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    Dave Butler
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    Annie,Wolves and Soul in equal measures - lol
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    Time will pass you by - Tobi Legend
  1. Messaged you , I think lol
  2. Wulfie09


    think we'll try and get to this
  3. Wulfie09

    Where's Pete Smith

    still around - Dj'ed with him 3 weeks ago nice guy
  4. Wulfie09

    Parliaments on Golden World

    have you got any more mate ?
  5. Wulfie09

    Mark Freeman - Why Wiganer1 ??

    Cos Ford Cortina patented the name
  6. just missed it Pat was last Sunday
  7. Wulfie09

    Still Some Cheapies

  8. Wulfie09

    Still Some Cheapies

    what does DHL mean and how much is postage ? ta
  9. Wulfie09

    Darlaston all-dayer 19th July

    Just the one spot for me : I can hear you crying - Eddie Hill Suffering city - Johnny and Lilly I was born this way - Valentino Lets get a thing going on - Cash McCall Harlem shuffle - Traits Right Track - Denise LaSalle Reach out for me - Willie Tee Wishing and hoping - Billy Keane That's life I guess - Ted Taylor 96 tears- Big Maybelle Undivided love - Eskew Reeder Lovers concerto - Toys I wont have any babies for you - Bitter and the Sweet That driving beat - Red Beans and Rice We were made for each other - Terrible Tom Jerking in your seat - Impacts Going back to Detroit - Platters Never love a robin - Barbara and Brenda I worship you baby - Glories Satan let me sleep tonight - Brenda Starr Thanks for your support Wulfie
  10. Wulfie09

    Yam Yam Soul@The Active, Darlaston

    looking forward to spinning a few
  11. or there's a zero missing of the end of the price
  12. Wulfie09

    Jackie Edwards Ep + Some Reduced In Price

    Did Karl Evans sell ?


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