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  1. Junior wells , i onky heard that for the first time about two years ago
  2. Now that was a a departure from lorraine silver, and april stevens
  3. Yes the green laggy band in particular is a tasteful contrast to the russet tones of the cartrdidge head , , personaly id have carefully chosen a a flat sided lolly stick as opposed to a half chewed toothpick but dont want to apoear picky (eh eh) , ( or a dental plaque remover in this case) , but anyway well done you ! Yayy heh heh
  4. I might just add this was written before ma prescription for new glasses today! Ffs
  5. It sould he art leadt well balcnex for me in enablibg me to lose a finger on each hand ! , cant remember the fadt show character who had tue diy mutilation provramme using a variety of efficent devices for immediate anputaion, was it bob fleming? Heh heh
  6. I cant imagine any substute really , except a combined price guide incorporating the guide to boots and reissues too, That was such a smart idea, i know tge guide prices can he top heavy ,but i suppose it makes the haggling more intereting and most dealers r( not all mind) will shift in their best figure!
  7. I quite line country boy by billy young heard at soul shack last year, and something played as an ender to fhe boxing day bury all nighter by matt snesth darrel banks knocking at your heart. ironnie hanley always comes up with some delight to finish the nights at swinton, and i fost heard him play i cant get enough by mr percolator at tue polish club in bolton, keeping the nuns awake next doo, it sounds familiar but god knows wuere i might have heard it before! Joe mattyews b side to aing nothing you can do , “ check yourself maybe has been played quite a bit linger tuan five uears ago at
  8. Its absolutely vital that the restrictions actually have some effect , its up to us to keep up to date with studies like this and any others cos no other fucker is gonna lift a finger, i find it really difficult as you can probably deduce to not allow my emotions to take precedence over objectivity , and i have been like this since the very first Comment i heard denying the potential impact and reach of covid back in december 2019. Ihirts to think your elected representaives may he actively or passively undermining steps to prevent sickness and death by denial , failure through in incompet
  9. So sorry to hear about keith , a stalwart of tue soul scene from the start , and a fixture at wigan while i was going .
  10. Hey mark , its such a shame to hear that you very reluctantly have decided to draw a line under ,what had become a routine trip from leeds , i had a really heartfelt connection to nuneaton having travelled back there to and from bretby all nighters in the late nineties, having a chance encounter of ritch and dave shaw at blackpool oul weekender cemented that bond with the town but my first invite was after meeting my brothers old legendary friend and mentor , weasel and his equally legendary lifelong partner Mary, at keele. The instant i entered that main room i recognised an energy and a lack
    Arrived quite early in afternoon , but still gutted to have missed all of liz,s dj spot and most of dave caffrey ,s too. This fantastic listed space is undergoing essential refurb , but still inspires people to fill the space and let their hair down , looked forward to soul shack resident and. Promoter Terry westhead to take to the stage but , before he did , another south yorkshire vet ive only ever recognised as a Brilliant dancer Dean Fox , played the set of the day for me, including a “taste of honey” ,a little played gem by the supremes and four tops . Don Morris , newly resident at

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