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  1. Gloria Ann Taylor...top tune!
  2. The selfish promoters who put on an event that clashes with another venue in the area can do something! They could show some consideration & respect for other venues already on, especially established nights. They could also show some respect to the punters who now often endure below par events due to the crowds being split! Won't happen though! Too many people only interested in pushing their own agenda without any thought to the detrimental effect it is having. ATB
  3. Played out in Crewe once or twice in last couple of years. Not heard it anywhere else. Top dancer!
  4. NEILO

    Manhattan Louge - Harrogate

    Sunny Harrogate here we come! See you later for a top night of soul.
  5. NEILO

    Manhattan Louge - Harrogate

    Will be our first visit to the Manhattan Lounge. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Great photos. Top venue!
  7. Apologies for going slightly off topic! DMs' are not bad to dance in for a change. Nothing beats a leather sole though! ATB Neil
    What a superb Sunday afternoon at The Ivory! Travelled from Cheshire for the weekend & this was the highlight! An excellent venue for a Sunday session with first class music played by DJ's who delivered a perfect mix of Northern, crossover & modern without any same old! Top soulies! We will be back at the Ivory & Manhattan. ATB Neil
  8. NEILO

    Cancelled: THE BOX BAR 7

    Unfortunately not enough promoters have that sense of decency or common sense!
  9. NEILO


    Still the best venue in Cheshire!
  10. It's completely out of control these days! Too many people pushing their own agenda & showing no respect or consideration for other venues or the punters!

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