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  1. <moderation comment edited> does anyone have a current idea of value for ,you just cant trust nobody by chuck holliday , asking for a friend who has one to shift
  2. Mods revival allnighter which was on the last friday of aug 79 , i was fifteen ( i looked about flippin twelve , Lilly bryant , meet me halfway! Which was flippin loud! And the vibration and the clapping, and the heat , took me by complete surpirise, ito say i was excited doesnt really describe it , took ma jacket off and only left the dancefloor once , when our kid dragged me off, to buy me a drink, back i went til it the three before eight, ( never seen milk that blue). Didnt return til i left school the following june, then every week bar one sat night when we turned up and the place was closed! Didnt attend the last allnighter or the very last one , couldnt face it really! But it changed me , for the better i believe, introduced me to people i love to this day, some i still miss, and some who taught me lessons when i didnt recognise there were lessons to be learned!
  3. Oh lord, ive just seen the exhaustive list of other posts on this subject , wish id kept me mouth shut !
  4. Im listening to a cd called groovin at the go go, which was a comp of releases on harthon. Im struck by the number of tunes. With the same backing, and arrangement! Different singers, lyrics and acts with the same underlying bass drums piano . Yet each tune , ive heard gives me the same chills as the one i already know ! I first heard eddie holman, s version of hurt, and also where im not wanted ,before i heard the victors . Yet , all these were probably recorded in the same spot into the same mic . Part of my fascination is in discovering the connections between different tunes artists labels, etc is that too anorak like, i dont collect , just enjoy a dance , but stuff like the intensions , im losing your love and the female vocal cover of the same tune are part of the joy of going out to venues . Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?
  5. Gutted to be missing this but were away to prague ! (Oooooooh !) should be packed though!

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