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  1. A friend from America who sells on Discogs asked me if I knew if he could still show a lower value on the customs form??
  2. Most of the big E-Bay sellers such as Paperstax seem to list it under the bidding price as 20% VAT applicable.It's a pernicious tax really.Wasn't it around 3% when it was first introduced? All the big auction houses over here Christies etc and middling ones had a buyers premium of around 35% when I last looked.There was no such thing 30 odd years ago but I suppose many of the clients they cater for are the fattest of fat cats!!John(Manship) is the Sotheby's equivalent of Northern Soul Auctioneers.
  3. Frankie you're spot on there with your comment.
  4. It's uncanny the number of times you see two extremely rare records materialise suddenly with the same seller! Interestingly with the Detroit Sounds of Friction and this is speculation there was a copy on Discogs for sale white promo three or four months ago the seller from Canada described if I remember correctly as being vg+ touching on mint minus price around 2000 pounds..........I wonder if that's the same copy??? Also John Tucker just listed for sale here a great record incidentally and two appeared on an experienced American seller's list one much better than the other
  5. I know the seller to whom you refer who has the Larry Allen Clifford Binns and Billy Arnell.He sold a promo copy of Detroit Sounds of Friction,I'm Leaving You recently in mint condition for 3,250 pounds within a few hours of listing it!!
  6. That seems to be pushing it to the limit.That said the Chuck Proffitt,Love,love love.......two good sides on this........has fetched nearly 1700 dollars on Carolina Soul auction.Last one I spotted was around the 600 pounds mark a couple of years ago.
  7. It's going nuts.The Eptones A love that's real is currently around 1500 dollars.Couple of weeks or so ago the Tony Borders record on Quinvy can't remember the title off the top of my head topped 1300 dollars roughly 1000 pounds.During the summer an equally good copy fetched 300 dollars or thereabouts!!!!
  8. Yet more sad news to report. The passing of Roy C Southern soul singer at the age of 81 RIP
  9. Dave does that mean those of us who have a copy will be booming out the George Lemons tune 20 years down the line in care homes at full volume because we'll be deaf as a post by then .......it'll make a change from Vera Lynn but I have great respect for that lady as a performer .The care home staff will be in for a shock then because they'll be the generation who listened to all that Little Mix drivel of today!
  10. Two beauties here but they're a terrific price! B.J.B. I've Got to make you believe in me Willie Dee.It Looks Like Rain
  11. Akira Freeze, I Remember over $2000??>> I don't know about I Remember its more like something I'd want to forget like treading in dog dirt!!!! Absolute shocker Henry & His Kasuals.....Funny,Funny,Funny....The price certainly wasn't,over $1000. Good little record but surely 150-200 pounds tops????
  12. More sad news with the announcement of the passing of Art Neville.He had apparently retired in December of last year thanking all his fans for their support during his long career.All These Things from 1962 was /is an unforgettable melody RIP
  13. What a varied career this living legend had..........musician,arranger band leader composer producer and collaborator with Fats Domino and many others.He was the original writer of My Ding a Ling!Career began in 1936 and active until the very end RIP
  14. I think that is happening.We all know there are ringers in there to ramp up the price as in a live physical auction.I've noticed it on a couple of records I bought on there,suspicious activity in the bidding patterns.I will say one thing though it gives you a chance sometimes if you know the seller is bona fide to get something you want whereas on here with us slightly fanatical soul record collectors the hard to find ones are invariably snapped up before you've clocked what's for sale! I've never been able to nail anything I want here yet.......but there's always a first time so i'll keep ha

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