These Things from 1962 was /is an unforgettable melody RIP
  6. I never thought a two letter word could be such an irritant! It's on a par with people who routinely say " Let me stop you there"........there's a racehorse called that........ and " If you'll let me finish" generally deployed by people who want to hog the conversation!
  7. What a varied career this living legend had..........musician,arranger band leader composer producer and collaborator with Fats Domino and many others.He was the original writer of My Ding a Ling!Career began in 1936 and active until the very end RIP
  8. A bit ott but not on the scale of Eric Joyce the Labour MP who went completely berserk in the Commons bar a few years ago a place he used to frequent on a more regular basis than the Chamber itself! He headbutted a Tory rival and attacked four others.Someone said at the time it was like the Wild West in there blood everywhere! He was a judo champion too so you wouldn't stand much chance even though he was sloshed most of the time.He also claimed the highest ever annual expenses one year ....still not like the colourless bunch in there today I suppose! What really pisses me off there's one law for Brexiteers and another for Remoaners because of the biased nature of the judiciary and the impartial nature of the BBC which is about as neutral as the Russian tv service during the Brezhnev era! For instance why wasn't that prick who harassed Rees Mogg's chidren outside their home charged when two people who barracked sourpuss Soubry outside Westminster had the full weight of the law thrown at them???
  9. I think that is happening.We all know there are ringers in there to ramp up the price as in a live physical auction.I've noticed it on a couple of records I bought on there,suspicious activity in the bidding patterns.I will say one thing though it gives you a chance sometimes if you know the seller is bona fide to get something you want whereas on here with us slightly fanatical soul record collectors the hard to find ones are invariably snapped up before you've clocked what's for sale! I've never been able to nail anything I want here yet.......but there's always a first time so i'll keep hanging on in there!
  10. It doesn't surprise me.....they're paying over the odds for everything.Auction fever! The other day Jack Hammer UA, Demo I think 535 Euros!!!
  11. People who routinely use the phrases " Let me stop you there" and " .......if you'll let me finish" because they don't want you to get a word in,Simon Cowell's toupee,all "smart" gadgets....you're not being smart quite the reverse actually those I Pads that are glued to the hands of bank staff as they circulate among their customers,open plan banks if you can find one still open it will look like that.......i'd rather the cashiers/tellers were behind screens with giant monolithic computers.That's far more reassuring than the I-Pad .I mean you may as well say as you're conducting your business transactions" Ok gather round and take a gander at what I'm doing here".,three quarter length shorts and jodhpurs........my sister was always wearing them when she wasn't in dungarees.........and spotted dick!

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