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  1. petegroover's post in Nothing to loose NTL,first hour surgestion was marked as the answer   
    really no one have an opinion? guess were back to playing mouldy oldies and watching the scene decline,looks like i might have to promote my own direction,thing is i don't tolerate divs and top 500 muppets and the  "never heard this before -don't like it" closed minds,sometimes i feel we forget every tune we know was new to us once and yes they were all intended to be "pop" records by the artist, ie sell loads with a few vanity projects of course ie-frank wilson,teddy randazzo,god bless all that still live in 1973 not
  2. petegroover's post in reggae at soul nights? was marked as the answer   
    so it must have been a london thing is what i'm getting? i first heard it way before the 100 club started in 78 or 79?  there was a fair few original mods & suede heads about- so i guess it was an early days rare soul thing?  i see no reason not to bring it back,obviously the tunes must be soufull and just a couple at the end,not a big deal,just breaking things up a bit,trying to make it interesting,,looks like i'm on my own,not the first or last time ,i travel alone gladly,ps i've heard loads of mega crap soul played at big venues,so  wtf?

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