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  1. So sorry to hear about keith , a stalwart of tue soul scene from the start , and a fixture at wigan while i was going .
  2. Hey mark , its such a shame to hear that you very reluctantly have decided to draw a line under ,what had become a routine trip from leeds , i had a really heartfelt connection to nuneaton having travelled back there to and from bretby all nighters in the late nineties, having a chance encounter of ritch and dave shaw at blackpool oul weekender cemented that bond with the town but my first invite was after meeting my brothers old legendary friend and mentor , weasel and his equally legendary lifelong partner Mary, at keele. The instant i entered that main room i recognised an energy and a lack
    Arrived quite early in afternoon , but still gutted to have missed all of liz,s dj spot and most of dave caffrey ,s too. This fantastic listed space is undergoing essential refurb , but still inspires people to fill the space and let their hair down , looked forward to soul shack resident and. Promoter Terry westhead to take to the stage but , before he did , another south yorkshire vet ive only ever recognised as a Brilliant dancer Dean Fox , played the set of the day for me, including a “taste of honey” ,a little played gem by the supremes and four tops . Don Morris , newly resident at
  3. Looking forward to it terry
  4. Oh lord, ive just seen the exhaustive list of other posts on this subject , wish id kept me mouth shut !
  5. Im listening to a cd called groovin at the go go, which was a comp of releases on harthon. Im struck by the number of tunes. With the same backing, and arrangement! Different singers, lyrics and acts with the same underlying bass drums piano . Yet each tune , ive heard gives me the same chills as the one i already know ! I first heard eddie holman, s version of hurt, and also where im not wanted ,before i heard the victors . Yet , all these were probably recorded in the same spot into the same mic . Part of my fascination is in discovering the connections between different tunes artists labe
  6. Great pics lovely . You did a fabulous job , great to see you take care x
  7. Gutted to be missing this but were away to prague ! (Oooooooh !) should be packed though!

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