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    There is of course the obvious which has been part of my life since 1969. To the annoyance of my family I'm also a cardmaker and cross-stitcher. Alan(my husband) is always compaining about finding bits of cotton and paper all over the house. As you can tell from that comment,housework is not my favourite pastime. I manage to fit all this around working as a teaching assistant,lunchtime supervisor and helper at after school Club.My 3 jobs are all at the same school.
    Took early retirement July 2010.
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    "That Drivin' Beat" by Willie Mitchell AND "I Really Love You" by the Tomangoes

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  1. Al Carter with The Old Brogues @ Oscott

    Great night at Oscott, really enjoyed playing a few tunes, hopefully some of them wrer enjoyed by the masses!!!!! Alan C.
  2. Big Soul Lounge WOLVERHAMPTON

    Have a great night everybody, I'm over at Oscott tonight but will see you all again next month Alan C,
  3. Yam Yam Soul Club

    Please note new venue as from and including 21st October will be Darlaston Town Hall.
  4. US Originals For Sale

    p.M'd ya Alan C.
  5. Al Carter with The Old Brogues @ Oscott

    Looking forward to being at Old Brogues again, always a good crowd Alan C
  6. Yam Yam Soul Club

    Not quite sold out yet so we'll have some with us at Soul in the Village, Coven and also at August's Old Brogues at Oscott.
  7. Yam Yam Charity Nite CANCELLED

    We can now officially announce that Yam yams has found a new home. As from October we will be at Darlaston Town Hall. Exact start date will be confirmed very soon.
  8. Forris Woods

    Looking for a copy of Stoned On Love on Abbott Cheers Alan C.
  9. Yam Yam Soul Club

    The gear is in.....sound check done.....Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan C.
  10. Bamboos

    Cheers Chris
  11. Bamboos

    Looking for a current value on Tighten Up on Kay-Dee Cheers Alan C.
  12. Chryslers and the monarchs band

    Hi One in sales £400 Raresoul45's

    Swoz & "Farmer " Carl Dene........Should be one for any "Cat's" old timers.........Like Me!!!!! Alan C.
  14. There is also a rarer one with Dean's surname spelt wrongly with just 1 r Alan C.
  15. Dean Parrish I'm On My Way

    Thanks Steve