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    There is of course the obvious which has been part of my life since 1969. To the annoyance of my family I'm also a cardmaker and cross-stitcher. Alan(my husband) is always compaining about finding bits of cotton and paper all over the house. As you can tell from that comment,housework is not my favourite pastime. I manage to fit all this around working as a teaching assistant,lunchtime supervisor and helper at after school Club.My 3 jobs are all at the same school. Took early retirement July 2010.
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    "That Drivin' Beat" by Willie Mitchell AND "I Really Love You" by the Tomangoes

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  1. I was lucky enough to attend The Torch , the Cat's & The Wheel in the early days & must admit i would find it hard to say where any record was heard first at any of the venues(must be an age thing 69) n Alan C
  2. Four Pro's Just another Girl b/w there Must Be A Reason on Carla W/D Some writing on label Lew Kirton Heaven InThe Afternoon b/w Same on Alston. both p[lay OK as far as I know(nothing to play them on nowadays) Asking for a friend Cheers Alan C.
  3. Yes that's the one. Thanks a lot Alan C
  4. Any info on a track with the above title?
  5. One of the early pioneers R.I.P. Alan C
  6. Sorted now, Thanks for the P.M's Alan C
  7. 2 Stanton ST90 Decks Working order but could probably do with a service. Collection only Wolverhampton area Cheers Alan C
  8. Eddie Holman at The Roundhouse northampton about 12 years ago.He couldn;t even mime in tune!!! Alan C
  9. not seen jud for a while now(His real name is George by the way) Comes from round my way, West Mids Alan C
  10. Pat

    Soultime (it's in the Groove)

    Going to have to miss this one now after an accident at home!!!!! Alan C
  11. Pat

    Soultime (it's in the Groove)

    Looking forward to playing a few at this one Alan C
  12. 1. Ted Taylor...Somebody's Always Trying b/w Top Of The World on Okeh 4-7198 Record has a 1 cm crack which is taped on the b side. A side plays with clicks for the first 15 secs, most of which are overpowered by the music £60 2. vibrations.. Cause your mine b/w I took An Overdose on Epic 10418 Record has a 1cm crack which is taped on the b side. Plays with light click for the first 10 secs most of which are overpowered by the music £45 3. Don Ray.. Born a Loser b/w Livin On A Prayer on RCA Victor 9438(Demo) Has a1/2 cm edge crack repaired on the b side Plays with clicks for the first 12 secs the Ex £50 4 buddy Miles.. I'm just A Kiss Away b/w Pull yourself Together oncolumbia 10089 Record has a small edge crack causing clicks for the first 5 secs, then Ex £40 all prices inc P&P to the U.K Please P.M. if interested Alan C Ted Taylor, Don Ray & Vibrations NOW SOLD 345

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