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  1. funkyfeet


  2. funkyfeet

    Frederick Hymes - Originals?

    I know where he got the stock from, it was off Frederick Hymes, which is what he told me back in the early 2000's. The Frederick Hymes never went into general sale it was only sold at live gigs, common practice with small time artists, even over here I had loads of 45's from acts when Djing in holiday camps back in the 70's.
  3. funkyfeet

    Dave Godin Article from 1975

    I wonder did the States get the 300 copies of each Right On release that Dave mentioned, and were did they end up?
  4. funkyfeet

    Frederick Hymes - Originals?

    IMO most of the comments on this topic are a assumptions with no fact, I took quantity of most of the PRIX 45's back in th early 2000's and was offered a small quantity of Frederick Hymes, if he had more he would have offered me more that what he did at the time, can't think any reason why he wouldn't have as I asked for more at the time a couple of months ago he offered me 3 copies which he had found in his stock, it's simple to los..
  5. Free UK postage, the rest is what the post office charge me. Scans of both sides of the disks available if required, Most if not all will be on Youtube or on here for a sound file if you don't know a particular track. Gene Woodbury - It's Only You b/w I'll Be Glad (Del-Val) Ex Condition, £110.00 The Persionettes -Call On Me b/w It Happens Every Day (OR) Ex Condition SOLD The Styles - Baby You're Alive b/w I Know Yo..
  6. funkyfeet

    Liza Tarbuck Show, Tyrone Davis

    Listen to quite a few of her show's and there always interesting soul tracks being played not the usual stuff that you hear.
  7. funkyfeet

    North Wales Northern Soul All Nighter

    EASTER SUNDAY ALL NIGHTER - Original Vinyl Event Classics, Rarities, Underplayed and Suprises FRONT ROOM - LATE LOUNGE (Old Bar Blu if viewing via google maps) RHYL - NORTH WALES (LL18 1UB) High Street Venue - Parking next door Across room from Bus and Train station Starts 8pm Sunday thru to 6am Monday Door Tax £10.00 Roof Terrace for the smokers DJ's Mark Speakman Steve Thomas Chico Johhny Roberts Calvin Hughes Kev Murphy Josh Evison
  8. JEAN WELLS - WITH MY LOVE AND WHAT YOU'VE GOT (CALLA C-143) Vg+ DH £50.00 Free UK P&P THE SEMINOLES - I CAN'T TAKE IT (CHECK-MATE 1012) Vg+ Promo Copy £60.00 Free UK P&P. Contact:
  9. funkyfeet

    £5.00 Selection

    £5.00 Each UK P&P £2.00 - (1-3 Records) ( 4 or more records - Free UK P&P) EEC P&P £3.00 (Additional Record £1.00) REST £4.00 (Additional Record £1.00) vinyl/label condition email - TROY KEYES - IF I HAD MY WAY (MVP) Ex / Small label tear SOLD SONNY CHARLES - PUT IT IN A MAGAZINE (HIGHRISE) Ex/Ex ANN PEEBLES - I DIDN'T TAKE YOUR MAN (HI) Ex/Ex BARNABY..
  10. funkyfeet

    Record Collections - Sell Now Before The Market Drops

    Reading lots of the comments on here it seems the markets died just because prices are coming down, point is the record(s) is(are) still selling so no loss of market there or am I missing the point.
  11. funkyfeet


    12 Hours of northern Soul Classics From The Golden Age Of Northern Soul. Event Runing From 1pm Right through to 1am - Easter Sunday 31st March 2013. TICKETS £8.00 or £10.00 on the door. DJ's Steve Thomas (Holyhead) Chico (Tudno FM) Phil Blacknell (Prestatyn) Mark Speakman (Funkyfeet Records) Johnny Roberts (Tudno FM) Andy Garside (Orrel Soul Club) Tom & Harry (Llandudno Soul Club) Mike Simpson (Abergele Scooter Club) Others to be be confirmed.
  12. funkyfeet

    Original Vinyl What Is It ?

    I was shown a record on Saturday that had half of one label and half another on it on both sides, pressing error of course, but no doubt we could argue to the cows come home which was the first release couldn't we children.
  13. funkyfeet

    Tony Hestor On Magic City

    Have the 3 track 45 for sale if anyone's after a copy.
  14. funkyfeet

    Pete Waterman Northern Soul

    Lets get real here all this current interest in northern soul has nothing to do with the upfront northern scene of the likes of the LifeLine nights,it's because of the mass numbers that attend OLDIES nights up and down the country, THE KINGS HALL effect for want of a better word, if it wasn't for this then the media wouldn't give a toss about a few 100 who push the boundaries forward. Todays upfront scene isn't really Northern as the..