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  1. I suppose they don't come under "jazz funk" genre, another term was New York Disco. Would you say Wilbert Longmire "Black Is The Colour" was jazz funk.?
  2. Ripple , love it !!!! Heres a Kay Gees track remember this?
  3. Peter


  4. What a weekend, Radcliffe nighter then the Ritz.. CYA there
  5. Just seen this news, what a sad day, Mickey was a very knowledgeable guy, always had time for a chat, condolances to Annie and family.
  6. Pack a bar of soap in your bag, rub it onto your leather soles fo a better grip.
  7. Sadly a friend of mine passed away a few weeks ago, he was buried, on the coffin was a can of Guiness, at the side of the grave was a tape machine and as the coffin was lowered into the grave the The Jam - "Going Underground" played from the tape deck, it just added a touch of humor to a sad day.
  8. The Dells "Make Sure" As the curtains open, Johnny Maestro "I'm stepping out of the picture"
  9. I have just returned from the Stoke Allnighter, I've not been since October last year, I attend Lifeline more than I do Stoke. During the night I wandered into the Windsor Suite and caught Simon Hunt's set, the room and dance floor was fairly busy and IMO he played a great set. I went back into the main room for a while the floor was packed after a while I went back into the Windsor Suite and what I heard blew me away, I didn't know the DJ's name I think he was from Dartford and his set was the one before Rob Smith approx 4am. He was probably halfway through and was playing some fantastic 100mph funky dancers, ( I had not heard them before but I can usually tell by the first few beats if they are dancable or not ) there must have only been fifteen or so people in the room and two or three of us dancing away. Whilst in the main room hundreds danced to same old, had Sam played these they would have gone down a storm, but no, they were lost on a few of us tucked away in a side room in one of the biggest nighters in the country.
  10. What a crackin day I saw some faces I had not seen for 30 odd years and some only for a couple and others just to talk bollocks too (apologies), excellent venue throughout, though the dance floor in the main room was rammed at different points of the proceedings and not a lot of room to move. By about 8pm the temperature was rising and the venue had really taken off. The cramps kicked in about 10ish so it was one on two off, and managed the odd hobble. On a different note, I am sorry to say Norman Jays last 90 minutes or so spoiled it for me, if one plays a ten minute funk track and the floor virtually empties would it not be a good idea to fade it out and try to pick the pace again instead of leaving it playing, the last hour just faded away the pace had gone, anyway we called into the "After Party Room" where as Steve said the atmosphere was buzzin' by this time though the mind was willing to dance but the body by now was a lump of jelly, we stuck it till 1am and left. I thought the continous free iced pints of water was a nice touch thanks. Would do it again work permitting. But I am certainly paying for it today though.
  11. See you there Alison, in the daylight too
  12. Been looking forward to this for ages, I know it would have been good to be at the Ritz, we can't have everything, see you all there.
  13. Thanks for the info Ian. Yes, Eddie Kendricks, Date With The Rain, brilliant track.

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